Respecting the Muslim

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Everythinghour created a man in the best forms. He made him an advantage of what is in the sky and on Earth. He endowed him with his mind, tongue, lips, eyes and ears to use these organs in an acceptable way. Everythinghourthat is, obey him and obey him.

Everythinghour, that ^Lsaid in QurN:

وصوركم سن صوركم وإليه المصير

Washington sawwarakum fa & # 39; ahourSana'a suwarakum wa ilayhil-masiR,

yah 3 of SUratut-tahbun facilities: {Everythinghour created you in good shape. Return to it.}

Everythinghour gave Muslims merit to others because he fulfilled the greatest duty that believes in Everythinghour and stating that Everythinghour has no partners.

Muslims have several rights. Religion prompted us to respect Muslims and not to humiliate him.

Religion also hurt Muslims a sin for which a person deserves punishment. If someone gossips about another without a pretext, he commits the sin of the tongue. If he strikes him unjustly, then the person commits the sin of the body, and so on.

Some of the sins to avoid:

Among the sins of the heart: arrogance, enmity and envy.

Among the sins of the eye: looking at a muslim.

Among the sins of the language: mocking muslims Similarly, every word, action, or sign that harms a Muslim is a sin. In addition, laughing at him to ridicule him in a way that causes him pain is sinful.

Prophet, sallallhu ^ alayhi wa sallamsaid

بحسب امرئ من الشر أن يحقر أخاه

Bihourasbi-mrim minash-sharri ah iheadquartersira ahhour,

This means: "The destruction of one’s own Muslim is an act of great evil." Muslim.)

Among the sins of the hand: An attack on a Muslim without the right. Likewise, scaring him and pointing a weapon at him.

Among the sins of the feet: go to the commission of sin, for example, go to the ruler to harm the unjustly Muslim.

Among the sins of the body: to imitate the believer mockingly, even if it was said: an action or a sign.

Everythingh, ta ^Lsaid


Y ayyuhal-ladhInot available personU L yaskhar quality controlwmum min QAWM,

yah 11 of SUratul-HOURujurT means: {O believers, do not mock yourself.}

Mocking a Muslim can be a laugh at him, if he makes a mistake during a conversation or laughs at his actions or his appearance. A believer must love his Muslim brother, be kind and help him.

Prophet, sallallhu ^ alayhi wa sallamsaid

مل المؤمنين في توادهم وتراحمهم وتعاطفهم كمثل الجام مثل الجار الواحد إذا اتكى منه اضر ادجمم اض اس ابس ابب اد بضب

Mathalul-MuminIna fI tawwddihim wa tarOhumihim wa ta ^atufihim mathalul-jasadil-wOhid (i), idhashtak minhu ^ udwun tad^ laU s& # 39; Irul-jasadi bis-sahari wal-hourmmm,

This means: “Muslims, with their mutual love, mercy and care, are like a body: when one of its parts is ill, all other parts unite to separate insomnia and fever.” (Submitted Al-Bukhriyy and Muslim.)

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