The Religion is Naseehah "Islam Religion is to advise people" —Sheikh Osama Khayat


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The Religion is Naseehah "Islam Religion is to advise people" by Sheikh Osama Khayat

Allah's servants!

Fear Allah, seek to draw near to Him and know that He sees you, for the Blessed One is the one who fears Allah and goes to his Lord, then He gives Him His benefits and brings him closer to Him.

O Muslims!

The sceneries of this world's life, its beauty, its entertainment and its distraction, are not an obstacle (barrier) between the pious and awakened believer and the way to Allah at fast pace and Farms, and with determination. And if the habit of the people who love the life of this world is the attention paid to everything that protects their ranks in this world and their goods, people of reason among the servants of the Misericordia Righteous are very careful about the protection of their faith, their certainty, their fear of Allah, the sincerity concerning the unity of Allah, the Sunnah of the prophet, and the protection of good words And good works.

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The Religion is Naseehah "Islam Religion is to advise people" —Sheikh Osama Khayat
The Religion is Naseehah "Islam Religion is to advise people" —Sheikh Osama Khayat

Thus, in their efforts to protect these blessings and gifts, they have the certainty that one of the best benefits that Allah has given them after the benefits of the belief in the unity of Allah and Of the faith is the fact that Allah has placed at their disposal sincere counselors among their brothers in the religion who give them the best advice and help them in the best way when they make them Think of Allah by speaking to them in a good way, when they make known to them their hidden defects, and when they show them the errors, and the causes of calamities and destruction; Then they shatter these things by the grace of Allah.

Consequently, we understand the importance of the words of one of our pious predecessors (may Allah be pleased with them) in a counsel which he gives: - " 'T advised you liked; And he that hath flattered thee hath deceived; We understand the loyalty, the sincerity, and the counsel for Allah and his prophet and for the believers who are in this word.

Allah's servants!

Accept counsel and welcome the recall is a good quality that shows the sound reason and nobility of the soul of the one who receives the advice, and the purity of his heart, for he has the Conviction that the lack is present, that perfection is difficult to achieve, that defects surround men, that they all have defects, and that the correction comes only by the grace of one ' Allah, his mercy, then with the help of those who sincerely advise.

How can it not be convinced of the correctness of this meaning and of the honor of this reality, the one who knows the meaning of "advice"? As the scholars have said, the word "advice" (in Arabic: Nassiha) means:

- "Give the chance to the counselor, that is to give him the chance to obtain all good in this world and in the other; And the origin of the council is purity and purification, as the word of one who says: "I have counseled honey" that is, I purified it, Or his word: "I purified the garment", that is, I traced it, I raped it and I concealed its defect.

And how can he not be convinced of the correctness of this meaning and of the honor of this reality, one who knows that whoever refuses to listen to the council falls into the abyss of the Pride and arrogance that is represented by the rejection of truth, attachment to what is false, and misconduct of people, and it will be among those for whom one Fears an end as Allah has described in his word:

{When he is told, "Fear Allah!", Then he prides himself on his sinfulness. It is enough for him to have hell and what a bad place to rest We ask Allah to protect us from this.

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And how can he not be convinced of the righteousness of this signification and of the honor of this reality, he who reads the Book of his Lord morning and evening, then finds that when Allah Glorified) speaks to us of the previous communities and of the chastity by which they were touched, Allah clearly explains to us that the cause of his chastisement is pride and rebellion to And the refusal of the counsels of Allah's messengers, as the story of Thamud the people of Saalih (peace be upon him) when they refused his advice and refused his reminder and warning, Allah (be glorified) said about them:

{They killed the camel, proudly passed over to their Lord's command and said, "Saalih! Bring us what you promised us if you are a Messenger. " They were then seized by the earthquake and the next day they were no more in their houses but a pile of inert corpses. He turned away from them and said, "O my people! I have transmitted to you the Message of my Lord and I have faithfully advised you, but you do not like loyal advisers.

