The Concept of Brotherhood

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Another fundamental element in the value system of Islam is the value of human brotherhood. This value also is founded on the same principles which have been discussed in connection with freedom and equality.

Besides those foregoing principles, human brotherhood in Islam is based on an unshakable belief in the Oneness and Universality of God the worshipped, the unity of mankind the worshippers, and the unity of religion the medium of worship. For the Muslim, God is One. Eternal and Universal. He is the Creator of all men, the Provider for all men, the Judge of all men, and the Lord over all men. To Him. social status, national supermanship, and racial origin are insignificant. Before Him, all men are equal and brothers of one another.

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The Muslim believes in the unity of mankind with regard to the source of creation, the original parentage, and the final destiny. source of creation is God Himself. The original common parentage is that of Adam and Eve. To this first parentage, every human being belongs and of it he partakes. As for the final destiny, there is no doubt in the Muslim’s mind that it will be to God, the Creator, to Whom all men shall return.

The Muslim believes in the unity of God’s religion. This means that God does not confine His religion or favours to any particular nation. race, or age. It further means that there can be no contradiction of fun damental differences in the Religion of God.

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When all this interpreted properly, it will leave no ground for pretended supremacy presumptuous exclusivity. And when it is imparted into the human mind, it will provide man with a clear concept and a solid basis human brotherhood. Because the Muslim believes in the Oneness of God, the unity of mankind, and the unity of religion, he believes in the Messengers and Revelations of God without discrimination.


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