Divorce During COVID-19 Lockdown: A Muslim Woman’s True Story

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Late night kisses on the forehead, picnics in the park, and lavish trips around the world, were now distant memories for Sarah. Her heart felt like it was in her stomach. She couldn’t stop its pounding or aching, even if she wanted to.

Her grief was unreal and the reality she once lived was completely turned upside down, as a result of her unexpected divorce.

When COVID-19 hit American communities, nobody truly knew what to expect or how their lives would be different.

The word “quarantine” was introduced into our world and has now become an ever looming part of our current reality.

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According to Psychology Today, “there is much to consider when we think about how this global pandemic is sending shock waves across our dining tables, into our bedrooms, and into our intimate lives. We can feel it in terms of presence and in terms of absence.”  

“During the course of our marriage, we’ve had issues with communication and finances but we have always been able to make it through. However, quarantine didn’t allow us to avoid our issues. We were with each other every day and the issues we had prior became loud and amplified,” Sarah V. told AboutIslam.net.

Quarantine Stress

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