The Warning Against Isolation —Sheikh Salih bin Abdullah al Humaid


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Friday 16/10/1423

I recommend to you, O people, as well as to myself the fear of Allah (the Mighty and the Most High); Therefore, fear Allah, may Allah grant you mercy, give importance to His commands and prohibitions, do good work with sincerity for Allah, cling to the way of the people of Sunnah, and preserve the gathering and union (the group), you will reap the best gain.

O Muslims!

The law of Allah (the Mighty and Most High) in His Creation requires that people can live in tranquility and peace only with union (gathering) and understanding; Islam, which is the religion of healthy nature, has directed people towards mutual recognition for the realization of the entente:

{O Humans! We have created you from a male and a female, and We have made you tribes and peoples so that you may know one another. The most noble of you for Allah is the most pious.

The incitement to knowledge of people and their fraternation is a noble incentive in Islamic recommendations for group living, organization and good relationship; Thus, the souls find peace, the sciences are correct, knowledge is widespread, people worship Allah with knowledge and certainty, the characteristics of religion appear, the good is spread, and the Deception diminishes.

The preference of Islam for the gathering appears in many of its principles and laws; The worshipings that are among the most honorable goals are not merely isolation in a monastery or worship in a monastery. Why were the groups prescribed in prayer? And for whom were the Friday prayers made compulsory? And what is the wisdom in the prayer of the two feasts, prayer for rain, solar or lunar prayer, and prayer of funerals?

Then, answer the invitation for the wedding and the ceremonies? And the gathering during the moments of joy and during the difficult moments, during the holidays, the condolences, the visit of the sick and the funeral processions?

This can not be achieved if the community does not strengthen relations and does not protect the rights of fraternity and groups.

Sheikh Salih bin Abdullah al Humaid

If the number of people of Islam increases and they come together, their energy will be purer and their work more pious, it is reported in a hadith:

(The prayer of man with another man is better than his prayer alone, his prayer with two men is better than his prayer with one man, and the more the number increases, the more he is prayed Loved by Allah) reported by Ibn Majah and Ibn Hibbane.

Who does not want the number of Muslims to increase and do not want to see them in united and unconnected groups?

We say this to my brothers, while we observe that certain people, especially those who are members of scholars, merits and pious people, are separated from the group and the fraternity Of people, they prefer to remain alone and isolated (separated), they may even be hard with their brothers and repel them.

How can the fraternity of faith be achieved without a gathering? :

{The believers are brothers}.

And how can the consultation be carried out if the Muslim leaves the group? :

{Those whose decisions arise from their mutual consultation}.

And when the servant among the servants of the Misericordium asks,

{And make us an example of virtue (or guide) for pious people; When he who is separated from his brothers is going to be an example, an imam in the call to Islam and guided, so that people see his life (his good behavior) , Imitate his good deeds and follow his good words.

O My brothers for the sake of Allah!

To preserve the group, laws and principles have been prescribed: salvation (as-Salaam) has been prescribed and responded to has been made compulsory; Hand grip and smile were prescribed, facial serenity was ordered to show love and friendships; The believers were encouraged to offer each other gifts to one another, and to be benevolent towards close relatives, orphans, poor and travelers; They were forbidden the causes of disputes, hostility, hatred, separation, such as alcohol, gambling, deception in transactions, failure to address Speech, and disputes. We can find most of the honorable qualities and good behaviors only in a person who frequents people and behaves well towards them; How can generosity be the quality of one who has never stretched out his hand through compassion and beneficence? And how can beneficence be done to the people who deserve it if the situation of people is not known before? And can the clarity and sweetness appear unless the one who has both of these qualities faces people who speak harshly and have hard hearts?

About life with people, people of truth tell the neighbors in a sermon and wisely: "What is right is not in what you said, the truth Is not in what you have seen, and the good is not in the way that you have followed ".

How can the prescription of good and the prohibition of evil, the call to Islam, the holy war and the correction of morals be so that the community of Mohammed (may Allah pray over him and the Greetings) is the best community that was sent to people, and then we see scholars and people leave the mosque and go to clubs and they say good words and do good deeds?

And in the hadith:

(The believer who frequents people and is patient for the wrongs they cause to him is better than the believer who does not frequent people and does not patiently for the wrongs they cause him.

My dear brothers!

