How To Perform Tayammum

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How to perform Tayammum, is called earth or sand ablution and it is an act of making ablution with clean soil, sand or stone when water is not available. As it is with water ablution, Tayammum is also a commandment from Allah and a mercy from Him to Prophet Muhammed (SAW) and His Ummah.

How To Perform Tayammum

  • One must find stone, sand, or soil clean enough for Tayammum.
  • You must have intention of performing Tayammum at heart.
  • You must recite: Bismillah Rahamaan Raheem (In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, and the Merciful).
  • You must strike your two palms on the earth substance provided
  • You must wipe your face after shaking off the soil particles in your palms.
  • You must wipe your right and left hands up to wrist.
How To Perform Tayammum / Tayammum / Tayammum al-Wudhu
How To Perform Tayammum

Importance of Tayammum

Tayammum is as important a religious duty as Wuduhu and Salat. Muslims have no reason to miss prayer (Salat). Its first importance can be seen in Allah’s kindness to the Muslims by allowing them to use Tayammum for other religious obligations. As Prophet Muhammed (SAW) said in one of his Hadith, Tayammum is one of the five things which Allah gave him and his followers but which Allah did not give anyone else before him.

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Here are some acts that spoil Tayammum

The same acts that spoil water ablution also spoil Tayammum. Other acts that spoil Tayammum include: When enough water is made available, Tayammum gets spoilt and water ablution must be done immediately. Also, when excuses that make Tayammum permissible case to exist again, then Tayammum gets annulled. Water ablution has to be done.

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