Muslim migration is “main cause” of anti-Semitism

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Muslim migration is



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The head of the main Italian political party said in an interview on Sunday that the recent surge of anti-Semitism in Europe was mainly due to the massive immigration of Muslims to the continent.

“I think it has to do with the strengthening of Islamic extremism and fanaticism in recent years,” Matteo Salvini told Israel Hayom. “More importantly, it is linked to the fact that some academics and the media are mobilized against Israel and that they create hatred of Israel to justify anti-Semitism.”


Salvini said that a certain level of anti-Semitism has always existed on the far left and the far right, but that its current growth must be attributed to the displacement of the European population.

“There is, of course, anti-Semitism among small political minority groups – Nazis and Communists,” said Salvini. “But now the massive presence in Europe of migrants from Muslim countries, including many fanatics who receive the full support of certain intellectuals, is also spreading anti-Semitism in Italy.”

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As Breitbart News reported last July, anti-Semitism in Europe has increased over the past five years and is expected to worsen further, according to a large survey of 2,700 young European Jews by the EU. Fundamental Rights Agency.

Among the Jews surveyed, aged 16 to 34, almost half (44%) have been harassed because of their faith and do not wear distinctive clothing for fear of safety.

In March, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he was “deeply concerned about an old threat that is re-emerging for Israel and Jews around the world, the threat of anti-Semitism”.

“It is a cancer that metastasizes in the Middle East, in Europe and, unfortunately, here also in the United States. In Britain, the Labor Party’s tolerance of anti-Semitism in its ranks is a national disgrace and the Jews of France are under attack, “he said.

In an interview on Sunday, Salvini said liberal media are trying to blame European anti-Semitism for the rise of right-wing parties, but noted that this theory does not match the facts.

“There is far right anti-Semitism, and there is far left anti-Semitism, which is institutionalized,” he said. “Think of Jeremy Corbin, or the leftist activists in Germany, who did not want to be like the Nazis and ended up boycotting Israeli products.”

“I am sure, however, that the high number of Muslims in Europe is the main cause of current anti-Semitism,” he said.

The leader of the Lega party and the most reliable politician in Italy, Mr. Salvini, said that his party had refused to join parties that accept anti-Semitism.

La Lega has “no relation to these organizations,” said Salvini.

“Those who believe in neo-Nazi and neo-fascist anti-Semitism are our enemies like those who believe in the anti-Semitism of the radical left and radical Islam,” he said. “It is an obligation to fight all those who claim that the Jews are the Nazis of our time.”

The former interior minister also said that many progressive European institutions were not friends of Judaism.

“I have spent nine years in the European Parliament and I can say that the European institutions – not to mention the United Nations – are not friends of Israel,” said Salvini. “The European Parliament now has a majority which is not favorable to Israel.”

“Those who want to wipe out the State of Israel should know that they will have an enemy in us. Israel is an ally. This should be taught in schools and universities, ”said Salvini.


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