Justice: Islam Came To Bring People Out Of The Tyranny

Sheikh Saalih ibn Mohammed Aali Taalib


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Justice in Islam

Friday 19/4/1426 (27/5/2005)

O Believers!

Fear Allah (may He be exalted) that He may make you mercy:

{O you who believe! Fear Allah and speak righteously. So that He may improve your actions and forgive your sins. Anyone who obeys Allah and His Messenger certainly gets a great success} [The Coalition: 70-71].

Return to your Lord by repenting, submitting your hearts to Him, and let not the life of this world deceive you. There is a want and a need in hearts that can only be fulfilled by going to Allah, the love of Allah and returning to Him by repentance; And the disorder in the hearts can be arranged only by protecting the members, avoiding the forbidden things and avoiding doubts. Therefore, may Allah be merciful to a man who has watched over himself, feared his Lord and prepared himself for the beyond.

O Believers!

Life is enjoyable when man receives all his rights, and countries are peopled and civilizations are stable under justice, equality, and when people receive their rights.

Allah has made the souls love righteousness; Healthy natures and wise people agree that justice is a good thing; And the kings, leaders and important people of the company made their own land because of the fact that they were righteous. And the divine messages came with righteousness:

{We have indeed sent Our Messengers with evident proofs, and brought down with them the Book and the scales, that they might establish righteousness.

Justice: Islam Came To Bring People Out Of The TyrannyAnd the religion of Islam came to bring people out of the tyranny of religions into the righteousness of Islam, for it was with righteousness that the heavens and the earth were established, and the truth He is denoted by the righteous, and He denied His opposite which is injustice about Himself:

{Verily, Allah does not lose (no one), be it of the weight of an atom} [Women: 40].

And the Islamic religion has been established on justice:

{And the word of your Lord was fulfilled in all truth and equitably} [The cattle: 115].

So it is a truth in what it announces, justice in its laws, it refuses tyranny, injustice and aggression [hostility]; But on the contrary, it is always with the truth wherever it is. It commands respecting promises and commitments even with the mishmakers:

{And if you ever really fear a betrayal from a people, then declare the pact (which you have concluded with), in a frank and loyal way, because Allah does not love the traitor } [The loot: 58].

And in Surah [al-Ma'idah : 8]:

{And hatred for a people does not make you want to be unjust. Practice Equity:

This is closer to piety: that is, hatred towards a people does not push you to abandon justice, for justice is obligatory for every person and in every situation.

And Allah has ordained righteousness to His Messenger (SAW):

{and he commanded me to be equitable among you} [The consultation: 15].

And He has ordained righteousness to all His creatures:

{Verily, Allah commands the epartament, the beneficence ...} [The Bees: 90].

And the first category among the seven categories of people that Allah will put under His shadow in the day when there will be no other shadow than His is: "A righteous ruler", as it is Reported in the two collections of authentic Hadiths.

And it is reported in the collection of authentic Hadiths of Muslim that the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said:

(Those who are righteous are with Allah on minbars of light to the right of the Merciful, and His two hands are blessed, and these are the ones who are equitable in their judgment, with Their families and what they are responsible for).

And the contrary of righteousness is injustice, and it corresponds to the dinars on the day of judgment, and Allah has forbidden it to itself and banned it among the servants, the unrighteous So never:

{Really, the unrighteous will not succeed} [The Righteous: 37].

And in Surah [Al-Baqara: 123]:

{"My commitment," says Allah, "does not apply to the unjust."

And in Surah [Aali Imraane: 57]:

{And Allah loves not the unjust}.

And there is no doubt that the worst injustice is polytheism [to associate something with Allah], as in sura [Louqmaan: 13]:

{Because the association with [Allah] is truly an unjust injustice.

And the Islamic community deserves the help of Allah and dominion on earth if it establishes justice.

And Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Taimiyah (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

- "Allah establishes the country just even if it is a despicable country, and He does not establish the unjust country even if it is a Muslim country."


O Muslims!

Justice is recommended in all situations, and the consequences of injustice are fictitious in this world and in the beyond:

(And whoever unjustly takes the length of a span, it will be tied around his neck from the seven lands [in the form of the seven lands] on the day of judgment).

And whoever is unjust to another, the chastisement of this will be painful:

(Allah makes the unjust wait until He takes it, and then He can no longer escape Him).

