The Sweetness Of Faith —Sheikh Saalih ibn Houmaid

Friday 25/10/1424 (22/12/2003)


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The Sweetness Of Faith

O People! I recommend to you, as well as to myself, the fear of Allah (the Mighty and the High), for his fear is the best provision, and it is a good preparation for the day of the resurrection. So fear Allah wherever you are, and fulfill what you have been created for:

{I have created the Jinnis and the Humans only for them to worship Me}.

{Did you think that We created you without purpose, and that you would not be brought back to Us?}.

O Muslims!

One who looks attentively at the affairs of life, finds groups of people who live by different kinds of fatigue and misfortune, their breasts contain different kinds of troubles and complaints, trouble and misfortunes that disturb Security and tranquility, which make the rest and happiness disappear, and which annihilate the satisfaction and the serenity; Souls who are plunged in their hatreds, their resentments, their misfortunes and their egoism.

And one who looks attentively, will see other groups of people who live in ease, in profusion of good, who are generous to themselves and generous towards people who have A good and pure heart, and a smiling face. What is the cause of the separation of these two groups? And what has moved them away? It is the faith and the sweetness of faith: (Will go to the sweetness of faith, the one who will be pleased with Allah as his Lord, of Islam as his religion, and Muhammad (may Allah pray over him and salute him) as a prophet and messenger) hadith authenticated by Imam Ahmed, Muslim and others, according to the hadith of Al-Abbas ibn Abdul-Muttaleb.

And as the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said,

(There are three qualities, the one who possesses them, will find the sweetness of faith: that he loves Allah and His Messenger more than anything else, that he loves man only for the sake of God (Allah), The love of Allah, and that he hates to return to miracle after Allah saved him as he hates to be thrown in The fire) reported in the two collections of authentic Hadiths, according to the hadith of Anass (may Allah be pleased with him).

My dear brothers and sisters for the sake of Allah!

Faith has a taste that exceeds all tastes, and a flavor that is above all flavors.

The Sweetness Of Faith —Sheikh Saalih ibn Houmaid
Sheikh Saalih ibn Houmaid

The sweetness of faith is an inner sweetness in a satisfied soul, and the tranquility of the heart as the blood circulates in the veins; There is no insomnia, no anguish, no narrowness, no tightening, but a breadth and a mercy, and a satisfaction and a benefit:

{This grace comes from Allah. And Allah is Sufficient as Perfect Connoisseur}.

{This is the grace of Allah that He gives to whom He wills. And Allah is the Lord of great grace.

Faith in Allah is the tranquility of the soul and the guidance of the heart; It is the focus of light of those who turn to Allah, the hope of those who are despised, the safety of those who are afraid, the help of those who fight in the The way of Allah, the good news of pious people, and the gift of those who are deprived.

Faith is the father of hope, the brother of courage, the friend of hope, it is self-confidence, the glory of the community and the " Of the peoples.

And the first opening to the sweetness of faith and the savor of happiness is to be satisfied with Allah as our Lord, a Lord who directs He knows what each soul does, He is the Merciful of this world and on the other, and the Most Merciful of the two worlds, the One who possesses the heavens and the Earth, the Creator of death and life, the one who gives the benefits, the one who answers the call of the anguish when he invokes it, and the one who removes the evil:

{The one who gave each thing its own nature and then directed it}.

He gave the man his perfect form and breathed in His Spirit [He breathed life after being inert], He fed him from hunger, dressed him up against nudity, reassured him The fear, the guiding of the separation, and taught him after ignorance.

A faith in Allah with which the soul submits to his Lord, is directed towards the things of which He is satisfied, abandons his passions and his desires; She worships him (glorifies Him), puts his hope in Him, fears Him, dedicates Himself totally to Him, for everything is in His hand and everything returns to Him.

A satisfaction of Allah and a conviction that pushes the servant to lift his hands sincerely praying:

(O Lord, I seek refuge in Thy satisfaction with Thy wrath, in Thy forgiveness against Thy chastisement, I fled to Thee against Thee: I can not give praise to Thou Es as Thou hast praised Thyself).

