Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) the most merciful person in the history

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The Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) is the most merciful personality in the history of the world. When the prophet Mohammed (pbuh) conquered Makkah he had the non-believers assembled before him who had made his life extremely unbearable.

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Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) the most merciful person in the history


They were the ones who for nearly two decades, mocked, abused, tortured and murdered his family members and friends. But, he forgave all of them and freed them. One would not find such incredible mercy, hard to believe in, in the entire history, as witnessed on the day of the conquest of Makkah.

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This was the very nature of the Prophet (pbuh). He was the most forgiving and merciful. Unfortunately today people try to paint a twisted picture of the Prophet (pbuh) due to their hatred born out of being brainwashed by an extremely manipulative media and biased books written by people full of hatred for Islam and Muslims. The fact is that there is no one in history more merciful than the prophet of mercy Mohammed (pbuh).

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