Some people of good people take as an excuse that it is a time of corruption, that the ways of the separation are numerous, and that those who call to evil make much effort; Did they not know that isolation increases the forces of the separation, and the dreams spread themselves in the society; Why not fight against the disgruntled and those who follow their passions? And one who stays with the group and encourages his brothers, will have accomplished a great good. And if other people of merit take the excuse of isolation to pass the time in worship and seek the good of the soul, then they know that attending the assemblies Es of science is part of worship, visiting the sick is worship, helping brothers in religion is worship, guiding people is worship, and helping and witnessing the increase in strength and The agreement is an adoration.

Although in isolation, we were getting rid of the saying of evil people, we evoke mediocrity, slander, mockery and corruption of the characters, we also find in the brother Quentation of the pious, which prevents us from having these defects; And if the council has not been beneficial at some point, it will be beneficial to another, and if guidance was useless at the time it was given, Will be useful at another time, the most important thing is to convey and guidance is in the hand of Allah.

And what we are told of the isolation of some of the pious predecessors is part of the special situations in which they found themselves, and they concluded that the most just solution was the " Isolation; And it is impossible for isolation to be a doctrine (a path) that befits everybody.

When we insist on the group and the gathering, it does not mean that we have to spend all the time going to people and attending all the assemblies, because in truth every person needs Moments when she remains alone for her personal affairs or to approach Allah by performing supernatural acts or to help someone; About this, Omar (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

Take your share of isolation, for the just and moderate path is that the Muslim divides his time between a good fraternity and a beneficial isolation so that he comes out of both situations with this Which arranges all business ".


In the people's presence, the believer must choose brothers among the godly, pious, and loyal folk, for they are a fine adornment during rest and a helper during the tests; It is said about wisdom:

"Among the weakest people, one who neglects the search for brothers (in religion); And weaker than he, the one who found brothers and lost their friendships. And there is only one who has chosen for himself, who can choose for others ".

Ali (may Almighty Allah be pleased with him) said:

♦ "The condition of the company is: forgive mistakes, treat people with indulgence, and treat people on the same footing of equality."

And the brothers in their relationships have to move away from things that have been done reluctantly, for things accomplished simply, as well as the removal of difficult situations and detested flattery, strengthen relationships and Engender love.

I seek refuge from Allah against Satan the cursed:

{"My little one! Practice scrupulously prayer, prescribe the good unanimously recognized as such, proscribe what is experienced, and endure what happens to you with patience, it is there a mark of character. Do not be at a difficult time (word for word: do not walk away from your people's cheek), do not walk on earth very pleased with yourself, Allah certainly does not want to be full of sufficiency And bragging. Be moderate in your pace and drop a little your voice because the most detestable voice is that of the donkey.

Second sermon

My dear brothers!

Among the principles of Islam regarding mutual recognition and good relationship, the fact that the relationship must be clear, and there is no problem that the brother tells his brother friendship and the feeling he feels for him; In the hadith:

(If one of you loves his brother, let him know that you loves him (ie for the sake of Allah) reported by Ahmed and Tirmidhi.

Anas (may Almighty Allah be pleased with him) said:

"A man was seated with the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him), then a man passed by, and the man said,

"O Messenger of Allah! I love that one. " He says :

(Did you make it known?). He says :

"No". He says :

(So ??let him know). He caught up and said,

- "I love you for love Allah". He replied:

♥ "Whom for whom you loved me, love you". Reported by Ahmed, Ibn Hibbane and Al-Hakam.

Among the principles of friendship: to visit without any worldly purpose, according to Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him), the Messenger of Allah (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) Says:

(A man went to visit one of his brothers in a village, Allah sent an angel on his way when he met him and said,

"Where are you going?" AT". He replied:

"I'm going to visit a brother in this village." He says :

"Do you want to get something from him?" AT". He says :

"No, I just love him for the sake of Allah (be exalted)." He says :

♥ I am a messenger from Allah for you to tell you that Allah loved you as you loved him for his love," reported by Muslim.

In another hadith:

(Anyone visiting a sick person or visiting a brother for Allah will call:

"Rejoice!" And your steps are good, and you had a home in Paradise ") reported by Tirmidhi.

Therefore, fear Allah, may Allah have mercy on you! Reconcile yourself, protect the rights of your brothers, preserve the group and the understanding, do not charge you with difficult things, be sincere in your love (friendship), keep your commitments , For Al-foudhé ïl (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

♥ "People get upset because of things done with exaggeration (when the person wants to do too much); A man visits his brother who does too much for him, this causes their separation. And keep the word of the well-guided caliph Omar ibn Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) when he says:

"Do not think of a Muslim's evil because of a word that came out of his mouth when you can find good in this word."


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