Humanitarian activities by Jamaat Suriname

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Laiq Ahmad Mushtaq, Missionary, Suriname

Suriname is a small country located at the northern coast of South America, with a population of just half a million. From the very early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, in March 2020, the government had implemented numerous preventive measures, which helped minimising the effects and then keeping Covid-19 out of the country for many weeks.

On 25 May 2020, national elections were held in Suriname. Due to the political atmosphere, many people illegally crossed the borders, causing a community-wide spread of the coronavirus.

Unfortunately, for the last two weeks, cases are exponentially rising. With over 10 new cases on a daily basis, the country now has around 200 active cases, which is a huge pressure on the limited medical resources.

Now, the country is in total lockdown, causing an economic crisis. Due to the sudden lockdown, many people are struggling to feed their families. With the donations of its members, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Suriname has distributed food supplies and meals to the needy.

The Jamaat has also made free face masks available for its members and all others in need.

We request the readers of Al Hakam to remember our country and the affected people in their prayers.

May Allah the Almighty have mercy on the world. Amin

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