Story Of Abraham: Resettlement To Canaan

The dispute with the king and the command of the Lord go to Canaan.

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Story Of Abraham: Resettlement To Canaan And The Dispute With the king

As archaeological discoveries show, the high priestess of the temple was the daughter of the emperor. Naturally, she wished to get even with the man who had desecrated her temple. And now, rejected by all, the young Abraham appeared before the king, probably – King Nimrod. Even Azar was not on the side of his son. But the Lord did not leave Abraham here.

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Dispute with the king

Christian-Jewish sources agree that King Nimrod sentenced Abraham to be burned. The Quran does not cover this. But he describes the dispute between the prophet and the king – thus Nimrod – as some Islamic scholars believe, but after the attempt of his fellow tribesmen to destroy Abraham. When the Lord saved Abraham from the fire, they told the king, whose arrogance forced him to compete with God himself, and wish to debate with Abraham, as the Quran said:

“Do you not know who argued with Ibrahim (Abraham) regarding his Lord, since Allah granted him the kingdom?” (Quran 2: 258)

Abraham’s argument was undeniable:

“My Lord is the One who gives life and kills.” He said: “I give life and kill …” (Quran 2: 258)

The king ordered to bring the two sentenced to death. Then he let one go and executed the second. In such a stupid way, he tried to prove that he grants and takes life. Then Abraham gave another example of the power of the Lord. And now the king was left without words.

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“Ibrahim (Abraham) said:“ Allah causes the sun to rise in the east. Make him ascend in the west. ” And then the one who did not believe came to confusion. Allah does not lead by unjust people ”(Quran 2: 258)

Abraham Relocation

After years of unceasing call-up, which never reached the people, the Lord ordered Abraham to leave his family and his people.

“Ibrahim (Abraham) and those who were with him were a great example for you. They told their people: “We deny you and those whom you worship instead of Allah. We reject you, and enmity and hatred are forever established between us and you, until you believe in Allah alone ”(Quran 60: 4)

Nevertheless, the two heeded the call of the prophet Abraham – his nephew Lot and wife Sarah. So, Abraham set off not alone, but with the believers.


“Lut (Lot) believed in him, and he (Ibrahim) said:“ I am going to make a relocation for the sake of my Lord. Verily, He is the Mighty, the Wise ”(Quran 29:26)

Together they arrived in the blessed land of Canaan, or Syria, where, according to Christian-Jewish sources, the people of Abraham and Lot settled in the west and east.

Story Of Abraham: Resettlement To Canaan
Story Of Abraham: Resettlement To Canaan

“We saved him and Lut (Lot) and brought them to the earth, which We made blessed to the worlds” (Quran 21:71)

It was here, on the blessed land, that the Lord made Abraham happy by giving him posterity.

“We bestowed upon him Ishac (Isaac), and in addition – Yakuba (Jacob), and made them all righteous” (Quran 21:72)

“Such are our Proof, which We presented to Ibrahim (Abraham) against his people. We raise in degrees we wish. Verily, your Lord is the Wise, the Knower. (Quran 6: 83)

“And We bestowed upon him Ishâque (Isaac) and Ya’qûb (Jacob), each of them We guided, and before him, We guided Nûh (Noah), and among his progeny Dawûd (David), Sulaimân (Solomon), Ayub (Job), Yûsuf (Joseph), Mûsa (Moses), and Hârûn (Aaron). Thus do We reward the good­doers.” (Quran 6: 84)

“And Zakariyâ (Zachariya), and Yahya (John) and ‘Iesa (Jesus) and Iliyâs (Elias), each one of them was of the righteous.” (Quran 6: 85)

“And Ismâ’il (Ishmael) and Al-Yas’â (Elisha), and Yûnus (Jonah) and Lout (Lot), and each one of them We preferred above the ‘Alamîn (mankind and jinns) (of their times).” (Quran 6: 86)

“And also some of their fathers and their progeny and their brethren, We chose them, and We guided them to a Straight Path.” (Quran 6: 87)

“This is the Guidance of Allâh with which He guides whomsoever He will of His slaves. But if they had joined in worship others with Allâh, all that they used to do would have been of no benefit to them.” (Quran 6: 88)

“They are those whom We gave the Book, Al­Hukm (understanding of the religious laws), and Prophethood. But if these disbelieve therein (the Book, Al­Hukm and Prophethood), then, indeed We have entrusted it to a people (such as the Companions of Prophet Muhammad SAW) who are not disbelievers therein.” (Quran 6: 89)

The future prophets come from the people of Abraham.

“We made them leaders who, by Our command, pointed to a straight path. We inspired them to do good deeds, perform namaz and pay zakat, and they worshiped Us ”(Quran 21:73)

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