The Gambia Khuddam amila members rejuvenated following mulaqat

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Demba Kandeh, The Gambia Correspondent

Majlis Amila of Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya The Gambia had a virtual mulaqat with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa on 23 May 2021. The meeting lasted for about an hour and Huzooraa provided advice and guidance to all members of the amila throughout the meeting as he also received updates from them. 

Reacting to the mulaqat, Sadr Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya The Gambia, Alieu Trawally Sahib said: 

“We thank Allah the Almighty for enabling us to witness this very day, having a mulaqat with Huzooraa. If you set your eyes on Huzooraa, you feel good because it is like meeting your beloved father. He gave us guidance on various issues. Insha-Allah, we will see a lot of improvement in our work because things that we never expected, now we can do them and make progress. We thank Allah the Almighty and pray for Huzooraa for long life and excellent health.”

Buba Kassama Sahib said: 

“I was very happy because it has been a lifelong prayer for me to meet my beloved Imam, Khalifa of the time. I am very happy and glad that I had a few minutes of conversation with him. This mulaqat will help me a lot because Huzooraa gave some guidelines and advice to some departments. Huzooraa mentioned something that really moved me a lot. He said we have to implement our plans and he repeated it to two or three people and that moved me a lot. I said to myself, ‘I have to learn from this and in my duties, I will try to do more work and implementation in the near future.’ Insha-Allah.”

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One of the Naib Sadrs, Saikou Jammeh Sahib said:

“It was very inspirational and emotional for me because it was my first time meeting with Huzooraa. It is truly a blessing to meet with him. The advice given by Huzooraa will help us improve the overall activities of the Majlis. If we act on the advice and guidance of Huzooraa, this will improve the work of various departments within the Majlis.”

Modou Lamin Touray Sahib, Mohtamim Maal said: 

“I have never met Huzooraa so having this mulaqat is very inspirational for me. He gave us guidance on how to go about the duties and responsibilities of amila members of the Majlis. I am inspired a lot right now. And this mulaqat also reminded me that listening to Huzoor’s sermons is a blessing and that one can learn a lot from watching Huzoor’s programmes on MTA.”

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