Important of Prayer: What Separates Man From Apostasy, Idolatry Is Prayer


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Prayer Importancy, Prayer is the second most important pillar of Islam, and is the most regular compulsory action in a Muslim’s life. We fast just one month a year; we must give Zakah once a year; and Hajj is only once a life time. However, prayer is the one act that must be fulfilled at least five times a day, regardless of the circumstance . In fact, Allah did not even exempt the Muslims from praying during the battle! He says:

“Guard strictly your (habit of) prayers… If you fear (an enemy), pray on foot, or riding. ” Qur’an 2:238-9

O Muslims! "your prayer "

Fear Allah:

{O you who believed! Fear Allah as he ought to be feared. And die only in submission.

Fear Allah and obey Him:

{And whosoever fears Allah, He will give him a favorable outcome, and grant him his gifts by [means] over which he did not count.

And judge yourself before you are judged, for this will facilitate your judgment tomorrow [in the next world], and prepare yourself for the great appearance before Allah:

{That day you will be exposed; And nothing of you will be hidden.

Save your rest for your grave, decrease your distraction and your sleep, for behind you lies a sleep whose morning [the next day] is the day of judgement.

Allah's servants!

Before the mission of the Prophet (peace be upon him), this community was at the back of the convoy of the communities with regard to the worship, devotion, Strength, domination, and taking [to use] the means of this world and supremacy in this world, until Allah (exalted be He) honored Him by the Mission of the best of men Mohammed (SAW); Then, after a few years, it surpassed all the communities of the earth in all areas. So, with the truth, she dominated; Then, with good, she showed herself generous. And its civilization and its power are always present in countries and islands at our epoch; And lately during which we complain to Allah about the situation of the community, because the enemies attacked it and seized some Islamic countries, they have diminished from its extremities , They took of its resources, and they invaded the Muslims in their religion and their thought; As Muslims are divided and their opinions diverge, which has increased the domination of the enemies on them. And the exposure of the weak points and their aspects weakens and saddens, but we must find the wound in order to cure it; And for several years, those affiliated with the Islamic community, compete for disease and for the prediction of the drug; Some attribute the weakness of Muslims to material causes, or causes arising out of the civilization of modern life and thought, or other causes; All speculate and make efforts, and each party is content with what it possesses; And until some Muslims accused Islam itself, or some of its laws; But one who reflects on the history of the Islamic community from birth, and one who observes his path and his constitution with insight will know his affection and remedy, Illness and his healing; He will know with certainty the causes of shameful weakness, just as he will know the causes of victory and domination. And this science does not come from man, but from the Creator of man (who is glorified) who said:

{Any misfortune that affects you is due to what your hands have acquired. And He forgives many.

{What! When a misfortune reaches you - but you once inflicted double - you say: "Where does this come from?". Reply to them: "He comes from you"}.

Like the one who observes, knows that the winds of change do not blow from an empty place, and the reform begins with oneself:

(Allah does not change the state of a people, so long as the [individuals who compose it] do not modify what is in themselves}.

And he also knows that the guidance comes with the effort:

{And as for those who strive for Our cause, We will surely guide them on Our paths. Allah is in truth with the beneficent}.

So the cause of the present and painful situation of the community is the neglect of taking the genuine means of victory, and without which victory will never happen, for we are a people that Allah Has risen with Islam and as long as we seek glory with anything other than Islam, Allah will lower us; This is the reason why we must judge ourselves along this path, Muslims must reflect on their situation in relation to their religion and their relationship with their Lord.

O Muslims! O you who are going to the Holy House of Allah!

We take a break in order to judge ourselves with regard to the greatest bond with Allah and the most important pillar of Islam after the testimony that there is no " Another divinity than Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah: it is prayer.

