The Islamic Economy —Sheikh Sou-oud Suleymane Mouhamed

Sheikh Sou-oud Suleymane Mouhamed

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Friday 26/4/1426 (3/6/2005)

I recommend to you, as well as to myself - servants of Allah - the fear of Allah (may He be glorified), know that He is observing us in secret and in public; Therefore, fear Allah, follow the evil deed with a good deed that will erase it, and have good behavior with people:

{Whoever fears and waits ... And most certainly, Allah does not lose the reward of the beneficent} [Yusuf: 90].

O Men!

Money in the life of this world is the artery of life of material development, just as the law and religion are the artery of spiritual and moral life.

And money has an important place in the heart of man; If he is not governed by the balance of legislation, contentment and satisfaction, he will lead the one who owns the money to the degree of poisoned rabies and avidity [Of lust] detestable.

Assuredly - servants of Allah - the love of Adam's son for money circulates in his body as blood circulates in the veins; How would it not be so when Allah (glorified and exalted) said about Adam's son:

{And for the love of riches, he is certainly ardent} [The messengers: 8]; That is, the love of money.

And He said (be glorified) about the sons of Adam:

{And you love the riches of boundless love} [Dawn: 20].

And from that, people compete in the search for money, and make a lot of effort to collect what they can from this tempting money; But this effort is correct or corrupt, and obtaining the reward for this effort or canceling that reward depends on the good intention and the manner in which that money is obtained; And in both cases, Allah (glorified and exalted) said:

{O Man! Thou who striveest thy Lord unceasingly, thou shalt meet Him then} [Al-Infitar Tear: 6].

Because money is a double-edged sword: it is for the people of Islam and faith who have a good intention, a blessing for which they praise Allah morning and evening, and that is the quality of Best community:

{Those who by night and day secretly and openly spend their goods (in good works), have their wages from their Lord. They have nothing to fear, and they will not be afflicted. [Al-Baqara: 274].

And it is for sorcerers a regret and a misfortune regardless of the number of its sources and its abundance, because they do not spend the money properly, like Allah Be glorified and exalted) said:

{That those who have not believed do not expect that the time that We give them will be to their advantage. If We grant them a time, it is only for them to increase their sins. And for them a degrading chastisement} [Ali-imran: 178].

And most aspects of the imports and exports of those who do not believe in Allah and His Messenger are discharged in what Allah and His Messenger (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) have forbidden, They take interest [the usury], they eat the money of people illegally, and they oppose the way of Allah and turn people away from the path of Allah; And the loss and regret reside in these things, and there is no sin greater than the misery:

{Those who do not believe spending their goods to keep away from the path of Allah. Now, after spending them, they will be a subject of regret for them. Then they shall be defeated, and all that believe not shall be gathered unto Hell} [The spoil: 36].

And among the things that indicate the importance of money in the life of the individual and the group, the fact that it is mentioned in the Qur'an in a praiseworthy and blamable way more than eighty times .

O Muslims!

Islamic law has come to exhort the settlement of the land and its economic development so that it is an aid for the fulfillment of the right of Allah on earth; The Messenger of Allah (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said:

(If the day of judgment comes, and one of you has a palm plant in his hand, and he has the opportunity to plant it before the day of judgment, let him plant it, Will receive a reward) Reported by Al-Bukhari.

And Islam has given much importance to providing guarantees or pillars for the realization of this economic development and its continuation. And perhaps the most obvious guarantee is the realization of economic autonomy and autonomous development in Muslim society, so that it is the ruler, not the ruler. Directed, and that it be followed by the others and not the following one; And economic autonomy means intuitively: denying foreign economic dependence, and controlling the Muslim society of the economic wealth of its country without any foreign intervention Era, because losing economic control also corresponds to the loss of political, military, social and cultural control. This is the reason why economic development in Muslim society can not be complete without economic autonomy and local deve- lopment.

The Islamic community at our time is burned by the flames of economic disarray and weak development; Just as it sees economic corruption that slips and infiltrates from time to time through major passages in Muslim societies, and these are passages of individual, institutional, and methodological infiltration.


And the widening of its passages generates a disorder and an upheaval that will cause the annihilation of political and social stability, and the result of this will be an important underdevelopment in the market In financial [progress], and an enormous economic weakness among Muslims.

And many modern studies confirm the presence of a reciprocal relationship between economic degradation and progress; And thus, if the Islamic community took on the real meaning of the Islamic economy, it would not turn away from the right path, it would not have lived the disorder and the pursuit Financial entertainers through rushing on what is called the stock market and international profits, which is not administered according to Islamic law; It would not have lived the disorder in the wrong balance and in not adjusting the financial credits in the things that are useful and in the improvements, and this causes the The accumulation of debts on companies which can not bear the burden of these debts.

This is why Islamic economic development does not recognize the development of economic production far from distributing it properly.

