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Congregational prayer (Jama ^ ah)

Prophet, sallallhu ^ alayhi wa sallam, called for prayer in the community. He ordered people to pray for the five (5) prayers in the congregation in such a way that anyone who wants to pray in the congregation can easily find a place for this. When people gather according to EverythinghourGreat benefits do arise.

Prophet, sallallhu ^ alayhi wa sallamsaid

لاة الجماعة تفضل صلاة الفذ بسبع وعشرين درجة

Saltul-jam^ ati tafdulu saltal-faddhi bisab ^Ina darajah,

This means: “Congregational prayer has 27 times more rewards (thawb) than the prayer of man. Ibn mJa, in-tirmidhiyy, and hourcrazy ibn HOURAnbal.)

Prayer for every compulsory prayer in the congregation is the common duty of free, resident, pubescent, and unlearned people.

One of the people who want to pray, collects prayer, guides others in prayer. They call him a leader (Im). Better if Im is the most knowledgeable among them, and the one who reads QurN the best.

The rest of the people are behind Im in straight rows, leaving no gaps between them. Then Im says discovery Everythinghu Akbar (takbIratulhourRm). Then other people talk about their discovery. Everythinghu Akbar combined with intent. Intention means that each of them speaks in his heart, for example, by saying Everythinghu Akbar with my tongue: “Now I intend to pray for compulsory ^ asR prayer in the congregation. "

Im says all sayings Everythinghu Akbar, Sami ^ allhu liman hourAmida, and a-salesmu ^ alaykum out loud in all the prayers. If it's a loud prayer, Im also says that FtihourOh, mIP, and SUHooray after him loud in the first two Rak ^ ahs. The follower says: mIN out loud but he doesn't read SUHooray after FtihourOh in loud prayer; rather, he does it only in mild prayer.

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