Scientists have discovered a way to communicate with people while they’re SLEEPING

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Lucid dreamers can answer questions and even do MATHS while they’re snoozing

  • Experts asked questions like ‘what’s eight minus six’ as people had lucid dreams
  • A lucid dream is one in which you know you’re dreaming while you’re still asleep 
  • Dreamers answered correctly in real time with eye movements or facial muscles

By Jonathan Chadwick For Mailonline

From snoring to sleep walking, many of us do rather unusual things while we’re asleep. 

Now, a new study has revealed that some ‘lucid dreamers’ can answer questions and even do maths while they’re snoozing. 

Lucid dreams are when people experience a state of heightened awareness during sleep that allows them to recognise the dream and control what happens within it. 

Researchers in the US asked lucid dreamers maths problems, such as ‘what’s eight minus six’, and yes-no questions, like ‘do you speak Spanish?’  

In the experiments, dreamers answered correctly in real time with eye movements or facial muscle signals, demonstrating what’s called ‘interactive dreaming’. 

The experiments are promising for real-time communications when we’re asleep, which could help scientists finally fully explain the mysterious phenomenon that is dreaming.

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