Just as the efforts and goals of this Islamic economy must be made with great care in order to utilize this energy for the Muslim, his unemployment, his ignorance, and his difficulties To find housing and its difficulties concerning its health.

And if people reflected on the reality of the concept of the Islamic economy, they would not have fallen into this disorder and disorder because the word "economy" [In Arabic: Iqtissaad] originally is derived from "Al-Qasd" which means righteousness, justice and balance in speech and action, in imports and exports, and in the Gain and spending. So the Islamic economy is actually a balance in development and a moderation in the financial market, and that leads Muslim society to moderation and Balance without excess or neglect.

That is why - servants of Allah - it is an obligation for Muslim societies to make efforts for the healthiest economy and development through the unification of The source, and this is the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him); Because the correct belief and the accuracy of the source are the guarantee of the precision of the functioning of the property at the level of the individuals and the peoples.

And some naive people have been surprised at this deduction because of their limited understanding of the fact that the economy is subject to rules and criteria Which are translated under forms of mathematical calculations only.

And to respond to this limited understanding, we say: the predominant economic system in our contemporary world was originally present in an environment that suited it to the non Muslims, and that for them, the group of principles and values that governed their thinking and behavior changed; And this because they took individual philosophy as the philosophical circle which governed thought, and which limited it with the criterion of personal interest without looking at anything other than that personal interest; And from that point of view, the foreign viewpoint of the economy became indistinguishable between a socialist analysis and a capitalist analysis. And this is clear evidence of the influence of belief - whatever that belief - on the development of the economy.

This is why real progress in the study of the Islamic economy comes first in adjusting it to Islamic values and principles, preserving it in The form that Allah wanted, and avoiding deforming and altering it by placing it in the molds of the positivist economy.

And proof of what we have said about the fact that Islam considers the economic functioning [or activity] that is tied to the use of property and Freedom of action in this property, is limited to what Allah has prescribed and forbidden, is His word (be exalted):

{O you who believed! Fear Allah; And give up the remainder of the usurious interest, if you are believers. And if you do not, then receive the announcement of a war from Allah and His Messenger. And if you repent, you will have your capital. You will not let anyone down, and you will not be injured. [Al-Baqara: 278]

Moreover, it is mentioned in Islamic legislation which indicates that the degradation of the situation of Muslims, their humiliation, their weakness and the domination of their enemy on them, may be due to the transgressions they Commit in their financial markets, the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said:

(When people will be stingy with dinars and dirhams, that their commercial transactions will be made by "Aïnah" [ie a person buys to credit a car, for example, to Then sell it back to the same seller at a lower price], that they will be concerned about the crop and the raising, and that they will abandon the fight in the trail Of Allah, Allah will bring down on them a humiliation, and He will not remove it until they return to their religion) Reported by the Imam Ahmed.

May Allah protect you! : The Islamic economy needs for its rise the necessary level of efforts of the sincere people among the scientists and the economists, and their serious participation to find the key of entry of The correct Islamic economy, while being careful to fully understand this difficulty in its actual composition and its social constitution, and also being careful to submit to the measures known in any And that it is based on observation, assumption, objectivity and achievement of the goal.

And this requires that we seek in the prophetic way, which is the essential way to obtain the traditions of guiding and guidance, starting from the word of Allah (be exalted):

{Whilst Allah has made lawful trade, and illegitimate the interest} [Al-Baqara: 275].

And his word (may He be glorified):

{O you who believed! Do not eat your goods between you wrong unless it is a trade accepted by you. And do not kill yourself. Allah, in truth, is Merciful to you} Surah An-Nisa(Women) [4:29]

Second sermon

O Muslims!

Fear Allah, and know that the cause of the economic problems that the Islamic world is facing today is the absence of the correct Islamic economic system, which deals with the organization of the sides Of economic activity in general life with determination, mutual aid, solidarity and beneficence, and through which the interests of the community are realized and which The causes of corruption.

modern applications in Islamic financial institutions in the field of banking and insurance, have an overwhelming need for societies, governments and supervisory authorities to understand their value [their importance] , And the positive effect of supporting and implementing them.

And if we want to revive this correct economic activity, we must not neglect two important elements in this vast field, and these are; the first element is 'the Zakat 'And the second element is:" the pious legacies "; Because with them is realized the unlimited support with the realization of the economic and social security of the community. And we add to this - servants of Allah - the full awareness in the relationship with the world economy, which has become effective and which imposes itself on the whole world; And this confirms the need for positive mutual economic assistance among Islamic countries in order to increase trade among them and to found a common Islamic market that rivals the global financial markets; Because the future of Muslims must be built in their countries, on their land, with their efforts and moral qualities, so that they do not fall prey to the begging of economic thought in all Its genres in their energies and wealth, because any community that builds its future on this begging, is a community shaken up in an intellectual disruption; How can it then rise and dominate?

{It is He who has subjected the earth to you: walk through its great extensions. Eat what He gives you. To Him is the Resurrection} [The kingdom: 15].


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