When Misfortunes Descend And Calamities Arrive —Sheikh Oussama Al-Khayyat

Friday 2/2/1424


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Allah's servants!

Fear Allah, draw closer to Him, place your trust in Him, return to Him, think of the good of Him, invoke Him with fear and hope, and remember your station standing in front of Him one day growing newborn Of white hair:

{The day the man flees his brother, his mother, and his father, his companion and his children, each one of them will be too preoccupied of himself to think to others}.

O Muslims!

When misfortunes descend and calamities arrive, the understandings of a group of people are disturbed, their brains are tangled, and their dreams disappear. So they give up a lot of rights they know and they forget what is right and they do not ignore it; At that moment, people are disconnected and confused, polytheism appears, people speak a lot, reality and principles are abandoned, bad thoughts and passions Are followed, and affairs (events) are judged without science, guided, or light book.

When man is in carelessness (distraction), he forgets Allah's law to prove His servants and that His decisions must be executed upon them. How can he forget that while he reads the Book of His Lord morning and night, and that this reality is explained there clearly? Allah (be glorified) said:

{Alif-lam-mim (A-L-M). Did people think that they would be allowed to say that they believed without being subjected to the test? We have indeed put to trial those who were before them and Allah will surely know those who will have spoken truth and He will certainly know the liars.

When Misfortunes Descend And Calamities Arrive —Sheikh Oussama Al-Khayyat
Sheikh Osama Khayat

And Allah (glorified and exalted) said:

{You will certainly be proved in your goods and in your people, and you will surely hear from those who have received the Book before you and from the associators of abundant vexations. If you show yourself patient and pious, it will be really a sign of character.

And Allah (be exalted) said:

{We will certainly show you a little bit by fear, famine, the reduction of goods, people and harvests. And announces the good news to patients. Those who, when a calamity touches them, say: "We belong to Allah and it is to Him that we must return". These have upon them blessings from their Lord as well as a mercy and these are the well-guided ones.

And he said (that His names be cleansed):

{Yes, We will surely put you to the test in order to know those of you who are fighting (for the cause of Allah) and who are patient and in order to prove your news} .

It is, as servants of Allah, a general divine law, Allah has not exempted His prophets and messengers from this law, despite their high and honorable rank, and Their consideration with Allah; On the contrary, Allah made them to have the most difficult tests, as in the hadith narrated by Tirmidhi, An-Nassa'i, and Ibn Majah in their "Sunnah", and Ahmed in His "Mousnad", and Ibn Hibbane in his collection of authentic Hadiths, according to Sad ibn Abi Waqquas (may Allah be pleased with him) who said:

-Who are the ones who have the most difficult tests? AT". He says :

(Those who have the most difficult evils are the prophets, then those who follow them best, then those who follow them, man is tested according to his religion, Religion, his trial is more difficult, and if he is flexible in his religion, he is proved according to his religion, and the servant never ceases to be subject to trial until 'He walks on earth without having any sin as the angels').

And the Messenger of Allah (may Allah be pleased with him and blessing him) has been put to trial as this is known to every one who reads his life and who refers to the dangers of Its tests. And it is enough for us to know what he suffered because of the wrong done by his people: they accused him of being a liar, they mocked him, they prevented people from following His way, they forced him to leave his hometown, they told him the war, they instigated the hostility of the people against him, they all rallied against him to attack The city to which he has emigrated, the place of his government, and the shelter of his family and companions to eliminate him, bury his religion, and to annihilate his power (his strength) ; Thus, that the plots of his enemies among the Jews and the hypocrites against him at Medina, the pacts concluded with him that they broke, they allied with the polytheists to fight him, and the efforts that 'They provided to try to assassinate him after they lost the hope of achieving what they wanted (to kill him) during the battles.

Then it was like those who preceded him and were subjected to the test among his brothers the prophets; He stood firm in the tests, patient in the face of misfortunes, he fought in the way of Allah in the best way until the victory and the opening of Allah came to him, people entered In the religion of Allah in groups, the lights of guiding penetrate into souls, and the joy of faith mingled with hearts.

Then he returned to His Lord and His Creator, who was pleased with him and made him content, happy, rejoicing, leaving in his community two things after him, and s' They will cling to it, they will never escape: the Book of Allah and His Sunnah (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him), as it is reported in an authentic hadith.

Allah's servants!

It is not surprising that the Messenger of Allaah (SAW) followed this path of waiting patiently for the proofs, he and the prophets before him, as well as those Who followed them after them, for they are certain that Allah (be exalted) has not written this law for the servant to cause him to perish, to kill him or to him Causing harm, until his breast becomes narrow, that the vast earth which he feels seems to him cramped, and that he has a bad situation in this world and in the other ; But he has written this law (of the proofs) for great wisdoms, important benefits, and beautiful purposes, which are very numerous.