Prayer, believers, is the pillar of religion, the ascension of the pious, and the obligation of Allah on the Muslims; He who does not pray, has no religion; And he who abandons prayer is not part of Islam; He who abandons an obligatory prayer intentionally without valid reason, will no longer be under the protection of Allah. And the companions of the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) would not consider that the abandonment of an action is apostasy except the abandonment of prayer; And in the collection of authentic Hadiths of Muslim, it is reported that the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said:

(What separates man from apostasy or idolatry is the abandonment of prayer).

Moreover, Allah has made prayer the head of Islam, He said:

{Have you seen the one who forbade a servant of Allah (Mohammed) to celebrate the prayer?

Allah (SWT) has descended all religious obligations on His Messenger except prayer, for Allah has raised His Messenger (SAW) to the seventh heaven, He honored him until he was satisfied, then He commanded him to fulfill the five prayers; This is the reason why it is the religious obligation that is mentioned most in the Qur'an; And it was the recommendation of the Messenger of Allah (may Allah be pleased with him and bless him) when he left this world, while he was struggling with the horrors of death, his honorable soul was coming out Was compassionate towards his community, he sacrificed himself and said:

Prayer Importancy: What Separates Man From Apostasy, Idolatry Is Prayer
Prayer Importancy: What Separates Man From Apostasy, Idolatry Is Prayer

(Prayer, prayer, and slaves you own!).

And prayer was his preoccupation when he was in the last breath of life, he asked:

(Did people pray?); (Tell Abu Bakr to direct prayer for people).

Prayer is the head of success and the path to success:

(Blessed are the believers, those who are humble in their Salat} until He says at the end of their deion:

{And strictly observe their Salat. They are the heirs, who will inherit Paradise to remain eternally there.

Prayer is obligatory for the Muslim in all situations, he is not spared due to illness or fear; And even when the person is unable to fulfill the conditions of prayer and its pillars as long as reason is present, it must pray, and even during times of fear and during the war:

{Be assiduous to the Salats and especially the Median Salat; And stand before Allah with humility. But if you fear (a great danger), then pray while walking or on your mounts. Then when you are safe, summon Allah as He taught you what you did not know.

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And the deion of the prayer of fear is mentioned in Surah "Women". Whatever his situation, the Muslim must pray on his way to the "Qibla", if he can not, he prays in any direction while standing; If he can not, he then prays while sitting; And if he can not, he prays by lying on the side; And if he can not, he prays in any position. And if he is incapable of purifying himself or covering his genital parts or anything else, he prays in any situation; Yes ! In any situation, because prayer is the first thing about which the servant will be questioned on the day of judgment, and if it is good, all other actions will be good, but if it is not Is not, all other actions will not be good, as it was reported in an authentic hadith of the Prophet (SAW); Therefore, Allah does not accept action without prayer.

O Muslims!

Every day we have to do five prayers: Al-Fadjr [prayer of dawn], Ad-Dhouhr [prayer of noon], Al-Asr [prayer after Al-Maghreb [the sunset prayer], and Al-Isha [evening prayer]; And the sins committed between these prayers are forgiven.

Therefore, prayer cleanses the hearts of the dirt of sins, more precisely, it prevents to commit the sins:

{In truth, the Salat preserves the turpitude and the blamable}.

And if one day you are annoyed by your evil deeds, and your back is weighed down with sins, hasten to pray and hear the word of the Lord:

{And fulfill the prayer at the two ends of the day and at certain hours of the night. Good works dissipate the evil. This is an exhortation for those who reflect.

And in the two collections of authentic Hadiths, Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him) said that he heard the Messenger of Allaah (SAW) saying:

(What do you think if a river was in front of the door of one of you in which he washes himself five times a day, will there be anything of his filth?). They said:

- "There will be nothing left of his dirt". He says :

(This is the example of the five prayers, Allah erases sins from them).

Prayer is a door to livelihoods:

{And command your family Salat, and do it with perseverance. We do not ask for food: it is for us to feed you. The good end is reserved for the pirate.

She is the refuge in times of fright, and the place where one escapes during moments of anxiety:

{O you who believed! Seek help in endurance and prayer. For Allah is with those who are enduring.

