Beauty And Art In Islam: Sheikh Saalih ibn Houmaid

Sheikh Saalih ibn Houmaid

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Friday 8/2/1425 (18/3/2005)

O Men!

I recommend to you, as well as to myself, the fear of Allah (the Mighty and the High); Therefore, fear Allah - may Allah bring you mercy.

It is amazing to see whoever has experienced this world and its changes, and then was deceived; Does it not make the difference between good and evil, and between what is useful and what is harmful?

Hearts should enjoy the good works periods rushing to perform the good deeds while they are healthy before they are sick, and protecting the deposition of the one who entrusted it to them.

Move the determinations towards good, call for firm resolutions to make efforts, and prefer the poor and those in need to yourself:

{You will reach the (true) piety only if you do bounties of what you love}

[Aali Imraane: 92].

{Whoever avenges himself against his own avarice, these are the ones who succeed}

[Al-Hashr: 9].

O Muslims!

Islam is the religion of healthy human nature, it is appropriate at every epoch and it is practicable in all places, for it is a religion, a belief and a law; It is a training of morals, good behavior, a truth, a beauty, a heritage [a heritage] and a modernity. He arranges all the affairs of life without stopping at any time; But on the contrary, it is renewed in order to arrange the situations of each epoch, and it gives judgments of jurisprudence in all cases. This is the reason why Islam could not let pass the inclinations of the human soul and what it was formed as the eagerness and retreat, effort and Fatigue, activity and boredom, and the blossoming and sadness. Allah created men and put in them particularities and characters, and He has spread in the life and the universe what He has spread; And He knew (that He is glorified) that they are men who have their cordial desires, their pleasures and their human characters; Thus, the laws and religious duties did not come so that all their words were invocations, their silence was thought, their reflections were examples [sermons], and their free time was But Allah has given them the ability, with the intention of coming closer to Allah, to make their actions be invocations, thoughts, adoration and examples.

The Islamic religion has recognized what human nature needs such as cheerfulness and joy, play and fun, joke, desires and beauty, surrounding this with a fencing of politeness Islamic movements that make pleasure and fun complete and far removed from obscenities and illicit things, injustice and hostility, And the destruction of moral principles and qualities.

Our Lord created for us what He created, He has given us what He has given, He has placed at our service what He has set, and He has for us, what He has legislated, in us, on our earth, in our heaven, and in all that surrounds us; And He has allowed us to gather between enjoying the things that are useful to us and landscapes, as well as to use them pleasantly, read the word of Allah (may He be exalted):

{And the cattle, He created them for you; You get warm clothes and other profits. And you eat it too. They look beautiful when you bring them back in the evening, and also in the morning when you get them for the pasture. And they carry your burdens to a country which you would only attain with difficulty. Really, your Lord is Compassionate and Merciful. And the horses, the mules, and the donkeys, that ye should go up to them, and for the appearance. And He creates what you do not know}

[An-Nahl: 5-8].

And His word (may He be glorified):

{Is it not He Who created the heavens and the earth, and made you come down from heaven a water with which we have grown gardens full of beauty}

[An-Naml: 60].

And His word (may He be glorified):

{Certainly, we have placed in the sky constellations and We have beautified it for those who look}

[Al-Hijr: 16].

And we received the order to watch the beauty shows and the mature fruits, and to reflect on it:

{Have they not observed the heaven above them, how We have made him beautified and embellished; And how it is without cracks?

[Qaaf: 6].

And His word (may He be glorified):

{Look at their fruits at the time of their production and their mitigation}

[Al-An'Ame: 99].

{As well as the palm trees to the superimposed diets}

[Qaaf: 10].

[Do not they therefore consider the camels, how they were created, and the heaven how high it is, and the mountains how they are erected; and the earth how It is leveled]

[Al-Ghaachiyah: 17-20].

It is a look and a reflection that bring together between faith and profit, beauty and relish; Moreover, the sons of Adam received the direct order to take their best clothes, especially in places of worship:

{O children of Adam! In every place of Salat, wear your ornaments (your clothes)}

[Al-'Aaraaf: 31].

And for more reflection and details concerning this subject - servants of Allah -: the sons of Adam have two nudities, and they both need to be hidden; And more precisely, in the fact of hiding them, lies all the beauty.

The first nudity is: nudity of the body; And to hide them, it takes two garments: the garment to hide and the garment which is an ornament. And Allah (may He be glorified) mentioned them in His word:


{O Children of Adam! We have sent down to you a garment to hide your nakedness, as well as ornaments. - But the cloak of the piety veil is better -

[Al-'Aaraaf: 26].

The first garment conceals nakedness and covers it; The second garment is an ornament that embellishes it. The scholars have said:

- "And Allah has chosen the expression" Ar-Riche "(meaning feather) to speak of adornment because the finest adornment of creatures is the feather of the bird with its brilliant colors, its finesse, Its sweetness and its attraction ".

They said:

- 'She is more beautiful and finer than the hair, the wool and the hair, even if in these things there is a beauty that is obvious".

And the second nudity is: the nakedness of the soul; And it is hidden by good qualities, and worshiping and obeying the Lord of the worlds; And this is what He mentioned (be exalted) by His word:

{But the clothes of the piety veil is better}.

And it is not only material things and bodies that are described by beauty, but good qualities and meanings are also described by beauty, as a beautiful patience, a beautiful Pardon and a nice separation.

Dear Brothers!

If art means today: the appreciation of beauty and its manufacture; In the Islamic religion and its civilization, it is not only for appraisal but for great purposes. And the beauty of expression is the broadest kind of art and the one that has the most effect in people's lives and in their relationships, be it in discourse, methods, orders, Prohibitions, preaching, guidance, teaching and education. We are a community whose guiding book is the highest example of the beauty of expression, and whose prophet Mohammed (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) is the one who had the aphorisms.

