Kuwait willing to mediate between Iran and Saudi

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Diplomatic sources at Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs have revealed that the country is prepared to take a leading role in mediation between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Anadolu has reported.

According to the anonymous sources, such mediation could take place when the appropriate conditions are created. “The exchange of ideas and discussion in order to bring closer points of view has not been stopped, and it is ongoing,” they pointed out. “Kuwait has always sought to bridge the gap in viewpoints and resolve differences through diplomatic ways.”

The contentious issues between Saudi Arabia and Iran are not said to be limited to the war in Yemen, but also extend to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. “All of these issues are interrelated,” added the sources.

Kuwait undertook a leading mediation role along with the US in the recent reconciliation between Gulf States which saw Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt end their blockade of Qatar. They imposed the blockade in 2017 after accusing Qatar of supporting terrorism and maintaining close ties with Iran. The government in Doha denied such claims.

However, Arab Weekly noted yesterday that in spite of Kuwait’s successful efforts in Gulf reconciliation, the most it can hope to achieve is a temporary truce between Riyadh and Tehran. Nevertheless, some observers believe that the Biden administration may usher in a new beginning in Iran-Saudi relations.

Last month, following the end of the Gulf blockade, a Qatari official said that the country is willing to mediate between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, or the Saudis and Iranians.

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