Eid surprise guest: Lion turns up at Saudi home

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A lion showed up at a Saudi family’s home on Friday as they slaughtered their Eid Al-Adha sacrifice, Al-Arabiya reported. In a snapchat video, Haitham Khaled said his family were shocked when a lion appeared on the wall surrounding their house.

“We came to slaughter our sacrifice and we just found this lion,” Khaled can be heard saying as he calmly films the lion above the wall watching the sacrifice stationed a few metres away.”I don’t know if it’s a lion or a lioness or a tiger,” he adds, joking that their sacrifices usually only draw the attention of cats or dogs.

Muslims who can afford to slaughter an animal are required to do so during the annual Muslim holiday of Eid Al-Adha. Most of the meat is then distributed to the needy, neighbours and relatives.

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