The Month Of Ramadan With Its Goals —Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais

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Friday 8/9/1425 (22/10/2004)

I recommend to you - servants of Allah - as well as to myself, the fear of Allah (glorified and exalted), for the fear of Allah is the stairway of salvation, the candlestick Of guiding, and the purest commodity that is hoped for in the life of this world; And its causes have come nearer; Therefore, what a success for him who understands them! :

{O you who believed! Fear Allah as He must be feared, and die only in submission. [Aali Imraane: 102].

O Muslims!

For some days, the Creator (glorified and exalted) honored the houses by bringing us an honorable month filled with goods; This is a very awaited guest, who is greeted with tears. It was a month that sent his lights on the hearts of the believers, and he covered them with piety and godliness, and poured out their gifts on them. Were then covered with pure good direction:

{The month of Ramadan in which the Al-Qur'an was sent down as guidance for people, and clear proofs of good direction and discernment} [Al-Baqara: 185].

During the month of Ramadan, the light of faith shines, the blessed gifts of the revelation come, the hours are filled with good deeds and good works, souls feel the Tranquility, calmness and joy, the bodies take away their desires and their pleasures, and the souls find acceptable the good works and provide efforts for the good abundant.

O Muslims!

The month of Ramadan with its goals, its peculiarities and its memories exhaling a perfume, is the cause of our glory, our pride, and the wearing of our efforts and our honor. It contains the acts of heroism and conquests, and the clear verses are descended there; During this month, there is the rise of honor [of glory] and victory over the forces of evil and atheism, no matter how many horses and armaments, they bring. Basically, - may Allah protect you - is the period of lucrative trade with Allah, and an opportunity that is given to raise graces and expiate sins ; The one who neglects it, will be lowered and deprived himself.

Were there not among us people we loved? They were delivered to the earth, they were like sunny days and moons among us, and they went to the eternal abode. There are those who describe the bright and radiant nights of the month of Ramadan, as well as the apparent gifts of his days, and what can hardly be counted among the kinds of good and paths of Ramadan. Guided? And do not question yourself about the night of destiny that is better than a thousand months?

My brothers in faith!

This is the month of Ramadan and what it contains; And the one who is devoted to the community questions whether our Islamic community has understood the reality of the yew with all its traits and proofs: drinking at the sources Religious texts, the brain shard [of reason], the purity of the heart, the rejoicing of the soul, the accompanied awareness of the piety, And the science of the fear of the Lord (glorified and exalted)? Have we understood that the month of Ramadan has a light with which souls and hearts should be shining, so the community will be firm on the path of change, having a hold Of consciousness which is not mixed with desires [des envies] and a firmness that is not disturbed by the improvisation of jumps? Or do we derive no profit from the month of Ramadan except the known name, the usual period, the occasion that is distant from reality, and the situation when the sun is there ¨ve or the moon appears.

As we are happy and we rejoice in the month of Ramadan, when we make it a strong and good time that leads us to the realization of ourselves, and victory against the aggressors with Certainty and firmness; And so, what good deed we do! And what a high degree is reached!

Yesterday's community and prayer!

Among the things that sadden us during the month of forgiveness and freedom from hell, the fact that the understandings of many Muslims - may Allah guide them - detracted from many of the r of the content, and its aims; And they only deprived their bellies of food and drink; They look at forbidden things, and their tongues slander, slander, defame, and utter foolish things; And he who is thus - may Allah protect us - is like one who builds a palace and destroys a land.

Al-Bukhari reports in his collection of authentic Hadiths that the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said:

(The One who does not give up lies and acts in a lying way, Allah does not need him to give up his food and drink).

And we are saddened when we hear that some Muslims have become prisoners of pleasure, watching satellite television channels, and seeing things forbidden - may Allah protect us from them . Did they not know that these satellite-channeled and destroying channels are like the sails that push our boat towards what will cause the death of our young men and girls and they are also like A dangerous microbe that crosses the valley of our virtues and our chastity. So that those who follow the (sexual) impulses and bestial desires in the life of this world fear Allah during the month of the revelation and reading of the Quran; They awaken those impulses and desires when they calm down, and they stir them when they die.

Woe to them! They did not take advantage of the lessons (examples), nor did they wake up to the Qur'an's revelations; We must all return to the bonds of virtue, purity, and chastity to make our decisions and strengthen bonds before the situation becomes more serious; And Allah (the Mighty and the High) said:

{O you who believed! Prepare yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel will be people and stones} [At-Tahrim (prohibition): 6].

Community of the Koran!

Among the peculiarities of this blessed month: the revelation of the Holy Qur'an:

(Al-Qadr (the destiny)): We have indeed sent down the Quran on the night of Al-Qadr}.

