The Rules Of The Accusation Of Apostasy - Sheikh Abdul-Rahman Al-Sudais


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Friday 24/3/1425 (14/5/2004)

Allah's servants!

The prosperous life, the abundant good, and the many means of subsistence are the fruit of the fear of the Lord, the Compassionate and the Perfectly Knower; Therefore, fear Allah - may Allah make you mercy -

{O you who believed! Fear Allah and believe in His Messenger that He may grant you two parts of His mercy and assign to you a light by which you will walk and forgive you, for Allah is Forgiving and Most Merciful}.

O Muslims!

People devoted to the community do not doubt that it lives a time of seduction from temptations and that its situation is obscure, except that there is a great temptation and an apparent calamity, A temptation by which Muslims were proved through history; A temptation that caused much suffering to the community, and it tasted its bitterness; A temptation that lasted a long time and that brought a lot of worries. How many people were killed because of this temptation? It is a great danger, and mistakes were made because of this temptation and understandings were disrupted. That is why we need to remember, think about it and warn against this temptation so that the calamities of the community are not renewed in violence, destruction, terrorism and explosions.

I think - may Allah protect you - that you now know this temptation that we must disapprove, correct and change: this is the temptation of the accusation of apostasy, and it is a temptation that has engendered Other temptations.

My brothers in Islam!

To take the risk of accusing apostasy is a great evil and a great danger; How many misfortunes and mischievous consequences it has caused to the community! He who has the least degree of piety or of science or wisdom does not rush to it; The hearts are afraid of it and all the members tremble because of its danger.

Imam Ash-Chaoukani (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

- "And so tears flow, and we cry for Islam and Muslims because of the harm caused by religious intolerance [fanaticism] by accusing the majority of Muslims of apostasy without any proof of The Sunnah or the Qur'an, without any statement from Allah and no evidence from Allah, but when fanaticism in religion exceeded the limits and the devil cursed divided the word of the Muslims, he suggested Blaming one another over dust-like winds and a mirage on a desert plain. So it's one of the biggest calamities in religion and Unhappy woe by which the way of the believer was touched "until he said (may Allah be pleased with him):

"And the evidence that it is mandatory to protect the honor of the Muslim and respect him, show that one must avoid denigrating his religion regardless of the disgust, so what can we say To bring him out of Islam to mirth? "This is a crime that can not be compared to any other crime, and an audacity that is incomparable, and where is he who dares to accuse his brother The apostasy of the word of the Messenger of Allaah (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him):

(The Muslim is the brother of the Muslim, he is not unjust to him and he does not abandon him [at the critical moment]); And his word (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him):

(To insult the Muslim is perversion, and to fight against it is of madness); And his word (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him):

(Your blood, your goods, and your wives are forbidden to one another.

My brothers in faith!

The texts of Islamic law came to blame this shameful behavior, Allah (be glorified) said:

{O you who believed! When you go out to fight in the path of Allah, see clearly (do not hurry) and do not say to anyone who addresses you (Islam): "You are not a believer", coveting The goods of the life of this world}.

And in the two collections of authentic Hadiths, according to the hadith of Ibn Omar (may Allah be pleased with him and his father), the Messenger of Allah (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said:

(When the man says to his brother: "O Mequan!", This word will apply to either one, either it is as he said or it will return against him).

And from the hadith of Abu Dhar (may Allah be pleased with him) who said that he heard the Messenger of Allaah (may Allah be pleased with him and salute him) saying,

(Anyone who calls a man through madness [ie, "O Messenger!"], Or says: "Enemy of Allah!", While he is not so , This word will return against him).

And Tabaraani reported in his Book that the Messenger of Allah (may Allah be pleased with him and bless him) said:

(Anyone who accuses a believer of apostasy is like killing him).

And the companions of Allah's Messenger (may Allah be pleased with him and salute him) followed this clear path, Imam Ahmed, Tabaraani and others reported that Abu Soufiane said:

- "I asked Jabir who lived beside Mecca: Would you say that somebody among the Muslims is polytheistic"?. says' angel Jabir:

-"To Allah displease!"; And He was frightened by it.

Then a man said,

- "Did you call someone and say," Methis "?". He says :


And the pious predecessors (may Allah have mercy on them) followed this path of light; They indicate for this judgement [the accusation of apostasy] bases, conditions and rules, and they set cases and objections [barriers] which must absolutely be taken into consideration And verify; And this because of the danger and delicacy of this judgement.

