Fear Allah As He Ought To Be Feared —Sheikh Saalih ibn Mohammed Aali Taalib

{O you who believed! Fear Allah as He must be feared. And die only in submission} [Aali Imraane: 102].

Second Pillar Of Islam "Prayer (Solat)"

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Friday 5/4/1426 (13/5/2005)

O Men!

Fear Allah (be exalted) as He ought to be feared:

The piety is a sign of faith, and it is with it that the feet remain firm on the way.

Then, know that Allah is merciful to you - that the most truthful word is the Book of Allah, and the best guided is the guidance of Mohammed (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him), and the worst things are those that are invented [innovated], and every thing invented [in religion] is a heresy, and every heresy is an e Station, and each stalling is in hell.

O Muslims!

Allah created all creatures to worship Him and to be subject to His commands and prohibitions; He said (may He be glorified):

{Allah said in the only Quran: I have created Jinn and men only to worship Me} [Ad-Dhaariyaate: 56].

And He said (be exalted):

{O Men! Worship your Lord, who created you and those who precede you. So you will reach the piety} [Al-Baqara: 21].

And the messengers have not been sent, the Books have been revealed, and Paradise and Hell were not created That for this great reality and to bring people out of their passions to the worship of their Creator and Lord by proclaiming His uniqueness, obeying His commands and avoiding His prohibitions in all The details of life, and returning to His law in all situations, and submitting to His laws in any event. And the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) support each other for that purpose so that man may fulfill that which His Lord Glorified and exalted) is satisfied, and if he turns away from this goal and opposes it, he is threatened with the chastisement in this world and beyond:

{That those, therefore, who oppose his commandment take care that a trial does not reach them, or that a painful chastisement reaches them} [Light: 63].

O Muslims!

The origin of disobedience is the following of passions, as well as submission to worldly things and ephemeral cravings. And Allah has done that following the passions is opposed to the truth as in His word (glorified):

{Judge therefore among all the people, and be not a passion: if not, it will spare you from the feeling of Allah} [Saad: 26].

And He said (be exalted):

{As for the one who will have exceeded the limits and will have preferred the life present, then, Hell will be his refuge. And for him who feared to appear before his Lord, and preserved his soul of passion, Paradise will then be his refuge. [An-Naazi'aat: 37-41].

And He said about the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him):

And he pronounces nothing under the effect of passion; This is nothing but an inspired revelation} [The Star: 3-4].

And the business is limited to two things: revelation and passion, and there is no third thing. And it is known by experience and habit, as it is known by the texts of the Qur'an and the Sunnah, that the religious and worldly interests are not obtained by following the passions and desiring the goods Of this world without any rule, because of the disorder, the disturbances, the combats and the dead that it generates.

O Muslims!

And Islam is actually complete only if the soul is subject to His Creator (may He be glorified), as Allah (exalted be He) said:

{Say: "In truth, my prayer, my deeds, my life, and my death belong to Allah, the Lord of the Universe. And I am the first to subdue myself "} [The cattle: 162-163].

For the reality of Islam is submission to Allah and His obedience; Islam is therefore obedience to the Lord of the worlds, and the acceptance and satisfaction of His laws and His law in all areas of life; And this is what Islam demands, and the one who opposes the law of Allah with his opinion is not subject to Allah, but he is the slave of his passions; And this is the meaning of the word of Allah (may He be blessed and exalted):

{Do you see one who takes his passion for his own divinity? And Allah knowingly setteth it away and seals his hearing and his heart, and spreads a veil over his sight. Who then can guide him after Allah? Do not you remember?} [Al-Jaathiyah: 23].

And He said (may He be glorified):

{But if they do not answer you, then know that it is only their passions that they follow. And who is more disheartened than the one who follows his passion without a guidance from Allah? Allah truly, do not guide unrighteous people} [The Righteous: 50].

And if submission to Allah in all affairs is what Islam requires, it is also the condition of faith, He said (may He be glorified):

{No! ... By your Lord! They will not be believers so long as they have not asked you to judge their disputes and they will have no anguish for what you have decided, and they submit Full [to the sentence]} [Women: 65].

And in the hadith, the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said:

(None of you will be truly a believer until his passions follow what I have come to).

O Muslims!

And the marks of Islamic law came with the interests of the creatures, except that they were not set according to what the servants desire and according to their passions:

{If the truth was in accordance with their passions, the heavens and the earth and those who are found there would be corrupted. [The believers: 71].

Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Taīmiyah said:

(People's quarrels can only be solved with a book descended from heaven, and let them rely on their reasons, well, each of them to a reason).


Allah's servants!

It may be that the faith of a Muslim weakens and the devil causes him to commit a sin, then repents very quickly and Allah forgives him, or he dies without repentance, and Allah He will either punish him or He will forgive him. And this is the situation of many servants; And all the sons of Adam commit errors, and the best among those who make mistakes are those who repent. But he who is blamed and whose menace applies to him, is the one who prides himself on and discusses his sin and his passions, and opposes the laws of Allah and His law with his reason and his opinion, and he shows hostility to Islam, fights the virtues that do not suit his passions, calls to all that his soul desires in s' Relying on the philosophy of the ancient philosophers to follow his reason in what he considers good and what he considers evil until he breaks away in the despair of passions and The darkness of the disturbance, and like the reversed glass, he does not recognize what is good and he does not disbelieve what is blameworthy except his passions of which he is Impra © © GNA.

Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Taīmiyah said:

- "And to follow the passions with regard to religions is more serious than to follow the passions with regard to bestial desires, the first is the situation of those who have mediated among the people of the Book [the Christians And the Jews] and the polytheists, and these are those whose prophet (may Allah pray over him and salute him) spoke in the hadith reported by Al-Bukhaari and Muslim, according to Houdheh-fefah (may Allah be pleased with him): (People who call to the gates of Hell, who responds to their call, they throw him into Hell.) I say: "O Allah's Messenger! Describe them. "He says: (They are of our race and they speak our language).

And he was mentioned in the Sunnows of Abu Daawud that the prophet (may Allah pray over him and greet him) said:

(And people will come out in my community, these passions [the heresies] will spread and remain among them as the rage [the disease of rage] enters the body of the person But no veins or joints remain without it). "

Ash-Shaatibi said:

- "And what they have put their trust in, is to judge with their reasons only, so they have associated them with Islamic law to judge what is good and what is bad. If they had stopped [at the limits of Islamic law], the misfortune would have been less serious, but they exceeded all these limits until they Showed hostility to Allah and His Messenger by opposing the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him).

O Muslims!

There is no interpretation of jurisprudence when religious texts are present, and no one has the right to speak [to interpret] by opposing the word of Allah ( The Mighty and the High) and to the word of His Messenger (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him):

{It does not belong to a believer or believer, once Allah and His Messenger have decided one thing to still have choice in their way of acting. And whoever disbelieves in Allah and His Messenger, has evidently vanquished, of an evident strife} [Coalition: 36].

And more precisely, to defeat the law of Allah and seek something other than its law cancels the actions, as mentioned in Surah "Mohammed" (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him):

{This is because they have reverberation for what Allah has sent down. He therefore made their works vain} [Mohammed: 9].

Ibn Rajab said:

- "Sins occur by passing the passions before the love of Allah and His Messenger, and the heresies happen by passing the passions before Islamic law, and this Is more dangerous.That is why the heroes have been named the people who follow the passions, and if the soul gets used to being breastfed with the passions , His weaning will be very difficult ".

Allah's servants!

Allah has put a limit to the understanding of the brains, and they can not understand everything, and complete understanding belongs to the Creator only who knows things perfectly, completely, and who Knows the end of things. While the understanding of the servants is limited; And generally they do not agree on the principles, which is why we see them follow a doctrine today and they abandon it the next day; Then they have a third opinion after tomorrow. And if all that reason decides was a truth, it would have sufficed for the good state of the life of the creatures in this world and in the beyond, and the sending Of the messengers (peace be upon them) would have had no utility, and the message according to this basis would have been vain and meaningless, and this is completely false.

The Muslim must be wary of following this dangerous path, which refuses or deteses something from the law of Allah, or passes passions or reason before the disclosure; And the people of the Sunnah agree that anyone who commits many great sins without associating anything with Allah does not become dishonorable, and whoever makes lawful these great sins, Will then be miscing even if he does not commit them, if they are sins known in religion.

And whoever desires to be saved in this world and in the beyond, must always follow the word of the Absolute Truth (glorified):

Second sermon

O Believers!

The reason is worthy of chains in man, and this was the reason, man would not have been charged with fulfilling religious obligations outside of other animals. And Allah has spoken to reason in many verses of His Book, and He has ordained to reflect and reason; And more precisely, He justified by the reasoning:

{In order to reason} [Al-Baqara: 73].

But just as the Creator (that He is glorified) created reason in man, He also put differences between men, He placed in their characters the passion And envy, and He made disclosure to be a judge for all these things, as evidence from Him (glorified). Therefore, he who submits this to Allah only, is the Muslim who is subject to Him, obeys Him, and deserves His Paradise; While the one who revolts with his reason and admires his opinion, is the one who received the threat of the chastisement.

And the scholars (may Allah have mercy on them) mentioned certain deions of the people who follow their passions and who pass their limited reasons before the legislation that is complete; They are deeds which apply to them and have ceased to apply since the early centuries of Islam; Among these deions:

Follow the verses in an equivocal way [verses that can lend themselves to various interpretations]:

{The people, therefore, who have an inclination to the center, focus on the verses unequivocally, seeking dissension by trying to interpret them, while no one 'Knows the interpretation, except Allah. But those who are deeply rooted in science say: "We believe in it: all is from our GOD!". Indeed; only the knowledgeable ones remember it. [Al-Imraane: 7].

And among these deions: to blame the ancients among those who are known for their science, their piety, and for the fact that those who come after them imitate them , Especially among companions; And they are the lodging of those who correspond to their passions as philosophers.

And among these deions: they do not glorify the texts of the Islamic legislation and they oppose it; And more precisely, some go so far as to despise them and to separate themselves from those who cling to them; As well as criticizing the texts of Islamic legislation aloud and lowering them to common people.

And among these deions: they do not show the Sunnah in their adoration, in their behavior and in their appearances, and yet they compare themselves to the great scholars of the Sunnah; They are then like those of which Allah spoke:

{And there are people who discuss about Allah without any knowledge, guide, or book to enlighten them, displaying a haughty attitude to ward off people from the path of Allah. To him the ignominy here below; And We will make Him taste the Day of Resurrection, the chastisement of the furnace. That's what your two hands have prepared (here below)! However, Allah is not unjust to His servants. [The pilgrimage: 8-10].

O Lord! You who knock down hearts! Strengthen our hearts on Your religion. And guide, O Lord, those who are scattered among the Muslims!

Then, know that Allah is merciful to you - that Friday is among your best days, so increase prayers and greetings on the best and purest of men, Mohammed ibn Abdillah Al-Haachimi Al-Quourachi , For your prayers are laid before him; And whosoever prays over him once, Allah will pray over him ten times.

O Lord! Pray to Your servant and messenger Mohammed, to his family, his companions and those who follow them in good until the day of judgment, and greet and bless them!

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