VIDEO: Policeman push elderly Muslim man to the ground


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Policeman knocked down elderly Muslim will responsible for arbitrariness
Mr. Mohammad Wishah

In the state of Missouri, United States, a police officer allowed unacceptable behavior towards an elderly Muslim, which caused outrage among human rights defenders.

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A video appeared in the network, in which a police officer unceremoniously hurls 60-year-old Mr. Mohammad Wishah to the ground in a supermarket. Experts have already given a legal assessment of the recording from a surveillance camera and intend to seek punishment for the security official who has abused his authority.

“At the moment I don’t care whether he is a Hindu or a Buddhist. Everything can be seen on the video, ”

said Jay Jay Kanzler. lawyer


Director of the Office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Missouri Faizan Syed intends to achieve justice for Mr. Mohammad Wishah, who after a police attack received a spinal injury, according to

“Mohammad Wishah is an old man, he is over 60 years of age. He already had a sore back. After he was knocked down, he is forced to walk with a cane, ”the human rights activist said. Tomorrow, CAIR representatives will meet with the district attorney to clarify the issue of bringing a police officer to justice.

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