The Scientific Miracles of the Holy Quran

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Quranic Miracles: Fourteen centuries ago, God sent the Al-Quran to mankind as a guide. He encouraged people to be guided by the truth, sticking to this book (Quran). From the day of It's revelation to the day of judgment, this last divine book will remain the only guide for mankind.

The incomparable style of the Qur'an and the highest wisdom in it are definite proof that it is the word of God. In addition, there are many wonderful qualities in the Qur'an that prove that this is a revelation from God. One of these attributes is the fact that a number of scientific truths, which we were able to reveal only with the help of technology of the 20th century, were laid out in the Quran 1400 years ago.

However, the Quran is not a book of science, it is a book of Signs! Many scientific facts, which are expressed in an extremely brief and deep way in his verses, were discovered only with the help of 20th century technology. These facts could not have been known at the time of the revelation of the Quran, and this is further proof that the Quran is the word of Almighty God.

Here are some Miracles Of The Onliy Quran:

1. The Quran on Mountains (Quranic Miracles)

The book called Earth is the main reference book in many universities around the world. One of the two authors is Professor Emeritus Frank Press. He was the scientific adviser to former US president Jimmy Carter and for 12 years was president of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC. His book says that mountains have roots. These roots are deeply embedded in the ground, so the mountains are peg-shaped (see Figures 1, 2 and 3).

This is how the Qur'an described the mountains. God said in the Quran:

“Did We not make the earth as a bed, and the mountains as pegs?” (Quran 78: 6-7)

Modern earth sciences have shown that mountains have deep roots beneath the surface of the earth (see Figure 3), and that these roots can reach heights several times higher than the ground. Thus, the most appropriate word for describing mountains based on this information is the word "peg", since most of the correctly installed peg is hidden under the surface of the earth. The history of science tells us that the theory of mountains with deep roots was introduced only in the latter half of the nineteenth century.

Mountains also play an important role in stabilizing the earth's crust. They prevent the shaking of the earth. God said in the Quran:

“And He has affixed into the earth mountains standing firm, lest it should shake with you, and rivers and roads, that you may guide yourselves.” (Quran 16:15)

In addition, the modern theory of plate tectonics claims that mountains work as stabilizers for the Earth. This knowledge of the role of mountains as stabilizers of the Earth has only begun to be understood in the framework of plate tectonics since the late 1960s.

Could anyone at the time of the Prophet Mohammed know about the true form of the mountains?

Can anyone imagine that the solid massive mountain that he sees in front of him actually extends deep into the ground and has a root, as scientists say? A large number of books on geology, when it comes to mountains, describes only that part that is above the surface of the earth. This is because these books were not written by geologists. However, modern geology has confirmed the truth of the verses of the Al-Quran.

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