The Conditions of Following the Imam in Prayer –

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Conditions of following Im in prayer

Everyone who follows Im when performing prayers Jumu ^ ah Prayer or other prayers - must fulfill the following duties:

Follower (madamUm) should not be ahead of him Im in a standing position or in a statement of discovery Everythinghu akbar The follower’s prayer is not valid if he speaks of his discovery Everythinghu akbar during Im, Performing other actions simultaneously with Im in other parts of the prayer do not like (MAKRUhour), except for the statement: "mIN ".

It's illegal (hourArkansasm) for the follower (madamUm) to precede Im one integral action. Prayer void inexcusably preceding. Im two successive integrals of action, whether long or long, and others short. The same way, madamUm cancels his prayer if he falls behind Im two integrals of action, despite the justification. If a madamUm left behind to finish FtihourOh and during that time Im finished RukU^ and two bows and sat down tashahhud or got up the next Rak ^ ahthen madamUm should stop reading FtihourOh and be in tune with his Im, In addition to this, madamUm must perform Rak ^ ah after closing Salm of Im, However, if madamUm finishes reading FtihourOh before Im sat by tashahhud or stood up for another Rak ^ ahthen madamUm follows his order until he catches Im,

The follower must know the movements of his Im,

A follower should be with him Im in the mosque (Masjid), or within 300 cubits.

A follower should not have a barrier between him and Im what prevents him from reaching Im,

A follower should have the format of his prayer, consistent with the format ImPrayer. For example, for the performer of the daily obligatory prayer, it is not valid to follow the performer of the Commemoration Prayer (Saltul-JanZah).

A follower should not diverge much from his Im in the recommended act (Sunna) like sitting for the first tashahhud, If a Im does it or leaves then madamUm does it with Im or gets up with it.

at Jumu ^ ah Prayer, follower must have intention to follow Im speaking of discovery Everythinghu akbarand in other prayers before following Im, If a madamUm performed Jumu ^ ah A prayer that does not intend to follow Im within opening Everythinghu akbar, his prayer would be invalid. Unlike Jumu ^ ah Prayer, intention to follow Im should be in the heart before Im in his movements. After Im in his actions without intent to follow invalid madamUmPrayer. However, if your steps are consistent with ImMoves by chance and unintentionally, no one invalidates the prayer.,


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