So, the good word, the good sermon, the discussion in a good way and the best stories, are a warning and an orientation for scholars, preachers, educators and cultivator’s so they use an attractive style and beauty in expression; How would they not act thus as they read the divine guidance for mercy and guide Muhammad (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him):

{It is by some mercy from Allah that you (Mohammed) have been so sweet to them! But if you were rude, hard-hearted, they would have fled from your surroundings.

[Aali Imraane: 159].

Allah is the greatest! Glory and purity to Allah! Allah's servants, this is clear and beautiful! If Mohammed (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) had been rough and hard-hearted - and away from him that! - no one would have accepted his word, and people would have dispersed and fled from his surroundings. Why? Because people are inclined to love the sweetness, the serenity of the face, the warm welcome, the good behavior, the beautiful words, and they like to listen to the beautiful words, they are Attracted by them, they accept, love and respect them.

The teacher, guidance counselor, guide, counselor, preacher, writer and cultivated man are all people of beautiful speech, beautiful patience, beautiful advice and the beautiful separation.

O Muslims!

This beautiful beauty and this beautiful art cannot be above the truth; The beauty is therefore not in the lie, nor the art in the debauch, but one can not hide, and it is not permissible to hide the misery, And injustice in the name of art and artistic work; And the excess led some to say:

- 'The artist is not judged according to the criteria with which the others are judged".

And it is not permissible to take the beauty of the arts as a motive for saying lies, destroying virtues and having bad qualities. It is not permissible to take as a motive the beauty of the expression for fictitious inventions and to publicly say bad words and falsifications.

When beauty and adornment are used as means to destroy truth, to substitute values and to undermine the moral virtues, they must be stopped and forbidden, because what brings us to the " Prohibition is prohibited.

And believers have been ordered to look down, women have been forbidden to strike with their feet so that they do not know what they hide from their dress, and they have forbidden Women of the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) who are the most honourably, chaste, and pure women, to speak in a way that might attract those who have a heart Sick and bringing to what is forbidden:

{Do not be too complacent in your language, so that the one whose heart is sick [the hypocrite] does not covet you. And keep a decent language}

[Al-Ahzaab: 32].

Among the perceptive reflections - servants of Allah -, what the Holy Qur'an has shown concerning the relationship between discovering nudity and the devil and his allies. Read the word of Allah (The Mighty and the High):

{O Children of Adam! Let not the devil tempt you, as he has brought your father and mother out of Paradise, tearing them from their garments to make them visible to their nakedness. He sees you and his supplications from where you see them. [Al-'Aaraaf: 27].

The devil, his allies and those who follow his way, order to commit the sin that corresponds to discovering the two nudities: the nakedness of the body in discharging, calling to the libertinage and by disorientation; And the nakedness of the soul by having bad qualities and committing evil deeds.

O Muslims!

That is the beauty, adornment, art and invention in its appearance and internally, and what is good and what is blameworthy.

So, choose - you who see - the most beautiful of the two beauties, and the best of the two images. And that the devil and his allies do not deceive you, for the beauty of the face does not lift the young men if they do not have good qualities, and the honor of the Man finds himself in his education and not in his image.

If you embellish and adorn yourself with your clothes - and this is one of your prescribed rights - do not neglect to embellish your actions and adorn yourself with good qualities; And it is idiotic to see some people who are elegant and give great importance to the beauty of the image, while in their words, speeches and behaviors they use expressions They have a bad taste, they are libertine and are tough in their dealings with people.

I seek refuge from Allah against Satan the cursed:

{Say: "Who has forbidden Allah's finery, which He has made for His servants, and good food?" Say: "They are destined for those who have faith in this life and exclusively to them on the day of the Resurrection.' So, let us clearly state the verses for those who know. Say: "My Lord has forbidden only the apparent and secret turpitudes (sinful), as well as sin, aggression without right, and associate with Allah of whom He has not sent down any proof, and to say on Allah what you do not know "} [Al-'Aaraaf: 32-33].

Second sermon

Hear ye that Allah gives you success - this comparison made by Imam Abu Mohammed Ibn Hazm (may Allah be merciful to him), and which deserves our reflection and observation; He said (may Allah be pleased with him):

- "He that seeketh good and beyond resembles angels: he that seeketh evil is like the devils: he that seeketh hunting and the predominance of strength [superiority] resembles the wild beasts the one who seeks the pleasures of this world resembles the beasts, the one who seeks money without any interest and utility is lower than the animals, but on the contrary, it resembles the water in the caves are not accessible, no animal benefits ". Then He said,

"Therefore, he who is gifted with intelligence is the one who has no qualities that bind him to animals and about which wild animals or beasts or inanimate beings exceed him. Who is satisfied with his courage, let him know that the wolf and the tiger are more courageous than he: he who is satisfied with his strength, that he knows that the camel is stronger than he: he who is pleased with the fact That he can carry heavy loads [heavy weights], that he knows that the elephant carries loads heavier than him, the one who is satisfied with his speed, that he knows That the horse is faster than he, the one who is pleased with the beauty of his voice, that he knows that many birds and musical instruments have a sound more pleasant and better than him, What pride and contentment for things about which the beasts and the inanimate beings exceed it? The discernment is strong, whose religious knowledge is great, and whose actions are good, let him rejoice in it, for no one exceeds it except one of the best men, who has a deed © termination higher and whose actions are more numerous.

Therefore, fear Allah - may Allah have mercy on you - for your Lord has created you and made that which is on earth to be an adornment for her, to prove you and See who among you will accomplish the best works.


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