And - Servants of Allah! - these are the most important rules:

The judgement of accusation of apostasy is a religious judgement and the pure right of Allah (may He be glorified) and His Messenger (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him); And the Imam and the great scholar Ibn Al-Quayyim (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

- "The ruling of disbelief is the right of Allah, then the right of His Messenger, and is confirmed by the texts of Islamic law and not by the word of such; The Lord of the worlds and His servant, is indeed miscalculating. "

And Imam At-Tahaawi (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

- "We do not accuse anyone among the Muslims of apostasy because of a sin he has committed, unless he considers this sin a lawful thing."

And Ibn Abi Al-Iz (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

♣ The door of the accusation of apostasy and the denial of the accusation of apostasy is a door which has caused great temptations and great evidences, and which has provoked much sedition The passions and opinions have been divided upon it, and their proofs [their arguments] have been opposed, and people with regard to this judgment are divided into two extremes and A group that is on the right balance". He later said that,

♣ And know that it is the greatest injustice to affirm about one particular person that Allah will not forgive him and will not make him mercy, Hell eternally ".

And Al-Razaali (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

♣ And should know what is to be irritated most is the accusation of apostasy, for making the blood and goods of those who pray become lawful by going to the quibla and saying: There is no The other deity that Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah "is a mistake; And the mistake of letting one-thousand-saints live is less important than the mistake of killing a Muslim).

And Imam An-Nawawi (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

♣ And you should also know that the faith of the people of the truth is that one should not accuse any one of the Muslims of apostasy because of a sin, and that one should not accuse of apostasy Those who follow their passions, those who make innovations in religion and other people ".

And Sheikh Al-Islam ibn Ta'imiyah (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

♣ And know that this is the major reason why the people of science and the Sunnah do not accuse apostasy of those who oppose them, even if the one who opposes them, accuses them of apostasy, For mirth is a religious judgment, and man has no right to punish by accusing apostasy, just as the one who lied to you and committed adultery with your wife, You have no right to lie or commit adultery with his wife, because lies and adultery are forbidden and are the rights of Allah (may He be exalted) The accusation of apostasy is also a right of Allah, therefore we must only accuse apostasy of those whom Allaah and His Messenger testified of their disbelief.

And Sheikh Mohammed ibn Abdul-Wahhaab (may Allah be pleased with him) said:


♣ And you should know that every person that counseleth herself shall speak of this affair with the knowledge and knowledge of Allah, Islam simply with his understanding and approval of his brain, for bringing a man out of Islam or bringing him into it, are among the most important affairs of religion, and the devil humbled Most people with regards to this case ".

Allah is the greatest ! That is the piety of the pious predecessors in regard to this question, so how after all these words, some people who have not reached the science and the merits of the predecessors Can they hasten to give their judgment concerning the accusation of apostasy concerning their Muslim brothers in full and in detail; We ask Allah to protect us against this! ".

Have they not known the dangerous affairs which result from hastening to accuse of apostasy such as rendering lawful blood and money, preventing inheritance, annul the marriage, Not to bury him in the cemetery of the Muslims, and the fact that he will have to remain in hell eternally - and we Ask Allah to protect us - and many other things that are written in the books. And it is therefore not surprising that Islamic law has a firm position in closing the road to the Kharijites and those who accuse Muslims of apostasy and remove idolaters; Moreover, they distribute deeds attesting that the creatures are in hell when they do not realize it.

Community of Islam! And among the important rules of this dangerous affair is the fact that one can not accuse the Muslim of apostasy because of a word or act only after having argued with him and the Doubts have dissipated for him. Sheikh Al-Islam ibn Ta'imiyah (may Allah be pleased with him) said: - "Therefore, no one should accuse a Muslim of apostasy even if he commits a mistake until one argues With him, and that the argument is evident to him, and the one whose attestation of his Islam is known with certainty, this attestation can not be taken away with doubt, and can not be taken away Only after arguing with him and having dispelled his confusions". And among the rules: We have to make the difference between the act and the one who commits it, between generalization and specification, just as we must apply the religious texts on the Events and individuals. "It is mentioned in the book" Madjmour Al-Fatawa ":

♦ " The texts concerning the threats in the Quran and the Sunnah, and the words of the scholars about the accusation of apostasy , Perversity judgment and other things, do not necessarily apply to a particular person unless the conditions are present and the objections are distant, and There is no difference between the principles and the consequences with respect to this.

