Atlanta Muslims Feed the Fasting in Drive Thru Iftars

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Just a few months ago, we could discuss our upcoming Ramadan without any reservations, anxiety, or concern. We were comforted by the sense that Ramadan will be celebrated in the same manner it has always been – a month filled with nights in the masjid and communal iftars.

As COVID-19 hit our nation, nobody quite knew what Ramadan would look like but we knew it would be very different. 

Communal iftars are a huge part of the American Muslim culture during Ramadan, and for many families, it serves to help offset hunger amongst families in need.

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Among those stepping forward to offer help was Spring Greens Cafe, located in the southeast region of the United States. The restaurant is managed and owned by Jamilah Jihad, Muhammad Jihad, Waleed Nashid, and Muhsin Rashid.

The restaurant is connected to the Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam, one of the oldest mosques in the southern states. Jamilah Jihad is also known for being a community servant and has led numerous charity initiatives across her city. 

“Allah changed everything at the restaurant when COVID-19 hit our community. We knew Ramadan was approaching and the Imam of our local mosque, Imam Sulaiman Hamed, approached us with an idea to launch a campaign to raise funds to feed the community. After a few prayers, it came to me; drive-thru iftars,” Jamila Jihad told

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