Allah Blessing And Means —Sheikh Saalih Ibn Houmaid

Friday 13/3/1426 (22/4/2005)


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I recommend to you - Muslims - as well as myself, the fear of Allah (The Mighty and the High). Fear then Allah, may Allah have mercy upon you, and let not this world deceive you, for the distance of the dwelling is a sadness; the one who is content in this world is sad; And when people laugh, others cry. This world is the abode of death; The one who attaches himself to it, is an idiot; And only those who fear Allah and are sincere, think of being saved from this world, their days are filled with good works, their eyes remain awake in the darkness of At night, their souls are pure, their hearts are filled with the fear of Allah, they work for the life of this world and for the beyond.

O Muslims!

Allah Blessing And Means —Sheikh Saalih Ibn Houmaid
Sheikh Saalih ibn Houmaid

Every Muslim must reflect. Allah has given the people of our times countless blessings, and those who preceded them did not know these benefits and did not enjoy them. Benefits in science, education, media, communication, medicine, profits and professions, money and the economy, transport and means of transport, in the Commerce, industry, and agriculture, in dress and adornment, in all spheres of life and affairs; A great and vast progress that changed the conditions and situations of the people. Allah gave them the opportunity to do things on earth as He did not give to those who lived before them; Allah opened the markets and the means of subsistence, as well as the exchange of profits among the inhabitants of this world.

The Muslim who has a living heart and the intelligent person who observes, among those who lend ear while being witness, wonder: Where is blessedness? Where is the tranquility? Where is the pleasing life promised by Allah in His word (may He be glorified):

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{Whosoever, whether male or female, does good and believes, we will make him live a good life. And We will reward them, surely, according to the best of their deeds} [The Bee (Al-Nahl): 97].

Do science and inventions, discoveries and productions, in spite of their spread and the extension of their domain, achieve in themselves tranquility? Do they bring happiness? And does blessing come down to them?

Our era is a time of science, speed and technique, but is it a time of virtue? Is it a time of tranquility? Is it a time of blessing?

How many strong and rich nations, but who live in unhappiness, whose security is threatened, who fear the rupture of their bonds, in which disorder and anxiety reign, and Who are threatened by de-escalation; Strength in fear, unfulfilled pleasure, abundance that is not good, a flourishing situation and a dark future, and it may be an event followed by a chase.

Dear Brothers!

All these reflections lead us to question: What is blessedness? Where is the blessing? Where is the good life? ; Given that Allah (the Mighty and the High) says in the Quran:

{If the inhabitants of the cities had believed and had been pious, We would certainly have granted them blessings from heaven and earth} [Al-'Aaraaf: 96].

Allah's servants!

Blessing is the development, increase, happiness and abundance in all though. And the blessings of our Lord are many: His good and His beneficence towards His creatures, and the largesse of His mercy. The blessing corresponds to the abundances of the divine good, its constancy and its continuity. The scholars have said:

- "Given that the generosity of Allah is countless and can not be counted, and that it comes to man from where it does not feel it and does not expect it , We say about everything in which we see an increase that is not sensitive [or that is impalpable]:

"It is a blessed thing" and "There is blessing in this thing".

Therefore, the good comes from Allah, and is in His hands; To our Lord (to be glorified) belongs all perfection, all good comes from Him, to Him all praise and all the eggs. His name is blessed, His attributes are blessed, His deeds are blessed, and His essence is blessed. All the blessing comes from Him and is in His hand, there is nothing asked of him that the Passover [that He can not accomplish], and His reserves do not diminish Because of the abundance of His gifts and His generosity. The hands of all the creatures in the world are stretched out and they ask Him:

{Those who are in heaven and earth imploring Him} [The Merciful: 29].

{On the contrary, His two hands are wide open: He distributes His gifts as He wills} [The table served: 64].

(And His right hand is full, His spending never diminishes day and night).

He gives to the good and the bad in this world; Therefore, praise be to Allah for His abundant gifts, His great generosity, His continual blessings, and His apparent and hidden benefits. And may Allah (be glorified) be blessed for His constant generosity, the abundance of His good, for His glory, the elevation of His greatness and magnificence Of His holiness.

The good things and benefits in this world and in the hereafter, in the past and present, all come from His generosity; Therefore, praise be to Allah.

And our Lord (glorified) has blessed in many of His creatures: pure water is blessed; In the meal taken before the prayer of dawn during the month of Ramadan [Suhur], there is a blessing; The house of Allah is blessed; The city of Medina is Blessed, Allah has blessed the mosque of Al-Aqsa and its surroundings; Allah has sent down the Qur'an as a Blessing Book for a blessed night; Therefore, all that has been mentioned as being blessed with the evidence of the Qur'an and the Sunnah, Allah has blessed it, He is the cause of this blessed Diction, and in this thing lies the good, the development and the increase. And one who is blessed among people as Ibn Al-Quayyim said (may Allah have mercy on him):

- "He is the one whose people profit whenever he finds himself:" Where I am, He has made me blessed "(Mary 31).

