Sister relives devastating day her teenage brother was murdered on doorstep of family home

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The sun was shining down on Cardiff, it was the first warm day of the year, and people were out and about in the city making the most of it and enjoying themselves. But exactly a decade on that day is remembered for how quickly life can turn from joy to terror.

It was a just like any Sunday start for the Siddiqis at their family home opposite the Roath Recreation Ground and Pleasure Gardens. That beautiful morning gave no indication of the horror that was about to unfold on their doorstep.

Conscientious teenager Aamir had been up since 6am preparing for his upcoming A-levels and, during study breaks, his sister lovingly recalls him laughing and joking with his parents and teasing her about making cups of tea.

They are a very close family but sibling Miriam and her brother had a particularly strong bond and today she talks about him with such love and pride.


Ten years old when he was born, she describes how they adored each other and she became like a second mum to him.

The 17-year-old Cardiff High School pupil dreamed of studying law and having a future career that would help others and his family were there to support him all the way.

But that all changed on April 11, 2010, when Ben Hope and Jason Richards came calling at the family home. They shattered all those dreams that beautiful sunny day when they came knocking at the door.



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