And the second taste of the sweetness of Allah's servants is: the satisfaction of Islam as a religion, a religion from Allah, He has sent down on His Messenger, Has accepted him for His servants, and He accepts no religion other than Islam.

Listen to this amazing personification of the satisfaction of Allah's religion: Omar ibn Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) became angry with his wife Aatikah, and said to him:

- "I swear by Allah that I will treat you badly." She tells him :

- "Can you get me out of Islam after Allah has guided me?". He says :

-"No". She then said:

- "So how are you going to treat me badly?"

Allah is the greatest ! She is confident, tranquilized, and satisfied as long as her religion is protected, even if misfortune was poured upon her, and even more, dying in the way of Allah is pleasant whatever The way we die for Allah.

Islam is the source of satisfaction, light, happiness and guidance.


The third flavor of the sweetness of faith is the satisfaction of Mohammed (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, his family and his companions) as messenger and prophet. Mohammed the loyal counselor, mercy, good example [to follow] (that peace and blessing of Allah be upon him). Therefore, no man should refuse to obey him, and no one should discuss his decisions [his judgments]:

{No! ... By your Lord! They will not be believers so long as they have not asked you to judge their disputes and they will have no anguish for what you have decided, and they submit Completely [to your sentence]}.

The satisfaction of Muhammad (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) as a prophet is a guiding and an example to follow; And with his Sunnah, it is enlightenment and work.

My dear brothers!

If faith is correct and is implanted in the heart, it will spread in life. So, when the believer walks on earth, he walks brusquely, being pious, like a myrtle [flower] with good perfume and a beauty in the bright light, his movements and his rest come from the Faith:

And when I love him, I am the ears with which he hears, the eyes with which he sees, the hand with which he strikes, and the foot with which he walks, and if he asks Me, And if he asks me to protect him, I will protect him.

He who has tasted the sweetness of faith will have a pleasant life, he will know his way, and he who knows his way will follow him with discernment; And he who follows the way with discernment, will obtain satisfaction and attain what he desires.

He will follow his path without worrying about the obstacles he will encounter, his sight and his thoughts are attached to what is higher and remains forever:

{"O thou, O peace, return unto thy Lord, satisfied and pleased, enter among My servants, and enter into My Paradise."

{Who is Allah opening his breast to Islam and thus holding a light from his Lord}.

Have you seen - may Allah be merciful to you - a better and more beautiful aspect and sight than the appearance of the pious? Have you seen fatigue more pleasant than the sleepiness of those who pray at night? Have you seen clear water purer than the tears of those who regret their negligence? Have you seen a better modesty and submission than the inclination of those who bow [prayer] and the prostration of those who prostrate themselves? And have you seen a Paradise in this world more rejoicing and more pleasant than the Paradise of the believer while he is in the mihrab of the worshipers of Allah (mihrâ € ™ b: niche practiced in the Wall of a mosque and oriented towards Mecca]? So what a pleasant life!

This is the sweetness of their faith in the worship and worship of Allah; And with regard to the toil and efforts of this life, this represents for them a sweetness of faith that fills the heart of Allah's arrests in life: tranquility in the face of divine arrest [things Pre-sent], a satisfaction that is in the minds [hearts], then the believer is moving towards his life in this world by being quiet, happy and satisfied, whatever the situations in which He finds himself, he is not despaired for what he has missed and he does not have an excessive joy for what he has got; A faith and satisfaction accompanied by trust in Allah and firmness, he draws lessons from the past, he is prudent for the future, he takes [means] the means [that Allah His disposition], he does not get angry at the arrests of Allah, he is not neglectful, he makes a lot of effort without worry, his motto is:

{And my success depends on Allah. In Him I place my trust, and it is to Him that I return repentant.

He has the certainty that what he has achieved could not fail him, and that which he had failed could not attain to him; If the creatures of the earth and the heavens gathered together for him to be useful for something that is not written to him, they will never be able to, and if they congregate to prevent him from obtaining what It was pre-designed, they will never succeed.

