The Message Of A Converts Muslim To All Who Are In Search Of Truth

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Let’s speak sincerely. Almost never, non-Muslims do not undertake to study Islam, until they first become disillusioned with their own religion. Only realizing that they are not satisfied with the confessions close to them (I mean Judaism, Christianity and all newfangled “isms” – Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism (and, as my little daughter once added, tourism)) they turn to Islam.


Feeding the poor and needy is an act that draws us closer to Allah. We earn His forgiveness, mercies and blessings through this act of charity.

“Anyone who looks after and works for a widow and a poor person is like a warrior fighting for Allah?s cause, or like a person who fasts during the day and prays all night. (Bukhari)

Perhaps the reason is that other religions do not answer the global questions of life, such as: ‘Who created us?’, ‘Why are we here?’. Perhaps other religions can not find an explanation for that injustice of life under the justice of the Creator. It is also possible that the reason lies in the hypocrisy of representatives of the clergy, or the weakness of faith in the postulates of religion, or the detection of distortions in the scriptures. Regardless of the cause, we feel a lack of the religion of our fathers and are looking for Truth somewhere else. The ultimate point of this search is Islam.

Perhaps it would be unpleasant for Muslims to hear me say that Islam is the “final destination”. But it really is. Despite the fact that Muslims make up one fifth to one quarter of the world’s population, non-Muslim media blaspheme Islam with such terrible slander that very few non-Muslims see our religion in a positive light. Therefore, it is quite normal that Islam is regarded as the latest of the religions studied.

Another problem is that among non-Muslims who study Islam, due to the shortcomings of other religions, sometimes skepticism also increases with regard to Islam: “If every known to us” God-given “scripture has been distorted by people, what can be different Islamic writing? If charlatans manipulated religions to satisfy their desires, how can we believe that the same thing does not happen with Islam? “

The answer to this charge can be given in several planes, but books for explanation will be required. The short answer is: God exists. He is just, and He wants us to achieve the reward of Paradise. However, God gave us this worldly life as a test, in order to weed out the worthy of the bad. We would be lost, rely only on the strength of our own abilities. Why? Because we do not know what exactly He wants from us. We can not swim through the storms and turns of this life without His guidance, that’s why He gave us guidance in the form of revelation.

Of course, the previous religions were distorted, and this is one of the reasons why in the history of mankind there were many envoys who came one after another. Ask yourself: Why should God reduce another revelation if the previous scriptures were still clean? Only if the previous scriptures were distorted, God will have to send another revelation in order to return mankind to the original direct path.


Thus, one would expect that the previous scriptures will be distorted, and the final revelation will be pure and genuine. If it also turns out to be unclean, it must be replaced, because we can not imagine a God who loves us, leaving us in error. But we can imagine God giving us the Holy Scripture and people perverting it; God, giving us another Holy Scripture and people, distorting it again and again, and again. This can continue until God sends the final revelation that he promises to preserve until the end of time.

Muslims are convinced that such a final revelation is the Holy Quran. If this is so, perhaps … it is worth learning about it more. Now let us return to the title of this article: Why Islam? Why should we believe that Islam is a religion of truth, a religion that has a true and final revelation?

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“Just trust me!”

How often did you hear this phrase? A well-known comedian was making fun of how people in different cities scolded each other. In Chicago, they curse people that way, they scold Los Angeles a little differently, but in New York they just say, ‘You can trust me.’

So do not believe me, but trust our Creator. Read the Quran, books about Islam and learn from good websites. But wherever you start, take it seriously, and pray to our Creator to guide you to the path of truth.

It may not affect your life, but it will certainly affect your soul.



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