Bahraini forces reject the normalization agreement, and the Islamists have reservations

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Bahraini forces rejected the normalization agreement with the Israeli occupation, which is expected to be formally signed on Tuesday in the US capital, Washington.


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Seventeen associations and currents issued a statement declaring their total rejection of all kinds of normalization with the Israeli occupation, and their “adherence to the constants of the Bahraini people from the just Palestinian cause and the provisions of the constitution that criminalize normalization with the Zionist entity and with the official and popular Arab and Islamic consensus that rejects normalization with this criminal entity.

He came in Statement “All the forms of normalization with the Zionist entity that took place in some countries did not produce peace and did not restore the rights of the usurped Palestinian people, but instead pushed the enemy to commit more crimes against Palestine and the holy places of Arabs and Muslims, the main of which is the Holy Jerusalem ».

The statement added that “reaching what is known as a peace treaty between Bahrain and the Zionist enemy under the auspices of the United States has caused tremendous shock, resentment and widespread popular rejection among the Bahraini people, their political associations, the institutions of civil society and all national actors and personalities of our country.

Bahraini forces reject normalization agreement and Islamists have reservations

The statement emphasized that “the full effects of normalization will not get any popular coverage, in line with what generations of Bahrainis have grown up adhering to the Palestinian cause.”

The signatories of the declaration are: “The National Democratic Trade Union Rally, the Progressive Platform, the National Democratic Rally, the National Constitutional Rally, the Arab Islamic Center, the Bahrain General Federation of Trade Unions

Bahrain Bar Association, Bahrain Youth Society, Awal Women’s Society, Bahrain Women’s Union, Hamad City Women’s Association, Rif Girls’ Association, Bahrain Women’s Society, Democratic Youth Society, Society of Bahrain to Resist Normalization with the Zionist Enemy, Sitra Association for the Advancement of Women


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Bahrain Renaissance Women’s Association «.

Islamic Reserve

Islamic forces, in turn, including Al-Minbar, the political arm of the Islah Association (Brotherhood), issued a statement announcing their reservations and regrets regarding the normalization agreement.

He came in Statement: «In our positions, we adhere to the principles and principles that the people of Bahrain have unanimously accepted and agreed upon throughout the junctures of their history, which have been confirmed in His Majesty the King’s reform project, may God preserve and protect, including the provisions of the Bahrain Constitution and the National Action Charter. ‘

The statement stated that “the Palestinian question is at the core of the conflict for the people of Bahrain as it is for our political leadership. It is a fundamental question to establish peace in the Middle East on the basis of the Arab Peace Initiative announced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that God preserve and protect it in 2002, and it cannot be renounced because it is a minimum. Achieving peace in the Middle East, and not resolving it, means that the conflict will continue indefinitely.

The statement affirmed that the principled position of the leadership in Bahrain supports the Palestinian cause and the issue of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and rejects expansion projects at the expense of the Palestinian people.

And the statement continued: “We do not dispute the right of our political leadership to strive to adopt political positions in coordination with the legislative authority in the face of political, economic and security developments. These positions do not impede the right of the Bahraini people loyal to their leadership, their homeland and the Arab and Islamic nation to boycott all aspects of normalization and commercial, cultural, tourist and other transactions, etc. » The framework of the constitution and the law, and we consider this to be a complementarity between leadership and citizens. All work in the interests of the homeland, belonging to the identity and the nation, and for the benefit of the Palestinian cause.

The signatories of the declaration are the “Gathering of National Unity, the Islamic National Tribune, the Al-Asala Islamic Society, the As-Saf Islamic Association.”


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