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Islam religion articles around the world

Islam articles around the world. Islam is a religion founded and based on faith in one supreme God, Allah.

Every adherent of Islam believes in this central doctrine, and in the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last messenger of God. The Quran, the sacred book of religion, is a compilation of all God’s revelations to the Prophet. Allah revealed his message to the Prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel, about the infinity of God, about how to worship him and the perfect way of life. Therefore, the Quran is considered the unchanging word of God and the constitution and guidance for Muslims in this life.

This articles contained a brief history of Islam

Islam arose around 600 AD. in the Arabian desert of Central Asia and soon spread to East Asia, Central Europe and North Africa. Religion began with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, who is considered the messenger of the one, formless, almighty God, Allah.

Islam quickly spread from the Arabian Peninsula in less than 30 years. The Persian and Roman empires were defeated by the much less equipped and numbered Muslim armies. Over the next several centuries, Islam reached India in the east and Spain in the west. Distribution continued through traders in Southeast Asia, where, for example, Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, received a message of Islam through Arab traders.

During the peak of the rule of Islam, when Europe was in the Dark Ages, the sciences of mathematics, algebra, astronomy, medicine, physics and other disciplines were developed and are still used today on the basis of the principles of early Muslim scholars.

Today, Islam is considered the fastest growing religion in the world.

Articles about Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet Muhammad was married to a wealthy lady and he was known as a trustworthy, honest and kind person when God revealed to him at the age of 40 years the details of perfect religion through the angel Gabriel. The Prophet Muhammad is the last of the lines of the prophets beginning with Abraham, Moses and Jesus.

The life of the Prophet before and after the revelation, his utterances and teachings of God is well described in the this website.

Festivals and holidays Articles

It is expected that every Muslim, with the exception of the young and infirm, will lead a life of fasting, prayer, abstinence from alcohol and some foods that are considered harmful. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims quickly from dawn to dusk. Eid-ul-Fitr is a festival that is the culmination of Ramadan. More detailed information about the festivals and receptions of a Muslim can be obtained from here

Aticles on Shiites and Sunnis

Islam is a very unified religion. However, due to different ways of interpreting the teachings of the prophet, Muslims consist of two main groups; Shiites and Sunnis are the two main denominations. Of these two Sunnis, the majority. The following websites provide detailed information on the origins, fundamental differences and practices of these two factions of Islam.

Aticles an Women, status and role in Islam:

Women are the dominant players in the family and home, while the man is considered an economic provider. It is expected that women will cover their bodies, except their own hands and faces, before men, except their brothers, husbands, fathers and sons, as an expression of modesty and not subject to sexual violence or to tolerate unacceptable sexual behavior. The following websites provide information on the status and role of women in Islamic society, their clothing and problems, such as polygamy, which is permitted under Islamic law.

Faith In Life After Death

It is not easy to find someone who would not feel fear, thinking about death. And this feeling is fully justified, because uncertainty always scares. Of all religions, Islam is perhaps the most detailed and picturesque story about what…

Monotheism In Islam

The word "monotheism" means the recognition of only one God, monotheism. Monotheism was the main message that all the prophets of Allah and messengers from God carried to people. But after some time, people again deviated from this…

The Jinn (Genies)

Supernatural and invisible has always been of particular interest to humanity. One thought about the existence of a parallel world is fascinating! Usually, the parallel world is represented to us by the world of spirits. As a rule,…

Islamic Spiritual Concept

Islamic Spiritual Concept: Before discussing the spirituality of Islam, we should first distinguish it from other religions and philosophies. Otherwise, it is difficult to comprehend. The spirituality of Islam is not only transcending…

Belief in Prophets

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born in Arabia round the year 570 of the Christian era, and died in the year 632. There he was spent all his life and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was never out of the peninsula except when he made two…

Who is Allah

Allah is believed to be the Creator of the seven heavens and the earth and every other creatures that abound in them. He has dominion over all things and He is believed to have neither beginning nor ending. He was not created but He…

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