Allah's servants!

Because of the importance of the council and its high rank, it was the condition of the Messenger of Allaah (may Allah be pleased with him and salute him) for anyone who wished to take the oath of Allah For Islam among companions; Al-Bukhari (may Allah have mercy on him) reported in his collection of authentic Hadiths, which Ziyaad ibn Alaaquah said:

-I heard Jarir ibn Abdillah say the day when Al-Mourirah ibn Sha'bah died, after he stood up and praised Allah:

"You must fear Allah alone, without anything associated with Him; You must be calm until you come a governor because it will happen now "; Then he said:

"Ask forgiveness from Allah for your ruler because he loved forgiveness"; Then he said:

"I went to see the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) and say," I swear allegiance to you for Islam, and I am asking a condition that I Advises every Muslim, I have lent him an oath of allegiance for that; And I swear by the Lord of this mosque, I am an adviser to you "; Then he asked for forgiveness from Allah and went down (may Allah be pleased with him) and made him satisfied.

Therefore, it is not surprising, dear brothers, that religion is counsel (counseling people), as the prophet (SAW) In the hadith reported by Muslim (may Allah have mercy on him) in his collection of authentic Hadiths, according to Tamim Ad-Daari that the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) Says this three times (religion is counsel), they then said:

"We say:" For whom, O Messenger of Allah?". He says :

(For Allah (the Mighty and Most High), for His Book, His Messenger, for the leaders of the Muslims and for all Muslims).

As for the advice for Allah: it is with the belief in His uniqueness (be glorified), the belief in His Lordship (that He is the Lord and the Creator) The belief in His divinity, and the belief in His names and attributes, as well as in submitting Himself to Him in appearance and in our heart, by passing His right (be glorified) before the right of others , Seeking His love through the fulfillment of what He loves, being afraid of His anger, abstaining from Him desolate, and making efforts for those who despised Him Come back to Him.

With regard to His Book: it is by learning it, teaching it, practicing it, reading it, writing it, understanding its meanings, respecting its prohibitions and To those who wish to alter it.

As for His prophet: it is by loving Him, obeying Him, sustaining Him, reviving His Sunnah, and paying attention to the excess in His Sunnah.

As for the governors of the Muslims, it is helping them to fulfill their duties, reminding them when they are distracted, preventing them from making mistakes, uniting the word around them, and bringing them back Hearts that hate them. And among the governors of the Muslims, servants of Allah, the scholars who make great efforts, and advising them to transmit their sciences, and thinking of the good of them.

Regarding counseling for Muslims: it is by being compassionate towards them, by performing acts beneficial to them, by teaching them what is useful to them, by abstaining from Harming them, loving for them what we love for ourselves, and detesting for them what we detest for ourselves.

The Religion is Naseehah "Islam Religion is to advise people" —Sheikh Osama Khayat
The Religion is Naseehah "Islam Religion is to advise people" —Sheikh Osama Khayat

Al-Haafiz Ibn Haajar (may Allah be pleased with him) cited this, as well as others, by commenting on this important hadith and explaining its meanings.

Allah's servants!

Fear Allah, take your part of the counsels, and know that in responding to the recall, you will be among those who achieve success and among the winners.

I seek refuge from Allah against Satan the cursed:

{Those who avoided worshiping false divinities and returned to Allah, these will have the good news, announce it to My slaves ... Those who listen to the speech and follow it the best . These are the ones that Allah has guided well and these are the people of brain.

Second sermon

Allah's servants!

The pious predecessors (may Allah be pleased with them) have spoken much of the meaning of the feast (Al-Aid) and we find among their words:

"Every day that you do not disobey Allah is a feast", it means joy, and pleasure of the feast, not the feast in the religious sense.

Indeed, servants of Allah! What a lovely feast, the day that the servant did not disobey his Lord! ; So make efforts to avoid dishonor to Allah all the time, so that every day is a feast for you.

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