British Muslims Celebrate a Different `Eid Al-Adha

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`Eid Al-Adha 2020 has been a new experience in the era of COVID-19.

It became more complicated when the UK government announced the night before that parts of the north of England would be in a semi lockdown affecting thousands of British Muslims.

Those who did safely make it to the mosque or outdoor prayer spaces enjoyed social distancing `Eid celebrations.

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Whether indoors in Cambridge, UK, and Queensland, Australia, or outdoors in Coventry, UK, many did their best to attend an `Eid prayer.

As British Muslims and those around the world adjusted to a new norm of social-isolation `Eid, what better way to do this than to celebrate with food?

From an 8-year-old British Muslim girl currently living in Malaysia with family, making a cake in the shape of Ka`bah, to a British Muslim in Qatar making a chocolate cake with a Ka`bah in the middle and socially distant sprinkles around it performing tawaf.

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