Family Creates Cardboard Mosque at Home for Lockdown Ramadan

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For millions of Muslims around the world living under lockdown, this Ramadan is unlike any other previous Ramadans.

Strict measures introduced by governments to combat the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in cancellation of group prayers at mosque, large family iftars and public celebrations.

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In reaction, and thinking out of the box, this British Muslim family decided to bring mosque to their home.


The Alrawis from Loughborough, Leicestershire, decided to make their own mosque and decorations as a “fun project” during the lockdown because of the mosque closure, The BBC reported.

They have shared the building process on Instagram for people to see the progress.

Few days ago, 8-year-old Yahya Murad Hussain from Bradford also built his own mosque at home in a very remarkable fashion.


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