Answers to 9 Questions American Muslims Are Commonly Asked

Habeeba Husain

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American Muslims make up about 1.1 percent of the population in the United States as of last year. That sounds like a small number, but it comes out to about 3.45 million Muslims! We are quite the minority, but at the same time, we are growing more visible by the day. More Muslims are entering politics, media, sports, and various fields. We are here, and we are friendly!

We are also many times misunderstood. After reflecting on my own experience and reaching out to many of my American Muslim friends, I put together a list of questions we find ourselves commonly being asked.

1. Why do you wear a scarf?

Many Muslim women choose to wear a hijab, or a scarf, to cover their hair. This is an obligation outlined in the Islamic holy scripture called the Quran. Please remember, Muslims in general, and Muslim women, in particular, are not a monolith! We practice in many ways and look very different. While hijab is an obvious outward sign of a Muslim woman, there are many who do not wear hijab for their own personal reasons. It does not make them any more or less Muslim than the next person.


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