Story Of Abraham: The Mission And Reaction Of His People

Abraham calls Azar's his father and his people to the Truth revealed to him from Allah (God).

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Story Of Abraham: The Mission And Reaction Of His People

Abraham and his father

Like the surrounding, Azar (Tereh or Farrah in the Bible) was an idolater. According to the Bible, he manufactured idols, and therefore the first call of Abraham, full of common sense and logic, was directly to him.

“Remember in the Scripture Ibrahim (Abraham). He was the truest man and prophet. Here he said to his father: “My father! Why do you worship that which does not hear and does not see and will not bring you any deliverance? My father I discovered a knowledge that was not revealed to you. Follow me and I will lead you in the right way ”(Quran 19: 41-43)

The father rejected the call of Abraham. It was the answer of a man hurt by the teachings of a much younger person. The position of the son was contrary to the longstanding traditions and norms.

Story Of Abraham: The Mission And Reaction Of His People
Story Of Abraham: The Mission And Reaction Of His People

 “He (the father) said:“ Do you really turn away from my gods, Ibrahim (Abraham)? If you do not stop, then I will surely beat you with stones. Leave me before I punish you.! ”(Quran 19:46)

Abraham and his people

Abraham continually urged his father to refuse to worship idols, and soon he turned to his people with the same simple and clear argument:

“Read to them the story of Ibrahim (Abraham). So he said to his father and his people: “What do you worship?” They said: “We worship idols and constantly indulge in them.” He said: “Do they hear when you call on them? Do they help you? And do they harm? ”They said,“ But we saw that our fathers did this. ” He said: “Have you seen what you worship with your fathers? All of them are my enemies, except the Lord of the Worlds, Who created me and leads me to the direct path, Who feeds me and waters me. Who heals me when I get sick, Who will kill me, and then resurrect me ”(Quran 26: 69-81)

Abraham Continuing the mission, Abraham gives another example. Christian-Jewish sources mention the same story, however, according to them, Abraham came to realize the true God through the worship of these subjects. In the Qur’an, none of the prophets ever worshiped anything other than God, even before the beginning of the revelations.

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“When the night covered him with his darkness, he saw a moon and star and said:“ Here is my Lord! ”When they rolled, he said:“ I do not like those who roll ”(Quran 6:76)


Abraham cited the example of a star – a creature completely unknown at that time, and therefore seemingly much greater than mankind. Stars were attributed power and strength, but in their fading in the morning, Abraham saw the inability to appear when they wanted, but only at night.

Then Abraham gave another example – the moon, an even more powerful creature. Life itself without it seemed impossible.

“When he saw the rising sun, he said:” Here is my Lord! It is more than others. ” When it went down, he said: “O my people! I am not involved in what you add to associates. I sincerely turned my face to Him who made heaven and earth, and I do not belong to polytheists! ”(Quran 6: 78-79)

Abraham proved to them that the Lord of the worlds is not at all the forces that their deities personify, but the Being who created them and the whole world around them. It is not necessary to see God to worship Him. He is the almighty Lord, who knows no limitations, unlike His creatures. The call of Abraham was extremely simple:

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“But Ibrahim (Abraham) said to his people:“ Worship Allah and fear Him! It would be better for you if you only knew. You worship idols instead of Allah and invent lies. Indeed, those whom you worship instead of Allah are not able to give you food. Seek food from Allah, worship Him, and thank Him. You will be returned to Him. ” If you consider it a lie, then before you whole nations considered it a lie, but only a clear transfer of revelation is entrusted to the Messenger. Do they not see how Allah creates the creation for the first time, and then recreates it. Truly, it is easy for Allah ”(Quran 29: 16-19)

He openly condemned their loyalty to the tradition of their ancestors:

Story Of Abraham: The Mission And Reaction Of His People
Story Of Abraham: The Mission And Reaction Of His People

“He said:“ Verily, you and your fathers have gone astray ”

The path of Abraham was full of pain, confrontation, trials, difficulties … His father and the people rejected the call. Abraham tried to shout out to deaf people. They only mocked the prophet Abraham.

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They said: “Have you come to us with the truth, or are you amused?” (Quran 21:54)

Abraham – a young man with a great future – confronts his family and people to bring the message of true monotheism – faith in the One God, and the denial of false gods, whether stars or other heavenly bodies, earthly forces and idols, personifying gods. For his faith, Abraham was rejected, punished and expelled. Despite all the hardships, the prophet Abraham remained steadfast and ready for even greater trials.

Here the Lord tested Ibrahim (Abraham) with commands, and he fulfilled them … “(Quran 2: 124)

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