Allah Did Not Impose You Any Hindrance In Religion —Sheikh Osama Khayat

And He did not impose you any hindrance in religion

Sheikh Osama Khayat

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Friday 27/3/1426

Allah's servants!

Fear Allah Who created you, gave you your sustenance, and filled you with His apparent and hidden benefits; Know that He is watching you and remember that you will stand before Him:

{- the day the man will see what his two hands have prepared; And the infidel will say, "and when he who has denied the truth shall say, as I would have liked to be dust"} [An-Naba` 78:40].

O Muslims!

The mark of this religion is the facilitation and removal of the difficulties of the community, and to remove the burdens and burdens of his shoulders, so that the man does not enslave him And so it would make it narrow that which is wide or it would disdain what its Lord allowed it to do, as Allah (may it be exalted) said:

(Allah does not want to impose you any harm, but He wants to purify you and perfect you His benefit. Perhaps you will be thankful} [Surah Al Maidah, Table served: V.6].

And this verse came after the Qur'anic explanation of the rules of purity concerning those who are in a state of minor and major impurity, and after He allowed them to practice the " Tayammoum "(ablution with sand)] when they can not use water or there is no water, in order to facilitate those who are responsible for fulfilling the obligations Religious, and in order to remove the difficulty from them. And even if this verse was revealed after the preaching of this law with a restriction and without it being general, and that the removal of the difficulty is attached to the r The rules mentioned in this verse, but the truth is that the removal of the difficulty is general in all the laws of religion, and this is confirmed by the word of God, Allah (may He be glorified) in another surah verse "Al-Hajj":

{It is He Who has chosen you; And He has not imposed upon you any hindrance in religion} [The Pilgrimage: 78]; Therefore, this verse removes the restriction to which one may think in the first verse.

And the two verses - the servants of Allah - touch the sensitivity of the believer, mingle with the cheerfulness of his heart, ally with the parts of his soul, and make him feel the greatness of the Generosity of Allah, His Mercy and His beneficence towards Him, since He has facilitated the path of happiness, He has smoothed out the way of salvation, And that he has no difficulty in following this path.

Unlike the situation of the sons of Israel whose shoulders were weighed down by the burdens and burdens they had to carry in their legislation, such as the ban on eating the booty, To kill themselves to repent of sins, and that they had to remove the dirt from their clothes.

And this is because of the merit of this community which is the object of the mercy of Allah, and Allah has made it the community of middle ground compared to other communities, like He Said (be exalted):

{And also We have made you a middle-middle community so that you will be a witness against people, as the Messenger will be witness against you.} [Surah Al-Baqara: [Q:2] 143].

The middle ground as Ibn Kathir said (may Allah be pleased with him) is:

"The best, as it is said:" Quoura¯ch is the best tribe among the Arabs concerning descent and the family. "

"And the prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessing of Almighty Allah be upon him) was part of the middle ground in his tribe," that is, the one who possesses the most honorable descent.

Sheikh Osama Khayat

And also, the middle prayer that is the best prayer, and it is the prayer of Al-'Asr as it is authentically mentioned in the collections of authentic Hadiths and in other collections of hadiths.

And given that Allah made this community to be the middle-class community, he gave it the most complete [the most perfect] law, the most just system , And the clearest doctrine ".

And removing the difficulty of this Muslim community - servants of Allah - agrees with its merit, the justice of its legislation, and the generality of the message of its prophet Which is the last message, and this is also suitable for its religion to remain steady and dominate all other religions, as Allah (glorified) said:

{It was He Who sent His Messenger with the right direction and the religion of truth, that it might triumph over any other religion, whatever repulsion the associators had}} [Repentance: 33].

Islam is therefore a divine path, general and complete, which suits all men regardless of the degree of the degree of their development, or the difference in the ranks of their civilization; It is a path whose paths are not doubtful and whose paths are not twisted; Allah made things easier for the community to follow this path and He showed them His marks.

We find clear examples of the distance from difficulties in religion, and among these examples:

The permission of the "Tayammum" when there is no water, or when the use of water can be harmful to health due to illness or other.

Permission to perform prayer while sitting for one who can not perform it while standing.

Permission to break the eve during the month of Ramadan for the traveler, the sick, the pregnant woman and the woman who sucks a child.

Permission to diminish the prayers accomplished in four units [Rakâtes] and to gather two prayers for the traveler.


Women in menses state and women in childbirth do not fulfill prayer.

Pilgrimage is not obligatory for those who do not have the opportunity to go there.

Permission to eat dead animals for those who are forced to do so, who are close to death and have nothing to appease their hunger.

And the details of this are mentioned in the books of the scholars; And there are many other examples that come within the framework of the facilitated and with which are accomplished the removal of the difficulty of the community; The way to Allah will then be safer by taking the permissions of Allah for His servants, and will remove the difficulty and coercion; And it is a rule and a basis from which many branches of worship and relationships begin, and they all revolve around the framework of the difficulty and of following the path of The facilitated, as Allah (may He be glorified) has indicated in His word (be exalted):

{Allah wants for you the easy, He does not want the difficulty for you} [Al-Baqara: 185].