He is never despised, and he does not submit to failure and loss; That Allah protects him from seeking tranquility in idleness and abasement, in weakness and laziness, but all the joys of life and his ways are for him the work and the proof , Good and righteousness, an honorable field for honorable competition, a struggle and an effort to remain calm, trust in Allah and patience; The situations of life and its tests do not disturb his serenity and do not shake his patience:

(The affair of the believer is astonishing, and all his business is good: if anything happens to him that makes him merry and he thanks, then it is good for him; And when he is patient, it is good for him, and this is only for a believer).

With firm faith, the believer is freed from fear, wickedness, anguish and boredom:

{Say: "Nothing shall reach us, except what Allah has commanded for us, and He is our Protector.

No one can prevent what our Lord has given, and no one can give what He has prevented, and the wealth of the rich will not give him happiness; happiness comes from Allah:

{Truly your Lord extends His gifts largely to whom He wills or grants them sparingly}.

A sweetness and satisfaction which are the bases and principles of the believer's life: if one gives it, it accepts and thanks; If he is not given, he is satisfied and patient; If he is forbidden [one thing], he abstains from it; If he commits a sin, he asks pardon of Allah; With this faith and this savor, the believer is freed from the slavery of the passions, the inclinations of the soul which incites evil, the temptations of the demons, the temptations of this world as women, Money, themed treasures, cars, and all the other desires and beauties of this world. A happiness and sweetness full of satisfaction [of re-designation]; A happiness and a sweetness with which avarice and parsimony are separated, and he then goes into the fields of generosity, altruism and gift. The desiccation of oppressive matter is anchored by the sweetness of faith; The sweetness of faith is a limit to the excess of avidity and anguish, as well as the implantation of the qualities of good and compassion; And thus, tranquility descends on the hearts and mercy covers the souls:

{They receive blessings from their Lord, as well as mercy; And these are the guided goods.

{These Allah has inculcated faith in their hearts and sustained them with a breath of life on His part}.

Second sermon

Fear Allah - may Allah grant you mercy - for the Blessed One is the one who is afraid of the day of the threat, knows that his Lord is watching him and fears Him.

O Muslims!

He whose faith is weak, shouts because of the evils because he does not know the One who puts the test, and he hates the journey [to the other world] because he has not No provision, he walks out of the way because he has no guide; Therefore, what a loss for them:

{Woe to those whose hearts are hardened against the recall of Allah.

He who does not have faith, his affairs will be scattered; He speaks and acts without thinking that he is being watched, he lives without thinking that he will have to be accountable, he is egoistic, does not trust himself and does not trust People, he turns his back on people instead of being merciful to them, and he segregates from them instead of helping them.

Without the faith and sweetness of faith, people become wild animals, they cut off their relationship with Allah and with people, they obey their evil spirit, and dismantle them among the gods And men have diverted them [from the right path].

And the modern civilization with its materialism and its dry techniques is the best witness about the fact that the happiness and sweetness of the faith are not realized with the desires of this world, Nor his materialism, for in this world man is insatiable and is never satisfied, his desires are inflamed and his desires are subdivided, his ardent desire drives him towards quarrels , He is therefore unhappy and makes people unhappy; And it spreads hostility and aggression wherever it goes and where it is. This life has caused them psychological illnesses, social unrest, instability of thought, and they then sought refuge in drugs, sedatives, psychiatric hospitals, and treatments for depression. Nerve pressures:

{And whoever turns away from My recall will certainly lead a life full of embarrassment, and on the day of the resurrection we will bring him blind to the gathering}.

{And whosoever He wills to take away, He makes his chest narrow and straitened, as if he were trying to ascend to heaven}.

Those Who Take The Path To Allah —Sheikh Osama Khayat

So fear Allah - may Allah have mercy upon you - and believe in your Lord, obey your messenger, and cling to your religion. We are satisfied with Allah as our Lord, of Islam as our religion, and of Muhammad (may Allah be pleased with him and salute him) as our prophet and our messenger.

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