Those Who Take The Path To Allah —Sheikh Osama Khayat

Fear Allah, know that He sees you and remember that you will stand before Him one day:...


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Friday 8/7/1424 (5/9/2003)

O Servants of Allah!

{The day the man sees what his two hands have prepared.

{The day the man will remember what he tried to do.

{That day, the man will remember. But what will it serve him to remember?

O Muslims!

If the paths of the false are numerous and almost innumerable, the path that leads to Allah (be exalted) is in fact only one, and it is His right path that He Has placed so that the one who follows him will come to Him, and attain His satisfaction and His Paradises, He said (may He be glorified):

"Yea, my way in all his rectitude, follow him, and do not follow the paths that lead you out of His way." That is what Allah subhana watala urge you to do. So you will reach the piety.

And He unified His way because it is unique, there are not many; And He multiplies the paths that oppose him, for they are very numerous; As it is mentioned in the hadith reported by Imam Ahmed in his "Mousnad", and Ad-Daarami in his "Sunnahs", according to Abdullah ibn Mass'ud (may Allah be pleased with him) the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) drawn a right line, then said:

Usama bin Abdullah al Khayyat

(This is the way of Allah); Then he drew lines to his right and to his left, and said:

(These are the paths, and on every path there is a devil who calls to this path, and then he read: "And follow my path in all its rectitude, follow it, and do not follow the paths which you "He is enjoining you, so you will reach the piety").

And the way to Allah, my brothers, is unique because Allah is the absolute truth, and the truth is unique and comes from the One, while the false and the scattering Are not precise, but all that is other than the truth is false, and every path that leads to the false is false.

And as far as the word of the scholars is concerned that the path to Allah is multiple and diverse, and that Allah has made it so because of the diversity of the [capacities] preparations and their differing This, being a mercy and generosity on His part, is a just word too, and does not negate the fact that the path to Allah is unique; And the exposition of this as the Imam and the great scholar Ibn Al-Quayyim said (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

- "The way is unique and gathers all that pleases Allah, and that which is pleasing to Him is manifold and diverse, therefore all that pleases Him is one way, and things Which are pleasing to Him, are manifold and diverse according to periods, places, individuals and situations, they [the things that please Him] are all the ways of His satisfaction. "

These are the ways that Allah (glorified) has rendered many and very diverse through his mercy and wisdom because of the difference in ability and ability of men; And if He had made it one kind with the difference of minds, brains, strength of power and its weakness, this path would not have been followed by many people, But as these abilities are different, the paths are diverse so that each man borrows his proper path to his Lord, his strength, and his acceptance; And thus we understand the diversity of the laws and their difference, and they all come from one religion and one God; And Al-Bukhaari and Muslim reported in their two collections of authentic hadiths the hadith of Abu Hurayra (May Allah be pleased with him) who said that the Messenger of Allaah (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

(The prophets are brothers of the same father and of different mothers and their religion is unique [is one and the same religion]); The prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) compared the religion of the prophets to one father and their statutes to several mothers.

So these laws, even if they are numerous, come from a single father; And if this is established, among the people, some have chosen science and teaching for better actions and as a path that leads them to Allah, they have followed this path by seeking the face of Allah and they Do not cease to be assiduous in the path of science and teaching, practicing what they have learned until they reach Allah by following this path or they die in that way by seeking the science , We know then that they will attain what they despair after their death, as Allah (glorified) said:

{And whoever migrates in the path of Allah will find many shelters and abundance on earth. And whoever comes out of his house, emigrating to Allah and His Messenger, and death reaches, his reward is for Allah. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving and Merciful}.

And some have chosen the recall of Allah and the reading of the Qur'an for better deeds and what they spend their time, they have made it their provision for the other world and their wealth [Their capital] for their future; So when they neglect it, they see that they have been deprived and that they have lost.


And some have chosen prayer for better deeds; So when they neglect it or a long time passes without them being busy praying or without being ready to pray, their heart darkens and their chest becomes narrow .

And some have chosen charity and serving [people] on a journey as to meet the needs of people, dispel torments, help the afflicted, and [give] all kinds of alms; It was made easier for them and they took that path to their Lord.

And some chose the sky for their way; Therefore, when they break the thirst, their heart changes and their situation is bad.

And some have chosen the prophecy of good and the prophesy of evil for the way, and Allah has facilitated them this way and they have followed him to their Lord.

And some have chosen the fulfillment of the pilgrimage and the "Umrah" for their path to Allah.

And they have chosen all these openings, they go to Allah in all the valleys, they make efforts in all the ways, they have made the functions of their worship [their bondage to Allah] to be the " Quibla "from their hearts and the joy of their eyes, they go to her [worship] wherever she is and they follow her wherever she goes; They follow every road; Therefore, wherever worship is found, we find them; If it is science, we find them with the people of science or fighting in the way of Allah, we find them in the ranks of fighters or prayer, we find them among those who are diligent to do The prayer or the invocation of Allah, we find them among those who invoke Allah or beneficence, we find them in the ranks of the benefactors or the love of Allah, the knowledge that Allah watches over him , And repentance to Allah, we find them among those who love Allah and repent to Him; They follow the religion of adoration [of servitude to Allah] wherever it is found and directed; If they were told:

-Â «What actions do you want? AT". They would say,

- "We want to fulfill the orders of Allah wherever they are and where they lead, we will fulfill them with our souls, our hearts and our bodies, we have given them our sales and we await Of Him that they give us the price:

{Verily, Allah has bought believers, their people and their goods in exchange for Paradise}.