Benefits that Allah puts into things, people, money, children, women, situations, times, places, science, knowledge, projects and works. Blessings in the good things of life, blessings that develop life and elevate it, and they are not abundant with unhappiness, nor many with the fall And de-escalation.

O Muslims!

As for the means of obtaining blessing: it is faith, fear of Allah, piety, justice, mercy and beneficence. He was told to Adam the father of the men as soon as he descended into this world:

(He said, "Go down from here, (Adam and Eve), and you will all be enemies of one another, and if ever a guide comes to you from Me, whoever follows My guide will not escape And whoever turns away from My Reminder will certainly lead a life full of embarrassment, and the Day of Resurrection we shall blindly bring him to the rally. "[Ta-Ha: 123 -124].

And Allah said about the second Father of the Noahs (peace be upon him):

{It was said, "O Noah, come with Our security and Our blessings upon you and on communities of those who are with you." [Hud: 48].

Faith, piety and guiding are the path that leads to the blessings of the heavens and the earth, and to the abundance of means of subsistence and good things, and c 'Is a pledge of Allah:

{And who is more faithful than Allah to his commitment?} [At-Tawbah: 111].

Allah's servants!

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Religion with its beliefs and laws demands the happiness of this world before that of the beyond since the beginning of mankind; Since the time of Adam, Noah, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed (may Allah pray over them and greet them) until Allah hath Rite of the earth and those who are on earth. People of faith accept this from a believing and submissive heart, they do not hesitate about it for a single moment, and they do not doubt that this will happen. Faith, fear of Allah, piety and guiding are a force that propels and gushes, and which sets out for the settlement of the earth, its construction, and to use its good things and its blessings For the rise of life, its development and progress, and to repel corruption and temptation in a good and productive journey surrounded by the attention of Allah, Rescue and His blessing, and embraced by His good and His help.

With the piety and guidance, Allah opens the blessings of the heavens and the earth, and people eat of what is above them and under their feet, in abundance And assistance that does not stop.

Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, does not expose his life in this world to danger in order to succeed in his life in the beyond. No ! With his faith, he wins in both lives and gets the two best things:

{Whosoever desires the reward of this world, it is with Allah that is the reward of this world and that of the beyond. 134].

{Those who do the good works will have a good here below; But the abode of the beyond is certainly better. How pleasant shall be the abode of the stakes!} [Bees: 30].

{Say: "They are intended for those who have faith in this life, and exclusively to them on the Day of Resurrection"} [Al-'Aaraaf: 32].

The believer must observe and reflect on the effects of the blessing of Allah's religion and obedience in the life of the Muslim, and more precisely in the life of all mankind ©. Worship, good deeds, good behavior and good relations are means for the purification and elevation of the soul of the believer and for the correction of his behavior; They increase good things and blessings, and they generate tranquility and calm. Reflect to this important hadith about the seller and the buyer, the prophet (may Allah be pleased with him and salute him) said:

(Seller and buyer have a choice as long as they have not separated, if they are sincere and show the defects of the goods [if any], Will put the blessing in their sale, but if they lie and conceal the defects, they will take away the blessing of their sale) Reported by Muslim, according to Hakim ibn Hizaam (May Allah be pleased with him). The seller is sincere in regards to his merchandise, deion of what is sold and price, and the buyer is sincere in regards to the acquittal and the good state of the money. And the hadeeth indicates that the obtaining of the goods of this world is realized only with the good works and the misfortune of the sins makes the good of this world and the -of the . And this is evident and is confirmed - to Muslims - in another authentic hadith, in the prophet's word (may Allah pray over him and salute him):

(Swearing by Allah, that the products are sold and make the gain disappear) Reported by Al-Bukhari, according to Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him).

And compare this - may Allah have mercy on you - and join him in that Allah annihilates and increases in alms, as He said That He be glorified):

{All that you give to wear to increase your goods at the expense of the goods of others does not increase them with Allah, but what you give as Zakat, while seeking the Face of Allah (Satisfaction) ... Those will see [their rewards] multiplied} [The Romans: 39].

And in His word (glorified):

{Allah destroys the usurious interest and makes the alms bear fruit. And Allah does not love the sinner.} [Al-Baqara: 276].

Mouqaatil said:

"Everything is interesting, even if it increases until the one who possesses it is envied, Allah annihilates it".

And in the hadith "Hassan"

(The interest, even if it increases, its end is the decrease ", all these disgracements and sins annihilate benethes in relations [the transactions ], Even if they appear in their numbers and quantities in increase and abundance, so the annihilation of blessing leads to the disappearance of numbers, to the diminution of profit, and The disappearance of the profit, and not to mention the disappearance of the reward in the beyond.

Allah's servants!

Life in the fear of Allah, the piety, the obedience of Allah and worship, generates bodily and psychological health, brings material and corporeal rest, produces the blessing And protects for the [pious] person in this world and in the beyond the abundance of the good that will not be to any other than him:

Allah will disperse his affairs, put his poverty into his eyes, and it will come to him from this world only that which has been written to him, Allah will reunite his business, put his wealth in his heart, and this world will come to him in being constrained and forced. There is ample evidence of the effects and blessings of faith and piety in the soul and in life, in time and in places, and in families and countries .

