The Story of the Musa: Strangers on Unfamiliar Lands

Musa (Moses) finds a place of refuge in Midian

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It took him about a week to cross this hot desert. When he arrived at an oasis, he found a group of people watering their animals. They pushing, they are very lively, and their manners are very rude. At this time, Musa (Moses) was very tired. He fell to the ground and enjoyed the coolness under the shade of the trees. He just took a sigh of relief and noticed the two shepherdess and their flocks not far away. They stood behind the crowd and did not dare to squeeze into the drinking water to water their sheep.

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Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

Musa (Moses) is a man of great honor and dignity. At this moment, although he is exhausted and dehydrated, he cannot tolerate the shepherdess standing behind and dare not approach the water source. He walked up to them and asked why the men in their homes did not look after the flock. The two explained that their father was old and they had to look after the flock.

Musa (Moses) drove the flock to the water source. He pushed the other shepherds to the side. He helped them to finish the work. He tried his best and sat down in the shade of the trees and prayed to Allah: ” ‘My Lord! I really need any welfare that you bestow on me.”

“When he came to the springside of Midian, he saw a group of people watering their flocks there. He found two women besides them, blocking the flocks of both of them. He said, ‘Why are you two doing?” They said: ‘We have to allow those shepherds to leave the spring, and then we have to water our flocks. Our father is an old man.’ He then watered the flocks for them, then retreat to In the shade, he said, ‘My Lord! I really need any welfare that you bestow on me.'” (Quran 28::23-24)

The Qur’an tells the story of the prophet to encourage us to learn from them. The prophets are our best example, and their lives are completely similar to our lives. How many times have we faced life sinking? How many times we feel exhausted, unable to cope with life, there seems to be no chance to rise.

The Story of the Musa: Strangers on Unfamiliar Lands
The Story of the Musa: Strangers on Unfamiliar Lands

Musa (Moses) once again faced the true helper of mankind – God, piously praying, Allah’s help came, Musa (Moses) longed for a piece of bread, a date, but God gave him security, support and family.

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A shepherd came to Musa, and she said to Musa with shame: “My father wants to repay your goodwill and invites you to our house.” Musa (Moses) stood up and followed the shepherdess to her house to visit the old man. . They talked with each other and Musa (Moses) told his story. The old man relieved his fear and told him that he had crossed the Egyptian desert and went to a safe place. He is in Midian, don’t worry about Pharaoh’s pursuit.

“One of the two women, shyly said to him: ‘My father really wants you to come, to reward you for the merits of watered sheep for us.’ When he came to him and told him his own story, then he said, ‘Do not be afraid, you have left the unrighteous people.'” (Quran 28:25)

Later, Musa (Moses) lived in the old man’s house. One of the girls quietly suggested that her father hire Musa (Moses). Her father asked her why. The girl said that this person is strong and trustworthy. These two points are the characteristics of the leaders emphasized by Islam: strong and honest. After the death of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the Muslim nation chose their own leaders based on these two criteria. Muslims learned political art from the Qur’an and learned from the sages of the past.

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According to some scholars, this old man may be the Prophet Shuaib (AS), although there is no reliable material to confirm or deny this statement. In short, he provided Musa with security and family. He married one of his daughters to Musa, on the condition that he worked for their family for eight years, or if Musa (Moses) was willing, they could add another two years. Musa is a stranger on a strange land, and Allah knows his prayers and gives him unimaginable gifts.

“One of the two women said: ‘My father! Please hire him. You’d better hire this strong and loyal person.’ He said: ‘one of my two daughters will Marry you, but you must serve me for eight years . If you complete ten years, it is your willingness and favour from you, I don’t want to place you in any difficulty. If God wills, you will find that I am a good person.’ He said: ‘This is my contract with you. I don’t have any excessive demands on me for the deadline. Allah is monitoring our promises.'” (Quran 28:26-28)

We believers, we can never neglect that Allah will hear our prayers and answer our prayers. Sometimes we cannot understand the wisdom of God’s prayers, and God know what is better for us and when it’s better for us. We rely on God and obey the will of God. God has made us stand the test of the wind and rain. We must be strong in the face of adversity. We are not alone, just as Musa is not alone when crossing the desert.

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