And all injustice will have to be judged even among animals; It is reported in the collection of authentic Hadiths of Muslim that the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said:

(You will give account of the rights to their beneficiaries on the day of judgment, until you judge between the horned sheep and the horned sheep).

And it is reported in the collection of authentic Hadiths of Al-Bukhari that the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said:

(Anyone who has committed an injustice to his brother, concerning his honor or something related to him, let him leave today before there is no more dinar or dirham. If he has good works, he will take his good works according to his injustice, and if he does not have good works, he will take sins from his brother and We will have them carried).

And whatever the weakness of the oppressed, Allah will come to his aid; And in the hadith, the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said:

(Allah raises the invocation of the oppressed above the clouds, and opens the doors of heaven to him, and the Lord says: {By My glory and My majesty, I will come To your rescue even if it is after a moment}) reported by Tirmidhi.

The Significance of Fasting Tasu’a & Ashura

{And do not think that Allah is inattentive to what the unjust do [Abraham: 42].

And in Surah [Houd: 102]:

{This is the severity of the taking of your Lord when He strikes the cities when they are unjust. His chastisement is very painful and very hard.

Shall not the unrighteous be afraid of the Lord of the worlds or the demand of the oppressed?

And tell those who accuse people, who attack them with bad thoughts about them, and who harm the believers in their honor, remember that the oppressed man's request is answered, remember the day when You will be exposed before Allah:

{And those who offend the believers and the believers without their deserting, take charge of a slander and an evil sin.} [Coalition: 58].

Allah's servants!

The rank of justice is important in Islam, and its reward to Allah is great; The demands of the righteous are fulfilled, and Allah loves those who are righteous; The righteous one will be under the shadow of Allah on the day of judgment, and the ruler must be righteous:

{Verily, Allah commands you to make the deposits to their rightful claimants, and when you judge between people, to judge with equanimity. What a good exhortation that Allah makes to you!} [An-Nisa-58].

And whether the judgment is a legal judgment, or a division, or a judgment on individuals or groups, or a classification or judgment based on whether a man is trustworthy or not; All these judgments must be made with justice.

Just as the father must be fair to his children in regard to gifts and relationships, he must not differentiate between them as to what he gives them; And the story of An-Nuravan ibn Bashir (may Allah be pleased with him) is celebrated on this subject, and the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) rejected Gift given that the equality was not made among all the children, and he said:

(Fear Allah and be equitable among your children).

And the bridegroom must be righteous with his wives, he must be equitable with them in regard to the nights he spends with them, spending and conjugal rights; Allah (exalted be He) said:

{If you are afraid of not being righteous with these, then only one, or slaves you possess} [An-Nisa: 3].

And one who is married with two women and leans towards one of them, will come the day of judgment by having one side of the body leaning, as this is reported in an authentic hadith of the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him).

And righteousness is commended in all things even in the word, Allah (glorified) said:

{And when you speak, be fair} [Cattle: 152].

And righteousness in speech is among the most difficult things for the soul; And one who educates his soul to speak in being equitable, will succeed and will obtain success. And when the soul obtains righteousness and love of the exalted, Allah teaches him the truth, and then becomes compassionate towards the creatures, it follows the messenger (may Allah Pray over him and salute him), and she escapes the paths of disorganization and passions.

I seek refuge from Allah against Satan the cursed:

{O believers! Observe strictly the righteousness and be witnesses (veridical) as Allah commands, even against you, against your father and mother or close relatives. Whether it is a rich man or a needy man, Allah has priority over both of them (and He is more knowledgeable of their interest than you). Do not follow the passions so as not to deviate from justice. If you bear false testimony or refuse it, [know that] Allah is perfectly aware of what you are doing} [An-Nisa: 135].

Second sermon

Justice needs sincerity with the soul, as well as knowing that Allah (the Mighty and the High) is watching us, and avoiding the passions:

{"O David, We have made you a caliph on the earth, so judge with all the people, and be not a passion: if not, it will take away from you the feeling of Allah"} [Saad : 26].

And just as justice is required between children and women, it is also required with servants, workers and citizens:

(And the Muslim is the brother of the Muslim, he is not unjust to him and he does not deliver it to the enemy).

O Muslims!

Fear Allah, know that He is observing what you do, and know that you will stand before Allah and that you will be judged for your actions.

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