And there is no doubt that following the path of piety opens up to man the doors of satisfaction, revelation, blessedness and happiness; And the established rule that does not fail, is: the religion of truth, correct faith and good works are the cause of the happiness of this world and its blessings . And when Allah pours out His blessings and blessings on the people of faith, the effect on them is that they thank Allah, they are satisfied with Allah, they rejoice in His genesis And they use the benefits in the path of Allah and His gratification in the way of good and not in evil, in the way of piety and not of corruption; And their reward will be: the increase of blessings and blessings, security in souls and tranquility in hearts, utility in property © s, and the good reward of the beyond:

{Those who believed and did not disturb the purity of their faith by some iniquity (association), they have security; And they are the guided ones "} [Cattle: 82].

So there is no doubt that the life of faith and virtue is blessing, stability and calm. The firm faith shines on the heart and traces in the depths of the souls their way. A deep faith and firm belief that contain soul and material, truth and glory, science and religion, and this world and beyond.

I seek refuge from Allah against Satan the cursed:

{This is the promise of Allah. Allah never fails His promise but most people do not know. They know one aspect of life present, while they are inattentive to the beyond. Did they not mediate in themselves? Allah created the heavens and the earth and what is between them, that is right reason and for a fixed term. Many people, however, do not believe in meeting their Lord} [Romans: 6-8].

Second sermon

O Muslims!

And among the reflections at our time concerning his sciences and his knowledge, as well as his beliefs and deviations, the fact that the hearts of certain young people who are deceived, have been closed; They are young people who are akin to Islam, the people of Islam and the countries of Islam, they live a life of trouble and disorganization, of revolt and Worry, vagrancy, flight and terrorism:

{And whosoever He wills to destroy, He makes his chest narrow and straitened, as if he strove to go up to heaven} [The cattle: 125].

It is a group that is scared, young people who have little knowledge, they have killed themselves, they have sown corruption in their country, they have helped the enemies of religion, they have frightened the people. People in security, and they have opened the domination to those who want harm to Islam and Muslims, and to those who have a disease in their hearts.

Woe to them! Do they want to push the community towards misfortunes that destroy religion, disturb the security, spread disorder, frustrate the souls, stop the good projects and the way of the re- Form, as well as the glory of religion? Do they want free men to become slaves and free women to be sullied, and people to be driven out of their country? Do they want the dead to increase, situations to be disturbed, honors to be violated, people to be divided into groups, and religious references to be numerous until The living envy the dead as is unfortunately the case in some countries where the disorder has spread and the enemy attacked?

They want to provoke a temptation whose fuels are people, goods and cultures, and whose consequence is the diminution of religion, and the spread of fear, hunger and separation; But this will never happen through the grace of Allah, His power and strength, for the people of science and faith, the important personalities of the society and the leaders of the community Will never leave a group that comes from the right way to force them to change the community's path or to make them doubt the principles and precepts admitted in their religion and belief, or make them neglect their reactions Alisations, acquired things and their unity. And this is evident and clear - praise to Allah - in the determined and sincere position taken by the community, its leaders and all its groups against this scandalous behavior, corrupting deviation and acts Criminals, criminals, and guilty. The community has supported its leaders in disagreeing and condemning these acts, it accepts no excuses for these acts, and community people help each other to unveil those who commit these acts, Their plans, find their hiding places, and they attest that they are not part of the community and that their acts are not part of Islam; And we are all, through the grace of Allah, His help and assistance, the guardians of belief, the protectors of the countries and we are devoted to religion and sacred things.

And the first guardians are our brothers and our children: the police, who are courageous, perform acts of heroism and take firm positions, they behave strongly and wisely while being sincere And they accomplish their work with perfection and aptitude, for they are reassured that they are on the truth and guided; And he who lives among them lives happily, as well as one who dies among them, dies as a martyr. What they do is in the path of Allah and for the protection of the land; They understand the word of Allah (the Mighty and the High):

{"And what would we not have to fight in the way of Allah, when we were expelled from our homes and captured our children?"} [Al-Baqara: 246].

And the fight for countries and cities is a struggle in the path of Allah. With actions, acts of heroism, awakening, courage and wisdom of the police, the country remains noble, protected, and raises the focus of light Of the religion and the flag of Islam, by the grace of Allah; They are the source of strength and pride, and more exactly, they are the safe valve for the protection of the country of Islam, the land of the two holy mosques and the cradle of the holy places Of Muslims. They are by the grace of Allah and His permission, those who help to protect the religion, the country and the place where the disavowal is descended; And they will remain the crown of the heads and the source of the tranquility of the souls. So may Allah be good to them! Bless their deeds! And may Allah give them the reward of this world and the good reward of the beyond! And Allah loves those who do good.

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