♦ "And among these rules: Mecundity is divided into two parts: the great miracle And beliefs about beliefs and deeds, and this has been equivocal in Many of those who accused people of apostasy, and they forgot to make the gathering between the religious texts, as well as the correct method about what is apparently contradictory. This is why all the scholars, the ascendants and the descendants, have detailed the affair of Al-Haakimiyah, which is the doctrine of the community scholar and commentator of the Quran Abdullah ibn Abbaass May Allah be pleased with him and his father) who said:

♦ "It is not the miracle of which they speak, but it is the little misery". And several scholars have said the same thing to him: At-Tabari, Ibn Kathir, al-Quourtoubi, Ikrimah, Moujaahad, Ata'a, Taawousse, Az-Zudjadj, Al-Aajouri, Ibn Abdul-bar, Ani, Al-Djassasse, Abu Ya-ala, Ibn Hibbaan, Ibn Batta, Atiyah, Ibn Al-Jaouzi, Shaykh Al-Islam and his pupil Ibn Al-Quayyim, Islam and reviewers. And scholars have numbered four cases in this case giving precious details that realize the gathering among the religious texts, confirming the unanimity of the scholars about the fact that the People of the Sunnah do not accuse those who commit sins in the Islamic community of apostasy, knowing that two Muslims have no doubt about the obligation to judge with what Allah has done And every Muslim does not want another judgment than that of Islamic law. And this sin must not move us away, because of a fiery ardor and an exuberant feeling, rules of people of science and faith, principles of people Of the Sunnah and the Qur'an, and of the path of the pious predecessors about the opinions and deductions: {Beyond the truth what is there then if not the © stationing?}. And among the rules in this case: One should not accuse apostasy because of words spoken, nor because of acts interpreted; Imam Ach-Shatibi (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

♦ "The doctrine of the examiners among the people who know the principles of religious science is that the miscretion because of the consequences Of acts [that lead to misconduct] is not a distress in the present situation. "

Al-Haafiz ibn hajar said:

♥ "The one who is said to be despising is the one whose explicit is clear in his speech, as well as one whose speech leads to mishap Ance, and then he is opposed to him [by replying to his word], and he continues to support and follow his word, while he who does not continue to follow his word but defends it, He will not be mischiev- ing even if his word leads to misery ".

And finally - may Allah protect you -:

Apostasy is to be accused only of those who are unanimous in the opinion of the scholars of Islam about his disbelief, or he is judged to be misconstruing with a proof which can not be opposed. Ibn Abdul-Bar, Ibn Bataal, Sheikh Al-Islam ibn Ta'imiyah and Imam Muhammad ibn Abdil-Wahhab (may Allah have mercy on them) reported this saying,

♦ "We accuse of apostasy only that on which all scholars are unanimous."

And among the accepted preliminaries of this affair: the knowledge that this act is of the misdeed, so one should not accuse the ignorant of apostasy until the arguments are exposed to him; Imam Ahmed said about the sect "Al-Jahmiyah":

♦ "If I were to say the same word as you, I would then become a messenger, but I do not accuse you of apostasy because you are ignorant to me."

And Sheikh Al-Islam said,

♦ "And concerning one who interprets [the texts of religion], one must first argue with him, make his error appear and make him know the truth."

And we must also know the things that prevent one from accusing a person of apostasy, and among these things: ignorance, error and coercion; Allah (exalted be He) said:

{Whosoever disbelieved Allah after believing-except the one who was constrained therein while his heart remains full of the serenity of faith}.

Among these things: misinterpretation; And this is the reason why the companions (may Allah be pleased with them) were unanimous that one should not accuse apostasy of those who make alcohol lawful by reason of doubt , And this is their interpretation of the word of Allah (the Mighty and the High):

{It is not a sin for those who have faith and do good deeds in that they have consumed (wine and winnings of games of chance before their prohibition).

O Muslims!

When those who dedicate themselves to Islam explain the danger of speaking about the accusation of apostasy, and that they mention the conditions and rules of the accusation of apostasy, they then announce That Islam is not responsible for this erroneous belief, and that what has happened in our country and that occurs in some Muslim countries like: shedding the blood of protected people, Killing innocent people, acts of explosion and destruction, demotion, corruption and terrorism, are forbidden criminal acts, and it is not permissible to make Islam and Muslims moderate Are the fault of these events which are the sequencing of a thought that corresponds to accusing people of apostasy and that is deviated from the right path; And high Islamic legislation, healthy human nature and just reasons disagree with this thought.

And we ask Allah to correct the situation of the community, to dispel all its difficulties, to guide all men towards what He loves and to whom He is satisfied, and to guide them to the truth, He guides whom He wants on the right path!

Allah's servants!

Fear Allah:

{And fear the day when you will be brought back to Allah. Then each soul will be fully rewarded for what it has earned. And they shall not be hurt.

And cling to the [Muslim] group because the hand of Allah is with the group, and the one who segregates from the group, will be in hell.

Dear Brothers!