Allah, servants of Allah, the servant who follows the way to his Lord and is directed to Him actually, His heart is hooked to His Lord as the attachment of one who loves with a complete love, To be loved; There remains in his heart only the love of Allah and His commands, and the result of this is that Allah brings him closer to Him, puts him among His chosen ones, so that his heart And he protects him in all his affairs, his religion, his life here below, and He makes his education much better than the education that the compassionate father gives to Son, for it is He Who is glorified who deals with the affairs of all creatures whether they obey Him or despise Him; Therefore, how will He take care of Him who loves Him, Who prefers Him to any other than Himself, and who is satisfied with Him outside of people as His Lord , The one whom he loves, his Protector, the one who comes to his aid, the one who helps and guides him; And if the veil were removed on His sweetness, His goodness and His acts for Him from where He knows and from which He does not know, His heart would melt of love for Him, of desire To meet Him, and to thank Him [for Him]. And whoever tastes this and knows a path that leads to Allah, then abandons him and goes to his will, his rest, his pleasures and his whims, will then commit sins that Will be harmful to him, put his heart in the prison of difficulty, and suffer a punishment in his life that no one has suffered; Therefore, he lives in incapacity, worries and sadness; His death is grief and regret; And on the day of judgment, he will regret because he neglected his affairs and his life was disorganized; He will implore Allah's help and He will not respond to his call, he will complain and we will not listen to him, his contentments and his joys will go away, and his sorrows, sorrows and regrets come. He will have changed his ease in difficulty, his glory in humiliation and his wealth in poverty, for he knew his way to his Lord and abandoned him, he saw then he became blind, he knew then Denied it, he advanced and then he returned, he was called and he did not answer, he was opened the door and he turned his back, he gave up The way of his Lord and turned completely towards his passions; And even if he gets certain desires and enjoys his ease, his heart is attached and can not move towards the magnitude of the uniqueness of Allah, the areas of well-being, The gardens of love, and the reconciliation of Allah; He went down to the lowest level because he turned away from his true God, and the universe turned away from him because by turning away from his Lord , He put an obstacle between him and his desires; It is like a train that walks on earth, its soul does not feel well in its body, its heart bored of its life, and it wishes the death and the desire, until Death comes to him in this [evil] situation - that Allah protects us from it; Do not question then about the painful chastisement that he will suffer because of the veil between him and his true Lord; This is the consequence of his distraction and the fact that he prefers his passions and pleasures to the satisfaction of his Lord.

Therefore, Allah's servants, whosoever turns away from Allah, Allah will turn away from him completely; And the one from whom Allah turns, will know the misfortune, the evil, the fatality in his actions and his situations; As well as the bad situation will accompany him in his religion and his life. So the one who will truly be deprived is the one who knew the path that leads to Allah, then turned away from it or found a glimmer of His love then that glow Has been kidnapped, especially if he leans with his will to forbidden pleasures and goes completely to his desires and whims by practicing night and day, morning and evening, in Descending from the highest summit to the bottom, in the prison of passion, remaining a prisoner of the enemy, and being fugitive in the valley of confusion; And He said true (that He be glorified) saying:

{"And whoever turns away from My recall will lead a life full of embarrassment, and on the Day of Resurrection we will blindly bring him to the rally." He will say, "O my Lord, why didst thou bring me blind when I saw before?" [Allah] will say to him, "As Our signs have come to you and you have forgotten them, so today you are forgotten"}.

Second sermon

O servants of Allah!

When Allah goes to His servant who comes to Him, the life of Him is illuminated, His dreams shine, and the signs that Allah is pointing to him appear to him like gaiety , The beauty [of the face], and the high-ranking inhabitants in heaven [angels] go out to him with love and friendship [allegiance] for they follow their Lord That if He is glorified), if He loves His servant, they also love Him, and if He protects one of His beloved, they also protect Him, as it is mentioned in The hadith narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim in their two collections of authentic Hadiths, according to Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him) the Messenger of Allah (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said :

(When Allah loves one of his servants, He calls the angel Gabriel and says,

- "I like so, so love it"; Then the angel Gabriel loves him then he calls into heaven and says,

- "Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) loves so, so love Him"; Then the inhabitants of heaven love him, then he is given acceptance on earth [he is loved by the people of the earth]).

Allah makes the hearts of His loved ones completely surrendered to Him through love and mercy, not to mention those towards whom the Possessor of the Supreme Kingdom is headed. Venerable with His love, He gives them all kinds of benefits, and the angels and the inhabitants of the earth look at them with respect and honor, and such is the grace of Allah, He gives it To whom He wills, and Allah is the holder of the enormous grace.

Therefore, fear Allah, the servants of Allah, and know that you will obtain the love of Allah by performing your actions sincerely for Allah and following the Messenger of Allah ((may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him).


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