That is why it was the joy of the prophet's eyes (SAW), when a matter was getting worse, he would go and pray, and called:

(Get us rest with her [prayer], to Bilal!).

And he answered when asked about the best action, saying,

(Prayer accomplished at its precise hour).

After that, how a community hopes to get help from its Lord if it loses its bond with Him and is unable to fulfill His obligations; Those who neglect these prayers do not deserve to be honored, nor rescued by the Creator, nor by the creatures; And prayer is the first condition in order to obtain help and domination:

{Those who, if We give them power on earth, fulfill prayer, acquit Zakat, ordain the proper and forbid the blameable. However, the final outcome of all things belongs to Allah.

So, how the Muslim can not be rescued or get the success if he abandons prayer. And it is one of the causes of the entry into hell:

{"What brought you to Saqar?". They will say, "We were not among those who prayed".

And in the deion of the frowning faces:

{But he neither believed nor made the prayer; On the other hand, he dislocated and turned his back, and then went to his family, walking with pride. "Woe to you, woe!" And still woe to you, woe! Does man think that he will be left without obligation to observe?


And with that, we are sad when we learn that groups of Muslims have abandoned prayer or neglected it.

Therefore, fear Allah, Muslims, order good and forbid the blameworthy, and prayerfully recommend the prayer, and that the model of the educators and predictors be the order Whom Allah gave to His prophet:

{And command your family the prayer, and do it with perseverance}.

And Allah praised Isma'il (peace be upon him) by His word:

{He commanded his family prayer}.

And in the authentic hadeeth according to the conditions of Muslim, the prophet (SAW) said:

(Order your children to pray when they reach the age of seven, and strike them if they do not fulfill it at the age of ten).

He ordained people to fulfill prayer, and to family and children to be assiduous in his accomplishment.

O Muslims!

Prayer Importancy: What Separates Man From Apostasy, Idolatry Is Prayer
Prayer Importancy: What Separates Man From Apostasy, Idolatry Is Prayer

And for a category of people, prayer does not have much value for them and it is their last concern, the end of their actions, and the end of their worries; They therefore gather prayers without any excuse and delay them by fulfilling them outside their prescribed hours, and the following word of Allah concerns them:

{The hypocrites seek to deceive Allah, but Allah returns their deceit (against themselves). And when they stand up for the prayer, they stand up with laziness}.

And concerning them came the word of the Verily (glorified):

{Woe to those who pray while neglecting (and delaying) their Salat}.

Have they not heard the word of Allah (the Mighty and the High):

{For prayer remains, for believers, a preion, at times determined;

That is to say precise hours, the beginning and end of which are known, it is not valid before time, just as it is not valid after the hour except With an excuse [a valid reason].

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Therefore, fear Allah, pray the prayers by fulfilling them at their prescribed times; And that men know that it is obligatory for them with the group of Muslims in the mosques, and if a person was allowed to give up prayer in congregation, the prophet To his community would have allowed the blind man who was separated from the mosque by a valley full of wild and venomous animals, and he had no guide for Bringing him to the mosque, he asked the prophet (SAW) permission to pray at home and he did not give him permission.

So, what about those to whom Allah has given benefits and made things easier for them? And if not, why were the mosques built? And have the minarets been high? And the groups gathered? Is it for Friday prayer only? Is it for Friday prayer only? There is no power nor power in Allah! Abdullah ibn Mass'ud (SAW) said:

Prayer Importancy: What Separates Man From Apostasy, Idolatry Is Prayer
Prayer Importancy: What Separates Man From Apostasy, Idolatry Is Prayer

- "Whoever wishes to meet Allah as a Muslim tomorrow, be diligent in the fulfillment of these prayers in the places from which they are called, for Allah has commanded His Prophet The Sunnah of the guiding, and they are part of the guiding Sunnahs, and if you pray in your houses as the one who prays at home, then you would leave the Sunnah of your prophet, and If you forsake the Sunnah of your prophet, you would be afraid, and we see no one missing the prayer in congregation except a hypocrite known for his hypocrisy. To go to the mosque] between two men who wore it so that he would pray in the rank [with the Muslims] "

Reported by Muslim.

