Nike trainer Nesrine Dally on fitness and fasting during Ramadan

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Nesrine Dally is a Nike trainer and mother of two living in London. She made history when she became the first female to compete in a Muay Thai stadium in Thailand wearing a hijab.

We caught up with Dally over Zoom a week into the holy month of Ramadan and she shared how she’s juggling fasting with her fitness routine, while also continuing to teach virtual classes and school her children.

How I train during Ramadan…


I train for a minimum of 15 minutes every day, some days that could just be mobility and stretching or a short jog or walk. I’ve reduced the volume and intensity of my training, making the durations shorter and not really working on cardio or aerobic fitness. Instead I’m focusing on bodyweight exercises like push ups and pull ups (with my TRX equipment) and maintaining my strength using kettlebells and dumbbells at home. I use the Nike Training Club (NTC) app two or three times a week, as a personal trainer sometimes it’s nice to be able to follow someone else’s routine.

I’m also using this time to work on some of my weaknesses that I don’t usually have time to do. So that’s my core strength and building up more pelvic floor after having my second child. I’ve also written the Core Restore Plan, an ebook training guide to help others do the same.

I train before iftar (the post-sunset meal that breaks the fast), usually around 5 or 6 o clock, I don’t mind training on an empty stomach and I know it’s only a few hours befyore I can have a drink. I’ve been training during ramadan for many years so I trust my body


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