Canadian Muslims Set for Subdued `Eid Al-Adha

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Canadian Muslims are set to celebrate a very subdued `Eid Al-Adha on Friday, July 31, with restricted `Eid prayers and family gatherings due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic threat.

“As we gradually and safely transition back to a new normal through the pandemic, Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) is working hard to ensure that our communities can safely celebrate this `Eid with their community,” said the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), a national Muslim organization, in a statement.

“`Eid prayers will be facilitated in each city through the local MAC centers. Public safety directives will be enforced.”

This year, `Eid Al-Adha in Canada will be marked by smaller prayer services, family gatherings limited to immediate household ‘bubbles’ and the large celebratory festivals replaced by a few drive-thru events.   

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