Brazilian Keratin-Permanent Hair Straightening

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Is it permissible to undergo the Brazilian Keratin-Permanent hair straightening treatment?


Permanent straightening (chemical treatment):

The Brazilian Keratin treatment is ironed onto the hair, repairing the damages caused from ironing, blow-drying, dyes, over processing or the environment.  The hair is sealed by flattening the cuticle, which provides the silky, smooth and shiny texture. It then coats the outside of the hair like a stocking. This stocking effect protects the hair from absorbing moisture or humidity from the air. This protection can last between 2-4 months depending on how often you shampoo your hair. As you shampoo your hair, the treatment gradually washes away. [1]

As an alternative, five major tools can be used for hair straightening without any chemical treatment: [2]

·       Straightening comb: (also known as a hot comb) with heat applied to the hair.

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·       Hair irons: (flat iron) applies heat directly to hair.

·       Blow dryer: With a comb attachment or round brush to straighten your hair. Use medium to low heating level to protect your scalp and hair texture. Too much heat can cause damage to the hair.

·       Large hair rollers: Can be used on damp hair to stretch and straighten the hair as it dries.

·       Hair straightening brushes: Run on electricity. The bristles produce heat that is then absorbed by the hair by steadily brushing it with the brush. The hair is required to penetrate deep into the brush for maximum effect.


In principle, if the hair of the head is not plaited, it is compulsory to wet all the hair up to the very base. If a single hair is left dry, Ghusl will not be valid. [3]


If the hair of a woman is plaited, she is excused from loosening her plaited hair but it is compulsory for her to wet the base of each and every hair. If she fails to do so then the Ghusl will not be valid.

There has been conflicting views in the matter of whether water permeates to the follicle or not after these type of treatments and whether this would negate ghusl and wudhu. Further information also emerged from some sources on the possible harmful effects of the chemicals used.

According to the definition of the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, the chemical serves as a stocking. Water does not permeate the chemical. As such, the wudhu and ghusl with such chemical will be invalid.

There are alternative and effective ways for straightening the hair. One should exercise caution especially in issues of wudhu, ghusl and Ibaadaat.

If there was a medical need to use such chemical treatment and there was no other alternative, then a leeway could be considered.


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