And among these wisdoms, these profits and these goals:


These trials have come so that Allah will experience the patience of his servant, he proves it so that he is fit to be part of His beloved and His party (group) who will get Success; Therefore, if he remains firm in the face of difficulty and patiently during the tests, Allah chooses him, brings him closer to him, gives him the robe (the coat) of honor, He is satisfied with him, and makes His beloved and His party serve Him and help Him. But if he turns back and turns back, Allah chases him away and sets a veil between him and His satisfaction; He becomes angry with him, the causes of misfortunes multiply on him, and he is defeated by the armies of misfortune, whereas he does not immediately feel the multiplication of misfortunes, nor the defeat Made; But he later learns that the problem has become problematic for him, and he finds himself between two cases: patience and anger, like the Imam and the great scholar Ibn Al-Quayyim (may Allah be pleased with him Make him mercy) said:

"What is between the two cases is patience for an hour and correction of the heart during this hour; And the problem (the proof) must necessarily end in one or the other (ie patience or anger, if the patient is patient, he obtains the Satisfaction of Allah, and if he gets angry, Allah is angry with him), but the problem ends in patience with many different kinds of generosity And of goods (from Allah), and it ends in anger with privation and abasement, for this is the decision of the Mighty and the Perfect Knower; And Allah gives his generosity to whomever he wills, and the generosity of Allah is vast ".

Therefore, the gift of patience is the best gift that Allah gives to man, as it is reported in the two collections of authentic Hadiths, according to Abu Saad al-Khudri (may Allah be pleased with him) the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said:

(Nobody has received a better and wider gift than patience).

Among the wisdom of the trial, my dear brothers! : The fulfillment of servitude (the devotion) for Allah; Allah declares His servant to be good, evil, good and evangelical in order to bring about bondage in all situations, for the true slave (servant) is the one who worships Allah All the different situations, while the slave of goodness and good is the one who worships Allah with doubts, being anxious, and without being stable (constant) in religion, or in a single situation , If it receives a good, it is tranquillized; But if he undergoes a test, he goes back, then this one is not among the slaves of Allah chosen for his worship, whom Allah has honored by His worship, and to whom He Promised a good reward through this adoration.

The test, servants of Allah, is the good of hearts, the sign of sincerity, the proof of submission and the witness of obedience to Allah the Lord of the worlds ; It is also like the beneficial medication that a benign doctor prescribes to the patient, a doctor who is a good counselor to him, who knows where the good is for him, and the duty of the sick person Gifted reason is to wait while taking his remedy even if he is bitter, he must not be fretting and complaining, so that the utility of the drug does not turn into evil:

{You may hate something and Allah will do you great good}.

The Muslim must therefore, when the tests go down, the calamities arrive and the difficulties arise, to remain firm, it must not be disturbed no matter what the gravity of the events.

The Three Stages Of Ramadan And Their Duas

My dear brothers!

Some means (causes) help us to remain firm (facing the tests) and facilitate us the way. Among these causes: to rely sincerely on Allah (be exalted), to have complete trust in Him, to be very humble before Allah, to return to Him completely, repent sincerely Refraining from committing sins and slipping away from sins; The prince of the believers Ali ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

"The calamity comes down only because of a sin, and it is repulsed only with repentance."

Among these causes also: to have a good thought about the brothers in the religion in general, and about the leaders and the scientists in particular, this giving importance and considered Ration to their words and actions; To question scholars in the sciences of religion for the explanation of the problems and the knowledge of what we do not know; Beware of the admiration of opinions, do not hasten to give judgments, or to interpret events according to our opinion, and abstain from "we say" Allah detested for His servants, as the Messenger of Allaah (SAW) said in the authentic hadeeth reported by Al-Bukhaari and Muslim, according to Al-Moura'rah ibn Ch'ah R'bah (may Allah be pleased with him):

(Allah has forbidden you the disobedience to the mothers and the burial of the living girls, and he detested for you the "one said", ask many questions, and the waste of the 'money).

This also includes speaking about all that is heard, for the Prophet (peace be upon him) banned this in the hadith narrated by Muslim in his collection of authentic Hadiths , According to Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him), the prophet (SAW) said:

(It is enough for the man as a lie to speak of everything he has heard), and in a version of Abu Dawood in his "Sunnahs":

(It is enough for the man as a sin to speak of all that he has heard).

And if the Muslim is to follow this straight and just path all the time, then he is obliged to follow him even more during difficult times and during the evils (calamities);

Allah (be exalted) said:

{So did you feel that you were going to enter Paradise without you happening to this day the same thing as those who passed before you? They were in fact touched by calamities and misery, and they were so shaken that the Messenger and those who had believed with him said,

"When will the support of Allah come for our victory?" AT". The support of Allah is certainly near.

Second sermon

Allah's servants!

Fear Allah, and know that you must meet Him; Therefore, know that he sees you, place your trust in Him, do your deeds sincerely for Him, and realize the uniqueness of Allah, for the unity of Allah is the safety , The guarantee of success, the origin of happiness, and the cause of the entrance into Paradise and the safeguard of hell. And know also that the best word is the Book of Allah, and the best guidance is the guidance of Mohammed ibn Abdillah (may Allah be pleased with him); And the worst things are inventions (in religion), and every invention is an innovation, and every innovation is a disruption, and every stumbling block is in hell. And cling to the group, for the hand of Allah is on the group, and the one who separates from the group, will be in hell.

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