US Muslim Communities Show Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

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American Muslims are grappling with protests and uprisings around the country, as tensions rose after the brutal publicized killing of George Floyd.

Amid the global outrage, American Muslim communities began discussing plans to amplify black voices by showing solidarity with black communities.

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Prior to the call for an eradication of racism in Muslim communities, Muslim organizations have been collaborating on a plan to stand unified as one voice against police brutality and racism.  

In an event held May 29 by Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (Muslim ARC), California Black Muslim leaders shared insight on police brutality, Muslim organizing, and the duty to establish justice.

The solidarity plan listed said local masjids, organizations, and associations should be committed to five action items; 

  • Speaking out against the atrocities that occurred against George Flyod
  • Drafting a letter of solidarity with the black community
  • Participate in a Day of Outrage
  • Addressing anti-blackness in the Muslim community
  • Join local efforts to uplift justice and equality for the black community

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