And the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said in the hadith reported by Al-Bukhaari and Muslim, according to Anas ibn Maalik (may Allah be pleased with him):

(Make things easy and do not make anything difficult for us, and be welcoming and gentle, and do not make people flee [around you]).

And in the two collections of authentic Hadith also, Aisah (may Allah be pleased with her) said:

(The Messenger of Allaah (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) never had to choose between two things without he choosing the easiest as long as it was not a sin And if it was a sin, he was the man who moved away from this sins).

But in order to determine the difficulty that makes it easier, a rule of Islamic law must be considered, since it is not all fatigue that is considered a difficulty , It is not any disease that gives permission to break the thirst, and it is not all hunger for which it is permissible to eat the meat of the dead animal, as some people think; But the difficulty is divided into two categories:

An ordinary difficulty: it is not considered in the healthy convention to be part of the difficulties, such as, for example, the worker's fatigue during the days of the day, the temporary discomfort Can occur, and momentary hunger; Therefore, these things and what is similar to them, are not considered to be a difficulty and a nuisance that must be removed. That is reason the legislator does not remove [or move away from] what is ordinary because all work involves a difficulty in the necessary things of life such as food , Drink, cloths and other.

The second category is the difficulty that goes beyond what is ordinary:

It is the difficulty that causes the tightening of the heart, which pushes all efforts, and that has a detrimental effect on the soul of man and his money; And it may be that this difficulty forces him to leave many useful actions through which his good works are purified and his capital increases. And Allah has filled the community with His blessing by removing this difficulty, to facilitate them, by mercy to them and to relieve them; And it is the difficulty that is mentioned in the texts of the two revelations.

And in summary - servants of Allah - we mention a soft and tender touch that makes the Muslim retain his feelings and goes to his Lord the Most High, the Generous, the Most Merciful, who eavesthen His servants with that which is lawful for them, just as He educes them with the blessings He gives them. Therefore, it legislates them [laws] that contain many kinds of facilitation, and different kinds of aloofness from difficulties, and this implants in their hearts l The love of Allah (may He be glorified), the love of His religion, His Book and His prophet (may Allah pray over him and salute him). That love which gives them complete submission, repentance to Him (glorified), complete glorification of His commands and prohibitions, and the fact of always obeying Him in L 'Invoking, thanking Him, worshiping Him in the best way and submitting to His laws.

The removal of difficulties in Islam is one of the clearest merits of this religion, one of its greatest qualities and one of its greatest goals.

Those who call for good, those who carry the torches of guidance, those who rescue the truth and the heirs of the prophets, must give much more importance and increase their efforts to explain this door Honorable among the gates of the guidance in the circles of Muslims and non-Muslims, in order to fulfill the duty that Allah has ordained to the scholars and which corresponds to explain the religion, to avoid hiding the Science and to defend this religion so that it is a hotbed of light for those who travel in the evening, a light for those who follow it and a proof for those who doubt.

And it is necessary that taking religion, removes the difficulties, burdens and burdens, and raises the marks of the uniqueness of Allah.

And Allah the Most Great said:

{And fight for Allah with all the effort He deserves. It is He Who has chosen you; And He has not imposed upon you any religion in the religion of your father Abraham, who has already named you "Mussulmans" before (this Book) and in this (Book), so that the Messenger be witness against you, and you yourself be witnesses against people. So do the prayer, acquit Zakat and hold fast to Allah. He is your Master. And what an excellent Master! And what excellent support!} [The pilgrimage: 78].

Second sermon

Allah's servants!

The practice of the permissions that Allah has given to His servants is not merely to remove difficulties and to facilitate the community but to put these permissions into practice is a As Allah (exalted be He) loves, as it is mentioned in the hadith reported by Imam Ahmed, Ibn Khusebah, Ibn Hibbaan, and Al-Ba'ahaqui, after Abuullah ibn Omar (may Allah be pleased with him and his father) the Messenger of Allah (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said:

(Allah loves to be [taken] to practice the things that He has permitted [as] He detested that He was disobedient).

And Ibn Khusemah, Ibn Hibbaan and Al-Ba'aqua, have reported Ibn 'Umar (may Allah be pleased with him and his father) that the Messenger of Allaah On him and greets him) said:

(Allah loves to practice the things that He has permitted as He loves to do what He has made obligatory).

And this word of the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) - servants of Allah - eliminates the thought of some people who think that putting into practice the things that Allah has permitted His servants Is a deficiency or neglect or failure to fulfill religious obligations in the way that Allah loves and for which He is satisfied, for the prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) Has made it clear that putting things into practice is like putting things into practice as long as each one is used in its proper place in accordance with its rules.

Therefore, fear Allah - servants of Allah - and follow the path of facilitating and removing the difficulties from which Allah is satisfied for you and whom He has given you as a sign of beneficence [ Of alms], therefore accept His beneficence.

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