Islam and Caring for the Muslim Patient

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Dr. Ahmed Abdelmaged


Q: Why do you create this training and why do you consider it important?

Answer: I created this training, because many times a simple understanding of religious beliefs / cultural practices can be important for patient care. Health care providers care for patients from all walks of life, including many Muslims, and a basic understanding of Islam will help make patient visits more convenient.

Question: Could health professionals have opened your advice on how to work with the Muslim community?

Answer: Yes, the answer and the demand for this lecture were in fact generally positive and encouraging. I get a lot of thanks for shedding light on a topic that is not subject to much impact.

Question: How do you recommend us to engage in similar training in our medical institutions?

A: Learning is basically a simple introduction to the principles of faith and how they play a role in the life of an average Muslim. I think that someone who has a good fundamental understanding of Islam and the ability to present material in an interesting way can do the same. Keep it simple and focus on the basics; You will be surprised at how people do not know about Islam and how much they appreciate the similarities that exist in Abrahamic faiths.

Question: What will be your biggest advice for a medical professional working with a Muslim patient?

A: My biggest advice to a healthcare professional, whether working with a Muslim patient or not, is to leave your luggage at the door. Practice "care" in health care, practicing cultural humility. You need to take care of your patient, and you can do it better by appreciating the role that their culture / faith plays in their lives.

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