UK missionaries educate 30,000 in nationwide talks on Prophet Muhammad

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Last Updated on 8th January 2021

Ataul Mujeeb Rashed, Missionary-in-charge, UK

اِنَّ اللّٰہَ وَ مَلٰٓئِکَتَہٗ یُصَلُّوۡنَ عَلَی النَّبِیِّ ؕ یٰۤاَیُّہَا الَّذِیۡنَ اٰمَنُوۡا صَلُّوۡا عَلَیۡہِ وَ سَلِّمُوۡا تَسۡلِیۡمًا

“Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet. O ye who believe! you [also] should invoke blessings on him and salute [him] with the salutation of peace.” (Surah al-Ahzab, Ch.33: V.57)

In 1927, a Hindu belonging to the Arya Samaj sect published a book insulting the Holy Prophetsa which caused an uproar amongst the Muslims. Multiple attempts on his life were made and in the end, he was killed by a Muslim carpenter by the name of Ilm-uddin.

The viewpoint of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya has always been to adopt the ways of the Holy Quran and the practice of the Holy Prophetsa. No matter how much the opposition, Islam does not teach to take the law into our own hands.

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During those troublesome times and with ensuing conflict around the country, Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra instructed that jalsas celebrating the life and teachings of the Holy Prophetsa should be held everywhere. In this way – Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya – under the guidance of Khilafat, was able to uphold the honour of the Holy Prophetsa.

Although we live in 2020 now, the prejudice against the Holy Prophetsa has not lessened, in fact it has increased with the aid of the media. Recently, after the beheading of a French teacher by a Muslim fanatic, the world media once again pointed fingers at Islam and the French President even went as far as calling Islam as a religion in crisis.

Our khulafa have always been the guiding light for the Jamaat as well as for others and through the guidance of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa, the jamaats around the world held Jalsa Seeratun Nabisa to celebrate the life and the teachings of the Holy Prophetsa. These gatherings go a long way in educating our own members as well as others about the remarkable attributes of the Holy Prophetsa.

2020 has been a year different to what we have ever seen before, but despite being isolated and unable to hold our meetings and programmes in our mosques, new changes enabled us to continue to hold such events.

Our meetings and programmes are held across a variety of online platforms such as YouTube, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Muhammad Ahmad Khurshid Sahib, a missionary of the UK, reports that in terms of holding Jalsa Seeratun Nabisa for the Jamaats in the United Kingdom is as follows.

Ataul Mujeeb Rashed Sahib delivered speeches addressing the areas of Slough, Scotland, Ireland, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Kingston (London), Islamabad region, Bradford, West Birmingham, Morden South, Leeds, Liverpool, Clapham, Croydon South, Lower Morden, Keighley, Richmond and Newcastle.

Abdul Ghaffar Sahib delivered speeches addressing the areas of Birmingham Central, Birmingham North and Birmingham South.

Mubarak Basra Sahib delivered speeches to the areas of Leeds, Bradford South, Bradford North and Keighley.

Hassan Selby Sahib delivered a speech to Scunthorpe.

Sabahat Kareem Sahib delivered speeches addressing the areas of Huddersfield South and Huddersfield North.

Tahir Selby Sahib delivered speeches addressing the areas of Hartlepool and Newcastle.

Rawahuddin Arif Sahib delivered a speech addressing Scotland region.

Daud Qureshi Sahib delivered speeches addressing the areas of Dundee and Edinburgh.

Aneeq-ul-Rehman Sahib delivered speeches addressing the areas of Sheffield and Doncaster.

Salahuddin Sahib delivered a speech to the Spen Valley area.

Fakhar Aftaab Sahib delivered speeches addressing Burton, Nottingham and East Midlands.

Humayun Jahangheer Sahib delivered speeches to West Midlands, Walsall and Birmingham West regions.

Ammar Ahmad Sahib delivered speeches in Swansea, South West region and Cardiff.

Humayun Uppal Sahib delivered speeches addressing the areas of Reading, Islamabad region, Crawley and Bashir region.

Imran Khalid Sahib delivered speeches to the jamaats of Mosque East, Roehampton Vale, Wandsworth, Wandsworth Town, Richmond Park, Roehampton, Inner Park, Mosque South and Fazl Mosque.

Naseem Bajwa Sahib delivered speeches to the areas of Baitul Futuh region, Epsom and Baitul Futuh South.

Faiz Zahid Sahib delivered speeches to the areas of Thornton Heath West, Bexley, Bromley, Thornton Heath South, Greenwich, Norbury, South Region and Lewisham.

Sahil Munir Sahib delivered speeches to the areas of Bolton, Liverpool and Blackburn.

Rabeeb Mirza Sahib delivered a speech addressing Slough, Hounslow South and Hounslow North.

Mujeeb Mirza Sahib delivered speeches to Southall.

Shahzeb Athar Sahib delivered speeches to Watford, Milton Keynes and Luton areas.

Sheikh Sharjeel Ahmad Sahib delivered speeches in Tooting, Tooting Broadway, Burntwood, Clapham Junction, Peckham, Clapham, Tooting Bec and Balham.

Usman Butt Sahib delivered speeches to the Luton and Cambridge areas.

Zawar Butt Sahib delivered speeches to Newham and Barking.

Muhammad Ahmad Khurshid Sahib delivered speeches addressing the areas of North West region, Manchester East, Manchester West, Manchester South, Darul Aman and Stockport.

Safeer Zartasht Sahib delivered speeches to the East region, Newham and Gillingham.

Ghulam Khadim Sahib delivered a speech addressing the area of North Wales.

Tahir Khalid Sahib delivered speeches addressing Morden, Mitcham, Mitcham Park, Morden South, Morden Park, Baitul Ehsan and Cheam.

Raza Ahmad Sahib delivered speeches to South region and Shirley.

Mansur Chattha Sahib delivered speeches to Hayes, Greenford and High Wycombe.

Zartasht Lateef Sahib delivered speeches to Leicester and Coventry.

By the grace of Allah the Almighty, over 30,000 people were able to benefit from the various programmes, which took place to learn about the life of the Holy Prophetsa.

May Allah enable us to continue to propagate the beautiful teachings of the Holy Prophetsa.

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