When passion arouses itself in souls, and turns away from the light of the revelation and the [religious] texts, they are suffering from a more serious intoxication than the Alcohol intoxication; And the phenomenon of excess in the accusation of apostasy and the clearing of the right path, is the most dangerous thing by which the community was proved; This temptation began with a speech war, and ended not making the blood that is prohibited lawful, and it exceeded the measure when the weapons were worn before the face of The community, and its intensity increased when it appeared under the image of "fatwa" [legal opinions] that incite people to apostasy and that stupid young people seize on the fly; Then they followed the way of the oppressors and the criminals; After all, do the people of Islam have to remain silent?

The thought of accusing apostasy is always present with force in the ranks of the youth of the community, who looked at the societies with a black glance, and who thought that " There is no way out of the difficulties and misfortunes in which the community has been proven by accusing people of apostasy, and then by committing acts of explosion and Of destruction.

And our sadness increases when we see that some young people in the community have been touched by this dangerous thought, and the case gets worse when the accusation of apostasy is made against the leaders Muslims and those who have sworn allegiance to them among the pious scholars; They accused them of collaborating with the enemy; And in addition, the danger has reached Muslims in general and their children.

And this thought spread because of the negligence committed by not stopping it and not mentioning its causes; And its most important causes are:

The fact of having little science, a weak understanding, error in the path to follow to learn and acquire science, and science is not learned with the known scholars; But on the contrary, they have moved away from scholars and have lost confidence in themselves; As well as the aims of Islamic law, the rules of Islamic jurisprudence and the high interests of the community are not understood, and they cling to doubts and Doubtful things by abandoning the precise and clear texts [of religion]; As well as the difficulties that disturb the situation of the community such as oppression and persecution, but this is not a reason and a justification for the mistakes made because violence can not be dealt with By violence. And if the reformers see that the community is torn apart, property is stolen and the holy places are desecrated, is the outcome of these misfortunes the accusation of Leaders of apostasy, as well as rebel against the group of Muslims and bear arms against the community?

Are not they going to wake up? Are they not going to draw lessons by observing those who are in the countries around them? Have they not read History so that they understand how much this thought caused harm to the community, moved it away from its religion, and frightened young people because of Cling to the Sunnah and put into practice Islamic law?

What did this thought bring to the community? And what are the benefits of this thought for the call to Islam, acts of charity and reform?

Would they not be like the prophets of Allah and His messengers, as the companions of the Messenger of Allaah (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him), the pious predecessors and those Who followed them? They were concerned with the learning of science, teaching, the call to Islam and reform.

Dear Brothers!

As for the solution: it is with science, understanding, and discussion so that the country is not destroyed, that the community is not touched not with shame and devotion shonneur.

And today is like yesterday, those who preceded these accused the apostasy of the best in this community, the companions of the Messenger of Allah (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) And (may Allah be pleased with them and make them satisfied), and may Allah punish those who accused them of apostasy and fought them!

And we must point out that people are divided into two extremes and a group that follows the middle course; The people of the Sunnah follow the middle ground between the Kharijites and the "Mourji'ahs"; And it is for this reason that scholars have mentioned the chapter of apostasy and of things that annul Islam, but it is essential that these subjects be treated by scholars versed in the sciences of Religion and who are gifted with discernment.

Some pessimists have demanded the annulment of Islamic religion and legislation, and they have disregarded religious education programs; May Allah not cause them to come to what they desire!

And we are asking the young people of the community to wake up and beware of any deviation from the thoughts that move away from the path of middle ground and moderation.

And we call the young people of the land of the two holy mosques who grew up in a correct belief in the Sunnah and in the path of the imams of the call to blessed reform; We ask them to mistrust the thoughts that come from the straight path; What then changed them? We ask them to stand firm on the right path in spite of the challenges and changes, and to unite with their leaders and scholars, and to beware that we do not take advantage of them, or That they are targeted and provoked by thoughts from the outside or deceitful paths. And we ask those who fish in troubled waters and who take advantage of the mistakes of certain pious people to stop the young from Islam, because I swear by Allah that the situation of the community will never be good Unless we practice religion, help those who practice it, defend the honor of pious reformers and those who call to Islam sincerely, and if we raise the flag of prescription Good and forbidding, and calling to Allah (the Mighty and the High) with wisdom and good words.

And Allah, and there is no other god but Him, knows that this is an important advice for the community, and an effort to free itself from the [obligation] responsibility.

And the designation corresponds to rescue the truth with its proofs, even if all people are angry; And it is enough for us to be pure counsel, which is in accord with the correct texts and precise words:

{I only want the reform, as much as I can. And my success depends on Allah. In Him I place my trust, and it is to Him that I return repentant.


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