O Muslim! O Servant of Allah!

You heard the recall; And you know now, so stay on the path of guidance.

May Allah help me and the fulfillment of the actions of which He is satisfied! And He will make our future situation better than in the past.

I seek refuge from Allah against Satan the cursed:

{And seek help in endurance and salat: surely, Salat is a heavy obligation, except for the humble, who have the certainty to meet their Lord (after their resurrection) and return to Him alone.

Second sermon

O Muslims!

Anyone who desires protection, safeguard, success and security, must preserve prayer and be assiduous in his accomplishment; According to Jundub ibn Abdillah (may Allah be pleased with him) the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said:

(Whoever prays the prayer of dawn in congregation, is under the protection of Allah) reported by Muslim.

And prayer is a common obligation between the prophets, they have all ordained prayer, Allah (be glorified) said about Abraham, Lot, Jacob and Isma'il ( That peace be upon them):

{And We reveal to them to do good, and to pray}.

And this is the request that our father Abraham addressed to his Lord, saying,

{O my Lord! Make me assiduously the Salat and some of my offspring.

And he said,

{O our Lord, I have established a portion of my offspring in a valley without agriculture, near your sacred house [the Ka'ba] - to our Lord - Complete the Salat}.

And Allah (glorified) said about Jesus (peace be upon him):

Prayer Importancy: What Separates Man From Apostasy, Idolatry Is Prayer
Prayer Importancy: What Separates Man From Apostasy, Idolatry Is Prayer

{And He recommended me, as long as I live, prayer and Zakat}.

And in the word of Allah (may He be exalted) at Moses (peace be upon him):

{Truly, it is Me Allah: no deity but Me. Worship Me then and do the prayer to remember Me.

And to our prophet Muhammad (may Allah be pleased with him):

{And command your family the prayer, and do it with perseverance}.

{Accomplish the prayer of the sun unto the darkness of the night, and [also] read at dawn, for reading at dawn has witnesses}.

And Allah (may He be glorified) said concerning His pious and benefactory servants:

{And those who conform to the Book and fulfill the prayers, [in truth] We do not allow the reward of those who amend to be lost.

Do you find after this, believers, an adoration having a higher rank than prayer?

Or do those who neglect prayer, find an excuse after this talk?

Allah's servants! (Prayer Importancy: What Separates Man From Apostasy, Idolatry Is Prayer)

The word about prayer is related to important things that are his soul and his mind: it is the fact of accomplishing it properly [completely] and of having much humility © [contemplation] in prayer.

To accomplish it properly: we must pay attention to its conditions, to ablutions, to calm and tranquility in prayer; And we must follow the Sunnah in its fulfillment, as the Chosen One (SAW) said in the hadith reported by Al-Bukhari:

(Pray as you have seen me pray).

And humility and reverence, to you who pray, is: the fact that the heart breaks when one is before Allah (be exalted), the fact that the heart Be filled with the fear and veneration of Allah, the quiescence of worldly thoughts, have in mind the greatness of the Creator (be glorified), To be completely occupied by prayer with dignity and calm, so the limbs subside and the gaze is fixed; According to Othman ibn Affane (may Allah be pleased with him) the Messenger of Allah (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

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Prayer Importancy
Prayer Importancy: What Separates Man From Apostasy, Idolatry Is Prayer

(When it is time for a compulsory prayer, if the Muslim does his ablutions properly, prayfully performs the prayer with due bowing, this prayer will be an atonement for sins committed before accomplishing it, as long as he does not commit a great sin, and this throughout his life) reported by Muslim.

And Allah said:

{O Believers! Do not come near the prayer when you are drunk, until you understand what you say.

And how many people pray without drinking, and they do not know what they say in prayer, the worries of this world have made them drunk!

O Muslims!

Fear Allah, preserve the commitment that Allah has taken with you, and prepare for judgement.

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