Yes ! The clear verses came down and they cleared the world that was plunged into the darkness; They changed ignorance and barbarism into a high degree of human life in universal justice, useful science and a full awareness. This Book explicitly watered the world of its water, and its water is pure good for mankind, as well as piety, which is useful and happiness for men, and it follows them The path of guidance and light. His words and his organization (his poetry) made people unable to do the same, and intelligent people were amazed by his eloquence:

{This is a book whose verses are perfect in style and meaning, as a wise, perfectly connoisseur.] [Houd: 1].

Will the community become aware of its role in the Book of its Lord during the best of its months? Especially during this dangerous turn, this historical period by which it passes and this moment during which appeared a group which has deviated from the right way and which is the lodging of all meanness and all blame; Their unbridled black hatred and conspiracy pushed them to oppose the Holy Qur'an and to speak insolently of the essence of God, the divine laws and the prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him), in an inheritance which they claim to be true discernment, whereas it is only the discernment of ignorance (of stupidity):

{What a grievous word that comes out of their mouths! What they say is a lie} [Al-Kahf (the cave): 5].

{Woe to them, therefore, because of what their hands have written, and woe unto them for what they profit from it.} [Al-Baqara: 79].

And it is not surprising that this group wrote what they wrote, and that they pronounced the slanders and lies they uttered, for they are the ones who Have mocked the signs of Allah, who hid what Allah revealed, who killed Allah's prophets, and who altered Torah (the Pentateuch) and modified it. How could it be surprising then that Allah has unveiled their characters (their natures) and their intentions, and the Holy Qur'an has not omitted to mention the evil and perfidy of their hearts "Without his explaining it and highlighting it:

{And they strive to sow disorder on earth, while Allah does not love the sowers of disorder} [Al-Maa'idah (the table served): 64].

And their deceitful words and tricks do not deserve mention in this holy place (Mecca), because this religion will spread and reach what the night and the day reach, but we must understand that They will touch us, and they will never touch us with regard to our holy places, our bases and our Book, about which they are certain that it is our life and our success, and That with him, we have become the best community that has been aroused for the guidance of mankind, and that it is the light for the universe. And it is possible that we may draw profits from these lightning and thunder, by the grace of Allah, and awaken in us the attachment to this eternal Quran, its laws And to his orders, and that we recommend each other to put it into practice in all our affairs:

{So Allah is a parable of truth and falsity: the scent of the torrent and molten metal goes away, while [water and objects] Useful to men remain on earth} [‎Surah Ar-Ra'd (thunder): 17].

O Jewers!

{In fact, you have in the Messenger of Allah an excellent model [to follow]} [Al-Ahzaab (the Coalition): 21].

And the spending of money is part of the perfection of his guidance (may Allah pray and greet him) during the month of Ramadan, Imam Al-Maawardi (may Allah please with him) said:

- "Allah has given the Prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) a generosity and generosity until he has given all he possessed, That He is exalted) said:

{And make bounties. It will be good for you. And anyone who has been protected against his own greed ... these are the ones who succeed} [At-taraaboun (great loss): 16].


And spending money in this blessed month to the poor, the needy, and the debtors is just proof of a burning love, A great faith that pushes the soul to have sweet and tender feelings; Thus, circulates in the Muslim community like a wind of abundance. So spend your money - may Allah have mercy on you - by giving to your brothers, you will get the Lord's satisfaction from the earth and the sky.

And dear brothers! If we strike with you the door of friendship and tenderness, and we set before you the channel of love and sweetness, it is so that we may say:

That the faces of the hateful (vindictive) who are against the acts of benevolence and humanitarian aid, are unlawful! These acts of beneficence, whose perfume is exhaled in this blessed country. And you are not - you who desire good - among those who let themselves be influenced by lies, and whose determinations and resolutions diminish; And it is possible to control resources and expenditures, and direct them in the right direction; And we praise Allah (the mighty and the high) for the fact that there are many organizations and institutions in our country. So do not hold your hands, for it may be that you are moved away and saved from Hell by the grace of Allah and His generosity.

Community of Islam!

And while you live the honor of the place and the time, and you rejoice in the kindness and security in this pleasant environment, we must remember our fru The first Qibla and the place where the best of the creatures made the nocturnal journey - may Allah rejoice in his liberation; They suffer oppression and tyranny, affliction, destruction, bombardments and explosions, and other kinds of torture that do not come to mind.

So the members scattered, the blood, the crying of the orphans, the shouts of the widows under the debris of the houses, the anguish of the women in the darkness, and the sadness of the refugees In the camps, have they moved those who call for peace, who fight terrorism and those who defend human rights? And this very serious situation caused by these criminal invaders is a conspiracy that openly defies international decisions, an arrogant attitude against the commitments of world honor, and an unjustified denunciation of And humanitarian initiatives.

We implore on behalf of the Muslims who dine, the world organizations, international organizations, and Islamic and humanitarian associations, so that they are quick to make efforts to stop the cruel hostility on the land of Palestine And Jerusalem, as well as honoring international honor commitments that prevent injustice and aggression, and protect innocent Jewish against terrorism from the oppressors and aggression of the unjust, While achieving the commitments that ensured their security, the unity of their land, and the prohibition of injustice and aggression against the holy places of Muslims; And more accurately, against the persecuted minorities all over the world.

