LETTER: We must stop the hate and violence against ethnic and religious minorities

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‘These incidents remind us that holding a vigil or lowering of flags isn’t enough to uproot the misconceptions due to Islamophobia’about 13 hours ago By: BradfordToday Staff

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community has translated the Quran into 50 languages. Miriam King/Bradford Today

BradfordToday received the following letter from Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association regarding the attack on the Muslim family in London:

On behalf of Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association, I wish to convey my sincere condolences and deep sympathy to the family and friends of the Muslim family who lost their lives to this cowardly attack. Our hearts go out to the families who lost their loved ones and have been victims of Islamophobia. This is sad and heart-wrenching.

These incidents remind us that holding a vigil or lowering of flags isn’t enough to uproot the misconceptions due to Islamophobia. We as Canadians need to uphold our values and step up to stop the hate and violence against ethnic and religious minorities.

With all the suffering going on in the world due to the pandemic, the last thing anyone needs is to feel unsafe going for a walk due to their ethnicity or their faith. Instead of focusing on our differences, we need to step up and fulfill our responsibility to alleviate the pain and suffering of other people. We must identify the needs and pains of others and be driven by compassion to help them as if they were our own beloved family going through that suffering.

Ahmadiyya Muslim community believes in “Love for all, Hatred for none”. This has been our experience in Bradford where we always feel welcome and included.

Ahmadiyya Muslim women’s association is working hard to give back to our community through various efforts like donations to helping hand food bank, showing our gratitude to the frontline workers including members of Fire department and police department, by working with great charities like WOW charity to help in their efforts for resettlement of families affected by fire.

Our most recent effort is serving meals for 20 at the Out of Cold Café which included pizza, pop, and dessert. We thank Katie and Jodi from Out of Cold Cafe’ for giving us this amazing opportunity and we hope to provide meals at the Cafe in future also.

Support Islam Religion Guardian
At the present time, we are running on very limited funds. In order for us to run Islam Religion Guardian service efficiently, we are in need of your generous support.

We have received amazing responses from the members of the community who appreciate our humble efforts to do our part in the Bradford community.

But it is not enough, we need to keep increasing our effort and reach out to more and more people and show them that Islam is not what terrorists do in the name of religion, but it is what everyday Canadian Muslims are doing in their community. It is essential to our faith as Muslims to show love for God, by expressing love and compassion for his creation by serving our community and humanity.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association will keep on improving and increasing our efforts in service of our community to spread the message of love and peace.

Best Regards,

Madiha Wahla
Serving as Press and Media Secretary
Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association Bradford

SOURCE LETTER: We must stop the hate and violence against ethnic and religious minorities – Bradford News (bradfordtoday.ca)

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