Conjugal Relationship: Protect Your Goodness By Having Good Qualities And Good Behavior


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Allah's servants!

Fear Allah; Fear Him from genuine fear and die only as Muslims [submissive to Allah]:

{Fear Allah, in whose name you implore one another, and fear to break the ties of blood. Certainly Allah is watching you perfectly.

And know, Allah's servants, that Allah (the Mighty and the Most High) gives us His benefits, reminds us of His gifts, and He exposes His signs that indicate His generosity and His beneficence , He said (be glorified and exalted):

{And among His signs, He created you, for you, brides for you to live in peace with them, and He put between you affection and kindness. There is evidence in this for people who reflect.

In this verse, Allah (the Mighty and the Most High) mentions a great blessing from which He has filled His servants: it is the conjugal relationship, with which privacy is obtained, joy is complemented E, and the peace and tranquility in this life are fulfilled. The servant must therefore take good care of this relationship, it must not be the cause of its disappearance and its separation after it was solid.

Allah's servants!

Allah created His servants different from one another and rivaling each other in the way of arranging things and behaving in the affairs of life, and in the Means of obtaining happiness in life here and in the other world. And because of this difference, Allah caused creatures to be divided between governor and governor, so He chose governors who deal with the affairs of their nations; And He made man to be the governor in his family, and the woman to be responsible for her husband's house.

The family is the pillar of life, the maintenance of happiness, the tranquility and stability of souls; And it can only be good if the man does his duty, arranges the affairs of his family and behaves well with them. And so it is with regard to the wife, the Muslim woman must take care of her children and her husband, because the house is the first school of life, she is the base For the correction of children by the grace of Allah, she gives them a good Islamic education that guides them towards the pleasant life and happiness in both worlds.

Allah's servants!

Many people have been proven these days by neglect with regard to divorce, which made it an easy affair; Some divorce their wives for the most futile causes by forgetting any benefit in their regard; They are then unjust to them, to themselves and to their children. Then they regret what happened. And the cause is often anger and irritation too fast, and bad behavior; Then the house collapses and the family disperses. Man must therefore master himself and the woman must not irritate him; And in moments of intense anger, man must change the position in which he finds himself as the Prophet (SAW), saying, sitting down if he Is standing, lying down when he is seated, or leaving the house until business calms down, the anger goes away, and returns to reason; He should also remember the word of the prophet (SAW) and his recommendation concerning the woman, as in the hadith narrated by Muslim according to Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him): the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said:

(Be good to women, for the woman has been created on one side [of a curved bone], and the most curved thing of the coast is the So if you want to straighten it, you will break it, and if you leave it, it will always be curved, so be good to women.

And he said (may Allah be pleased with him and bless him):

(A believer must not detest a believer, if he detested one of his behaviors, he will be satisfied with another). This prophetic guideline is among the most important causes for having good behavior and a good relationship. He must therefore notice the good qualities of his wife and the things that suit him, then he must oppose them [compare them] with the qualities he detested. And if the husband reflects on the good qualities of his wife and the behaviors he likes, and looks at the cause that caused him to be bored and have a bad relationship With it, if it is equitable, it will lower its eyes on its defects which will disappear in front of its good qualities.

And the gifted person must know that perfection is impossible; And if the husband reflected on his qualities and thought of himself, he would find in himself more defects than those of the woman or similar defects; And remembers the word of Allah (the Mighty and the Most High):

{And behave well toward them. If you have an aversion to them during the common life, you may have an aversion to a thing where Allah has laid down a great good.

Allah's servants!

Sound reason, pure nature, and equitable moral consciousness, are separated from the fact of losing the spouse of his rights; And a noble soul does not accept to be unfair to a weak woman who grew up away from her, then they were united by the conjugal relationship and they found tranquility with each other, As He said (may He be glorified):



{And among His signs, He created you, for you, brides for you to live in peace with them, and He put between you affection and bounty.

And with this affection and kindness, she is under the obedience of her husband, she deals with the affairs of her home, she is the object of her satisfaction; And after that he dares to harm her or make her life difficult or humiliate her or lose her rights or strike her, then separation and divorce.

O You, the woman to whom Allah has granted glory, honor, protection and chastity, and has made her an educator and a housekeeper in the family! Protect your goodness by having good qualities and good behavior with your husband, because the right of the husband is very important; Hopes to receive the reward from Allah by obeying him [the husband], being at his service, taking good care of him, being patient if he has a bad behavior, By being indulgent to things that are not harmful to religion or to greatness of soul, by moving away from evil thoughts, false accusations and harmful expressions; And learn from what you hear about marital problems and their consequences, which are the separation and dispersal of children.

Spouses and Wives!

Each of you must preserve good company, be patient and enduring in the face of bad behavior, and have good qualities and a good marital relationship; And if one of you sees what he deteses from the other, he must be forgiving and forgiving; You must acknowledge your merits and remind yourself that the two spouses have rights to one another that must be respected, as Allah (the Mighty and the High) said:

{As for them, they have rights equivalent to their obligations, in conformity with the property. But men have a predominance over them.

Therefore, servants of Allah! Fear Allah, be patient and indulgent, lower your eyes on certain things because perfection is impossible and forgiveness is part of the qualities of noble people.

I seek protection from Allah against Satan the cursed: Faith In Allah: The Belief In God And His Sole Worship

{And behave well toward them. If you have an aversion to them

During the life together, you may have an aversion to a thing where Allah deposited a great good}.

Second sermon

Allah's servants!

Conjugal Relationship: Protect Your Goodness By Having Good Qualities And Good BehaviorFear Allah, fear Him from genuine fear and die only as Muslims.

And know that Allah (glorified and exalted) has favored certain times to others; And He honored certain months, certain days and nights compared to others, and He made them to be a trade for His servants.

Among these most important and most honorable moments was the month of Ramadan in which the Qur'an was revealed. Allah (glorified and exalted) made him a blessed month and a great time among the periods of benefit, during which the Lord (glorified and exalted) ©) is very generous to His servants by raising their graces and forgiving their sins. And so this month is coming, welcome it with joy and cheerfulness:

{That's what they should be enjoying. It is much better than what they amass}.

In this month there is a night which is better than a thousand months; Allah made obligatory the month of this month, and the prayers accomplished at night are over-rooted. Whoever gives a priest enough to break his thirst, his sins will be forgiven him, he will be free from hell and he will have the same reward as he does without diminishing in Nothing the reward of the jewer.

It is a month whose beginning is mercy, the middle is forgiveness and the end is the emancipation from hell. And whosoever shall satisfy a priest in this month, Allah will give him to drink from the pool of His prophet a mouthful that he will never again thirst until he enters Paradise:

{The month of Ramadan in which the Qur'an was sent down as a guide for people, and clear evidence of good direction and discernment. So, whoever of you is present in this month, let him be! And anyone who is sick or traveling, while he is earning an equal number of other days. - Allah wants you to be easy, He does not want the difficulty for you, so that you may complete the number and proclaim the greatness of Allah for guiding you, and that you may be grateful !}.

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