Community of Islam!

In the face of these great misfortunes, we hope that the situation will be settled, that security will be stable, and that peace and stability will spread to Iraq where destruction affects the elderly, children, Women and men; And we hope that groups in the country will take charge of the affairs and organize them to lead and gain autonomy by moving away from unjust forces and brutal interventions.

Will the Islamic community grasp the chains of change in order to escape, regain its pride and glory and protect future generations against the downfall of this world and the Fire of the beyond?

This is hope and wish, and we must be sincere and provide efforts, and Allah helps those who sincerely strive for the good of their society and the glory of their community.

O Allah! Make us follow the way of the pious, and put us among the best servants, and free us all from Hell, and free us all from Hell, and free us all from Hell, through Ta Mercy, O Mighty! O Great Forgiving!

Second sermon

Allah's servants!

Fear Allah, and know that the fear of Allah is the best Viaticum for the Beyond, and your protection, by Allah's grace, against the evil of darkness as it deepens; Therefore, fill your hours with the fear of Allah before it is too late and before the approach of death.

My brothers in faith!

The juvenile must give a great deal of importance to the jurisprudence concerning the juvenile. So let's talk about some of the jurisprudence questions about the juvenile:

The knowledge of the things that corrupt and annul the thirst among these things:

First: Eat and drink by mouth or nose, according to the word of Allah (may He be exalted):

{Eat and drink until the white thread of the dawn of the black thread of the night is distinguished for you. Then complete the sky until the night} [Al-Baqara: 187].

And inject a medication or other liquid into the nose, corresponds to drink and eat, according to the word of the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him):

(And exaggerates by sucking the water through the nose unless you die) (That is, by performing ablution) reported by Abu Daawood and Tirmidhi.

Second: What corresponds to eating and drinking, as the nutritious needle that replaces the drink and the food [serum]; Therefore, if the priest uses it, he will have broken the thirst; But the needle that does not nourish, does not break the thirst, if Allah wills it, that it be injected through the veins or the muscles; The same applies to drops in the eyes and ears, they do not break the threshold according to the most correct speech of the scientists, but it is preferable to use them in the evening.

Third: Have sex during the days of Ramadan; It is a great sin, a horrible act, and the one who commits it must replace that day of the day with another and expiate that sin by the emancipation of a believing slave , And if he can not, he must have two consecutive months.

Fourth: Get sperm out of desire and choice; As for example, one who intentionally kisses and caresses a woman, or other such things, then squirts. And if the sperm comes out because of a dream, this does not break the thirst, as does the simple thinking of a woman; According to the word of the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him):

(Allah (exalted be He) has forgiven my community what she thinks, as long as she does not speak of it or does not do it) reported by Al-Ba'aqua .

Fifth: Vomit intentionally, according to the word of the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him):

(Whoever vomits unwittingly should not replace the thirst, but the one who vomits intentionally must replace the juvenile reported by Abu Daawood and Tirmidhi.

Sixth: To bring forth the blood by the blood (Al-Hijaamah), according to the word of the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him):

(The man who bleeds) and the one who gets bleed, have both broken the throat reported by Ahmed and the Sunnah authors. And when it comes to getting the blood out in small quantities for analysis or because of a wound and a nose bleed, this does not break the thirst.

Seventhly: the discharge of the blood from the menses or the lochiae, breaks the thigh, even if it occurs a few moments before sunset.

Allah will make you merciful - the basis of the things that break the threshold, so protect - servants of Allah - your jeer of imperfection and annulment.

Then, know that Allah protects you, that you welcome the ten days of the month of Ramadan, which are "ten days of forgiveness"; Therefore, accomplish the causes of forgiveness by praying and praying in the best way, and being diligent in performing good works, reading the Qur'an, repenting, invoking Of Allah, to the request of forgiveness, and to the insistence in the requests addressed to Allah, for Allah (glorified) loves those who insist on their requests.

And it is good to recall during this honorable month the religious obligation represented by Zakat, because it is related to prayer in the Book of Allah; Therefore, acquit the Zakat of good will.

The month of Ramadan - brothers in Islam - is an opportunity for the union of the community around the Koran, the Sunnah and the path of the community's precious pious; As well as an opportunity for the education of young people and generations on the path of middle ground and moderation, for the education of women so that they bear the veil, That she is chaste and modest, and that she is separated from the mixture with men; It is also an opportunity to raise the prescription of the good and the prohibition of evil, and for the protection of the community's security and pay attention to its interests.

So, are we taking advantage of the month of Ramadan? Do we seal our thirst for the source of water from its benefits and blessings?

This is what we hope for, Allah Alone can help us achieve it, and He is (Who is glorified) Who we need to ask for help.

May Allah accept our fast and our prayers! And that He always gives us the benefits in the days to come, He is Good and Generous!


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