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Janazah's Prayer (Funeral)

After the death of a Muslim, Muslims are obliged to pray for him. As with the obligatory prayers, one must have wudu.

However, in the funeral prayer there is no hand or sujuda. It is recommended that a dead person be laid in front of the imam.

How to perform the prayer Janazy (funeral)

one. Stand face to face with your chest.

2 Imagine the intention: “I intend to pray for the funeral for this dead Muslim,” saying: Allah akbar.

3 Read Fatih gently, then tell Allah akbar.

four. To tellاللهم ل على محمد Allahumma Sally ^ ala Muhammad. It is better if you read the whole Salatul-Ibrahimy, then tell Allah akbar.

five. Pray for dead muslims اللهم اغفر له و ارحمه Allahumma-ghfir lahu war (s). It is better to include other Muslims and say:

اللهم اغفر لحينا و ميتنا و شاهدنا وغائبنا و صغيرنا وكبيرنا وذكرنا وأنثانا

اللهم من احيته منا فأحيه على الإسلام ومن توفيته منا فتو عل الإيمان - رواه الترمذي

Allahumma-ghfir lihayina va mayitina, va shakhidin va gakhibina va sagirina va kabirina, va dkhakarin va untana. Allahumma man ahyaytakhu minna fa ahyhyhi ^ alal-islam, wa man tawafayatahu minna fa tawafah ^ aal-siman.

This means: “Allah, forgive our dead and living, our present and absent, our young and old, our men and women [Muslims]0 Allah, who among us has given life, let him live with Islam. Whoever is among us, you have taken life, let him die with Iman (Faith). ” Then tell Allah akbar.

6 It is recommended to say:

اللهم لا تحرمنا أجره و لا تفتنا بعده

Allahmuma la tahrimna airahu wa la taftnna bad dah (i), which means: “O Allah, do not deprive us of the reward for our prayer for him and don’t test us after him.”

7 Say as-salama ^ alaikum. It is recommended to say: assalamu ^ alaykum wa rahmatullah, turning his head to the right, and then say it, turning to the left.

After consoling a Muslim for the death of his beloved Muslim, you say:

عظم الله رك وأحسن عزاءك وغفر لميتك

a ^ dhama-llau ajrak (a), wa ahsana ^ aza & ak (a), wa ghafara limayyitik, which means: "May Allah bless you, give you good patience and forgive your deceased (beloved)."

However, having reassured a Muslim regarding the death of a non-Muslim relative, you say:

عظم الله أجرك و صبرك

a ^ dhama-llahu ajrak (a), wa sabbarak, which means: "May Allah bless you and give you patience."

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