How To Compensate “Baadi And Qabli”

Description to: "Qabli" and "Baadi" in Salaat.

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Lets learn and talk about to others In Shaa Allah.

Qabli: is the SUJUD you make before SALAM when you “”Mistakenly Omit Obligatory elements of Salat”.*

While Baadi: is the SUJUD you make following SALAM when you mistakenly ADD or increase during salat.

During salaat you can make a mistake and ADD something to your salaat or Omit something in your salaat.

These two mistakes confuse us on how best to compensate for them frequently.

I will try to explain both terms because they’re very vital that you complete our salaat (prayer) properly.


When you increase anything: “like Rakaat, Sujuud etc in Salaat making the Salaat a lot more than anticipated, we term it BAADI.

To pay for BAADI:

‘You will need to add two sujuud after last Tashahhud and Tasleem then sit back to do it again tashahhud and Tasleem to complete your salaat“.

When you noticed that you have shortened or omitted something in your salaat then compensate with QABLI.
‘It really is compensated with two sujuud following the final Tashahhud before final Tasleem”.

In case you are wondering Omitting something whiles reciting Tashahhud then simply do Qabli and make an effort to boost your Sunnah salaat or Naflat salaat to greatly help repair any unknown errors to your fard prayers.

Attention,: Tashahhud is the “Attahiiyaat to end” and Tasleem is the last ”Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah we state by turning our check out the right then to the left”

May Allah maintain guiding us aright and may He forgive
all our mistakes..


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